Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 76: The Puppet's Tale Extra Part 1

The first branch of the Marquis of Qinghe had always had few offspring.

There was only one male and one female in the current generation.

The male was Rong Yi, the first son of the Marquis of Qinghe.

The female was Rong Lian, Rong Yi's sister.

The first time Rong Yi heard of Princess Jinxiu's name was from his own sister's mouth.

After going out to play, Rong Lian returned and grabbed him to describe the Princess's ways with excitement on her face.

He guessed that the Princess should be extremely outspoken in her character, seeing Rong Lian's envious face.

As it turned out, he heard countless exaggerated versions of the restaurant incident the next day.

It was rumored, but the most exaggerated was that one look at the Princess would cause one's head to fall off.

The first time Rong Yi saw Princess Jinxiu was the day of the Lantern Festival.

Rong Lian insisted on dragging him along.

He had doted on his sister since childhood and almost always responded to her demands.

Distinguished ladies of all families gathered in front of the Guest House gate, waiting for the arrival of that legendary Princess.

From the moment he saw the Princess descend from the carriage, he felt as though his heart was throbbing a little faster.

Before him was a pure and elegant face of a young girl of twelve or thirteen years of age.

She was dressed in a light green dress, embroidered with budding hibiscus flowers at the corners of her skirt.

She wore a pearl hairpin on her head, while her soft white cheeks looked smooth and delicate compared to the pearls.

Rong Lian walked forward to meet and introduce herself.

When she turned her head towards him, a clear pair of eyes gazed at him.

Her blushing cheeks were smiling, and her expression was so natural and soulful.

He rushed forward to salute, "Rong Yi greets Fourth Princess."

"There is no need to be polite. Let's go."

Before him, a person with good manners, a clear and pleasant voice.

Rong Yi felt that, indeed, rumors could not be trusted.

After that, they went to the Lantern Festival together.

Compared to the gentle and courteous manner when they met, the Princess at the Lantern Festival was more naive.

He watched her buy gifts for her own maidservant generously and occasionally tease with his own sister.

They laughed together, and his mood seemed to become brighter.

He was not a naive boy who could not open his eyes to love.

When he realized that his gaze would unconsciously follow her, he chose to stay on edge right away.

What he could not think of was her.

He saw her sitting alone by the window on the boathouse.

She was thin and lonely, seemingly out of place in the world.

His legs, his hands, and everything in his body went towards her beyond his control.

His desire was to break that loneliness.

He wanted to be in her world.

When he heard that she seemed unwilling to be given in marriage, it chilled his heart.

Did she have someone in mind?

In his head, he quickly thought through all the young men of his age and did not find one who was particularly close to her.

The idea of bestowing marriage somehow raised a sliver of hope in his heart.

He wondered if he was on the list.

She and his little sister played a lot in the following days, going out day after day for fun.

All he could do was to keep his feelings at the bottom of his heart.

He was satisfied as long as he saw her sometimes.

He had thought he could control it.

Who knew that as she grew up, he began to get more and more anxious.

After reaching maturity, she would be given away for marriage.

She was not an ordinary lady.

There was no chance for him to even pursue her.

It was not until the marriage was given to him that he saw the sighing and disappointed expressions of all the people in the house, only he was overwhelmed with overwhelming joy.

While he pretended to be unaffected during the day and with his parents lamenting his future in politics, he returned to bed at night, hugging the quilt and laughing out loud.

On the night of the wedding, Rong Yi personally removed with his hands the veil. He couldn't help but look a little dumbfounded as he watched the girl he had long desired sitting in front of him.

Her big red wedding dress, red lips and white teeth, and her delicate face looked better than a few years ago.


The sound of her clear and melodious voice rang in his ears, and it was only then that he snapped back to his senses.

"Your Highness."

"We are already husband and wife. Why this distant? You can call me Jinxiu. I’ll call you Ah Yi, okay?"

All Rong Yi could feel was his heart beating like thunder and his face flushed.

"This is not following the rules."

"There are only you and me here. Let's not concern ourselves with this in private."

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