Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 751: Blood sucking highness’ puppet doll (Part 2)

The vampires of Nevernight City were divided into two factions.  Apart from the Xi Clan led by Xi Long Xuan who was king, there was the Rong Clan who was led by Rong Leng Mo.

The two families had been competing for many years, but finally the Xi Clan had an edge.  Xi Huan Long had defeated Rong Leng Mo and became the king of Nevernight City.

Rong Leng Mo was only twenty eight years old and Xi Jin Ye was only eighteen years old.

The previous host had seen the battle, she could feel the male lead’s desires.  Although they were enemies, Rong Leng Mo was strong.

A vampire was an immortal creatures, never changing.

Rong Leng Mo was only twenty eight years old, but he could match Xi Long Xuan who was six hundred years old, it really was shocking

The Rong Clan mainly feasted on ‘meat’ and ‘meat’ referred to…..people!

Most of the Xi Clan feasted on ‘vegetarian options’, which was the blood of animals.

That year, Xi Huan Long found the male lead and asked him to start sucking human blood.  Xi Jin Ye was very confused, not knowing why he should do this.

Xi Huan Long told him that he would face a heavenly tribulation one day, it would be when he was a hundred years old.  At that time, he would become another person with different memories.  He needed to use his mortal body to withstand ninety nine heavenly thunders before passing this tribulation.

Nevernight City was in a very remote place with few people coming here.  Most of them were discovered by the Rong Family and taken care of first.

Xi Jin Ye had never sucked human blood before, so he wasn’t that eager.

If his father hadn’t told him that human blood was stronger than animal blood, he thought that he would never have wanted to know the taste of human blood.

But it was no wonder Rong Leng Mo was the genius of the Rong Clan, drinking human blood since he was young.

It was inevitable that he would be strong…...

On the day he sucked human blood for the first time, Xi Jin Ye said to his doll, the previous host, “I may become a different person tomorrow, I might become fierce or cruel.  When that time comes, will you still love me?”

The previous host blinked her large eyes and nodded with a smile.

She loved Xi Jin Ye too much.  She knew that she was his doll made of his blood, but she couldn’t help loving him.

Sure enough, he couldn’t stop after sucking the blood of his first ‘person’.

This kind of desire for blood was millions of times stronger than an addiction to drugs.

Moreover, the blood of humans kept making him stronger.  He reached a point that Rong Leng Mo reached at the age of one hundred when he was fifty.  Rong Leng Mo who was only sixty at the time couldn’t compare to him.

In one night, he became a myth in Nevernight City, but many people also criticized him.

Because he wasn’t a ‘vegetarian’ vampire, he was a true ‘carnivore’ vampire.

“Doll Qing Qing, do you think I should drink human blood?”  That night, the night was dark.  He held the previous host who was a doll in his arms and muttered again and again, “It would be great if you weren’t just a doll.  That way you could reply and I wouldn’t need to be alone.”

The previous host kept these words in her heart for a long time.

Until it accidentally opened the Half Step Glass Mirror which had a secret technique.

How a doll could turn into a person.

The secret technique was terrifying, but it was very simple.  Enter the Half Step Glass Mirror and be subjected to the four tortures for an entire year, turning into a human.

Although it was hard, the previous host did it.

But when she came out of the Half Step Glass Mirror, the male lead was gone.  She suddenly remembered that his hundred year tribulation was coming.

He had turned into a blood hunter.  Standing under the heavenly thunder with his neat white clothes.

The previous host looked up and charged forward to take the ninety nine bolts of heavenly thunders for him.

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