Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 750: Blood sucking highness’ puppet doll (Part 1)

When she opened her eyes, it turned from flames to the Chaos Space.

The smoky mirror and her favourite lace princess bed.

[Welcome back to the host!]


[How is the host’s mood this time?]

“The love story was warm, the rise and fall of the country was painful.”

In the beginning of the Republic of China, when new things came in, closing the country was the most fundamental reason for losing to the Japanese.  The Qing Court was weak, allowing the Japanese to plunder them.

[Each dynasty must shed blood, the world must be united and divided.]  This was probably the most serious words the system had said, but Luo Qing Chen felt they were reasonable.

[The following is a summary of the previous mission.  Host, please properly look over it.]

Name: Luo Qing Chen

World: «Loving one’s country: They are enemies!»

Mission completion rate: 100%

Experience: 2500/10000

There is currently one item in the spatial storage: [iPhone 999]. (The host doesn’t want this!)

Exchange points: 16900 (5000 deducted from the last world, no changes at all.)

Base points: 40

[The host’s fifteenth mission panel is below.]

Appearance: 88/100

Strength: 0/50/100

Intelligence: 100/100

Figure: 0/80/100

“I don’t really understand this panel!  Without strength, I would die!”

[Please calm down host.  This panel has two stages, you have to go through two stages!]

“Damn, I’m a bit afraid!”  Luo Qing Chen would always tremble when she felt the system had a special mission for her, alright?

[The host doesn’t need to be afraid, just charge, charge, charge!]  The system silently said since it was useless to be afraid!

“Two stages, so I have to die?”

[The system doesn’t know!]

“Trash system!”  Luo Qing Chen couldn’t help angrily cursing, acting even though you know!

After that, the image in the bronze mirror changed.

[Mission Grade: B]

[Experience gained: 500.  Exchange points gained: 6000.]

Female lead: Luo Qing Chen

Male lead: Xi Jin Ye

Supporting female lead: Luo Yin Yin

Supporting male lead: Mo Fan

Mission content: [Return to ten years before the female lead died and obtain the love of the male lead Xi Jin Ye.]

[Currently importing memories, please quickly accept them, host!]

When accepting the memories, Luo Qing Chen thought this story was a bit complicated!

The male lead was a powerful vampire and the previous host was the puppet doll that he created with his own blood.

They lived in Nevernight City where vampires gathered.  Vampires never needed to sleep, so there was no such thing as night.

The male lead was outstanding the day he was born, known as the strongest member of the Xi Family ever born.

But he had to experience a heavenly tribulation in his life.  It was the awakening of ninety nine heavenly thunders, which had a survival rate of 1%.

He could teleport since he was three and he could induce mental pain at the age of ten…...

But genius drew in jealousy.  There were many families in Nevernight City, so even if he was the son of the king, there were people who wanted to kill him.

He knew all of this.  He never made any friends, remained silent and cold, acting bloodthirsty and abnormal.

But even with this outer appearance, he used his own blood to create a puppet doll.  Creation was a very terrifying power in the vampire world.  Although he spent ten years doing this, he succeeded with a large part of his power.

When his doll appeared in front of him, he revealed the first smile in his sixteen years of being alive.

Although it was faint, it came from the heart!

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