Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 756: Blood sucking highness’ puppet doll (Part 7)

With these words, Xi Jin Ye trembled.  He indeed didn’t know who he was, there was only the words ‘blood hunter’ in his mind after he woke up.

He was sensitive to things like golden talisman and could deal with blood people.

But only he knew that he didn’t have any memories of this body.

“Hello, Luo Family’s third young miss, Luo Qing Chen.”  She revealed a faint smile.  With the glow of the setting sun falling on her face, it looked so good that she was glowing.

Xi Jin Ye slightly narrowed his eyes before putting the golden talisman in his hand back into his sleeve, “Blood hunter Xi Jin Ye.”

“I know.”  She looked up at the sky and said, “It’s getting late, how about we have a meal together?”

Xi Jin Ye wanted to reject her, but he remembered the words ‘I know who you are’ and with the strange feeling he felt, he nodded without any hesitation.

Two bowls of porridge and a few dishes.

There was someone singing “Hate, don’t leave” on stage, which was so melodious that it caused everyone to clap.

Luo Qing Chen poured a cup of wine for Xi Jin Ye, “Since young master Xi is a blood hunter, do you know of something called Soul Return in this world?”

He sipped the wine.  His face was calm without emotions, but he finished it all as he said, “Un.”

Soul Return, going against Yin and Yang and causing chaos with the five elements.  Going against the heavens to take back a soul, it would mean receiving a form of backlash.

“Then do you believe in past lives?”  Luo Qing Chen looked up and kept asking.

“Young miss Luo changes topics quite quickly…..”  He put down her cup of wine and said, “Shantou City isn’t peaceful today, miss shouldn’t drink too much.”

“So young master Xi cares about me?”  She revealed a faint smile and he quickly took back his hand.

At that moment, he felt his heart beating very quickly.  An unprecedented throbbing came from the wine and the song.

He seemed to be in disbelief over his own actions, like he had known the other side for many years.

They seemed inseparable in a past life and he seemed to rely and trust in her.


“Ah.”  There were cries from the stage and Xi Jin Ye’s thoughts were interrupted.  He picked up the Blue Sky Sword in his hand and under the moonlight, he saw two people standing on the roof.  One of them was Rong An who they had met earlier.

Right now he was sucking the blood of a young girl.  The man standing beside him had a silver fox max, not showing all of his face.

Luo Qing Chen quickly followed Ye Jin Ye and using the power of the Exquisite Ring, she stepped off and a faint golden light sent her to the room, like she was using qinggong.

The wind blew across her face, with a scent of blood and danger in the air.

Rong An threw the girl who had just died to the side and said, “Cousin, it’s this man and woman who blocked me today!”

Rong Leng Mo narrowed his eyes as he looked at Xi Jin Ye, causing his eyes to tremble.

He could go through his tribulation at the age of one hundred, but now he was a hundred and nine.  The Rong Clan couldn’t calculate his heavenly tribulation.

Nevernight City, before Xi Jin Ye was born, he was the number one genius.  He could fight the six hundred year old Xi Long Xuan when he was twenty eight, not being inferior to him at all.

He thought that his appearance would mean the changing of masters for Nevernight City.

But he never thought that in less than ten years, another youth who was even more abnormal than him would quickly grow.

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