Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 76: The Puppet's Tale Extra Part 2

He called out the name he had been thinking about that he didn't dare to declare in his heart.

He was extremely satisfied in his heart.

What merit and career, he did not want anymore.

However, Rong Yi's happy days ended after the birth of Rong Shu.

His son was his rival in his previous life.

After years of trying, he knew that Ah Jin did not love him and that he still could not be part of Ah Jin's world.

However, that status was amplified to the extreme after the birth of Rong Shu.

Ah Jin was so focused on the child that she became even more estranged from him.

There was even a sneaking restlessness in his heart.

For him, he always felt that something would happen.

When he went to his friends one day to talk to them as usual, they made fun of him for being a wife slave and jealous of his son.

While he was arguing with his friends, the retainer of his residence barged in.

"Master, there is an emergency in the Residence. Hurry back and take a look."

The restlessness in Rong Yi's heart became a reality.

He immediately rushed back to the Residence at a fast pace.

As soon as he opened the door to his room, he saw Ah Jin hanging from the beam of the room.

His body felt cold, and the blood in his body froze.

He and some maids brought Ah Jin down.

His trembling hands gently tested the breathing of the person in his arms.

The faint breath under her nose made the blood in his body began to flow.

Thankfully, he hadn't lost her yet.

After the Imperial Doctor's treatment, Ah Jin slowly regained consciousness. Rong Yi watched the usually clear and lively eyes, but now there was only weakness and despair.

His heart felt like it had been stabbed with a knife.

It was so painful that he couldn't hold back and cried on her shoulder.

He had always known that Ah Jin's character appeared to be gentle and easy-going, but in fact, she was a powerful and brave woman at her core.

It was a good thing that he knew, but he didn't properly take care of her.

Rong Yi felt incredibly guilty.

As a result of this, the Emperor took the opportunity to weaken the power of the Marquis.

There was no way for his mother to have Rong Shu back again.

A decision was made in Rong Yi's mind when he saw his wife and son.

He knelt down in front of his parents to apologize and volunteered to move to the Princess's Palace with Ah Jin to live with his wife and son.

In the past, the rules have been like this.

Still, with the change of dynasties, the royal family wasn't particularly concerned about where the Princess lived after marriage.

Ah Jin understood that their Marquis family had few children and did not propose to move to live in the Princess's Palace.

After that incident, Rong Yi firmly wanted to move to the Princess's Palace.

He didn't want to lose Ah Jin again.

Madam Marquis slammed her tea bowl in anger.

"You unfilial son. Do you know what you are talking about? If you moved to the Princess's Palace, it would mean that there would be no more relationship with the Marquis."

On his knees, Rong Yi said with red eyes, "Mother, since ancient times, the consort's side had to move to the Princess's Palace! We cannot take it for granted just because of Ah Jin's compromise. The Emperor has already blamed us for what happened today, and if something else happens in the future, can the Marquis really afford it?"

The Marquis, who had gotten tossed and aged by several years, was already starting to gray at the sides of his ears. He angrily scolded, "Madam! Stop it. This is what Yi'er said is right."

The Marquis was naturally not a lady from the back of the house.

His vision was of something more long-term.

"At any rate, Rong Shu's surname is Rong, and he is our first grandson. This will not change. Wherever you live is the same. Yi'er you find a good day to move there with the Princess."

From then on, Rong Yi and Jinxiu moved to the Princess's Palace.

Free from the disturbance of outsiders, their relationship also became better and better.

He found that since Jinxiu came back from the death's door, her personality had become much softer, and her aloofness had disappeared.

In addition, her eyes had become warm and sincere.

She no longer gave him a sense of estrangement.

That was a good thing.

Wasn't that what he wanted?

But at night, when it was quiet, he would always think of her smiling appearance when she was young.

When they got married, she would always look at him calmly.

In her eyes, she reflected his form, yet there was no trace of emotion in her eyes.

The present was undoubtedly very good, but Rong Yi still felt that something was missing.

Perhaps it was an illusion.

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