My Legend Still Exists in the Cultivation World

Chapter 75: Two Worlds

To prove that his absurd conjecture was indeed absurd, Jing Yue made a special trip to Xiang Kingdom.

When he entered Prosperous City, he felt that Qin Yanzhi was indeed here, but he didn't know if it was that ‘dim-witted son’.

Until he found Yuan Mansion and saw Yuan Tianci...for a moment, he felt that he was about to collapse.

He could guess that Qin Yanzhi’s cultivation level might digress, or perhaps something changed. Otherwise, he couldn't possibly remain silent to the extent that he couldn’t find any news of him.

But Jing Yue never expected that Qin Yanzhi would turn into a baby after falling into the small world!

However... the most unexpected and most unbelievable situation turned out to be a reality...

Could it be that his future days were to be a nanny?

Jing Yue was taken aback by the scenario he imagined. Looking at Qin Yanzhi who was quietly nestling in his arms at this time, he coughed and asked, “Asking you to come with me, are you reluctant?”

Little Qin Yanzhi shook his head before nodding again. “I'm willing.”

His mind was a blur in the past five years. It was as if he knew everything but he didn't seem to understand anything. The people around him came and went, but they couldn’t enter his heart. However, the first time he saw this Gege, he suddenly felt a kind of affectionate feeling, as if an invisible thread was being held between them, and even the soul was bounded together.

He felt that the little Gege was different from everyone else. He made him feel at ease and made him want to get close. He was the one he had been waiting for.

When the other party's finger pointed to his forehead, his world had changed from then on.

Lil Yanzhi was pretty sure that he liked being with Gege. He smiled shyly and secretly tightened the hand around Jing Yue's neck, making blue phoenix so agitated that it flapped its wings and snorted. Don’t compete with Ji-ji for Jing-jing’s favor!

Jing Yue, “…”

Was this really Qin Yanzhi? Did he make a mistake?

Shaking off the goosebumps, he pondered again.

He just checked Qin Yanzhi’s pulse and found that the other party’s meridians contained a strong vitality, which should be caused by the jade that he slammed into his body. Furthermore, there was malevolent energy in Qin Yanzhi’s dantian, but it was wrapped in a cloud of white mist, and the two were cannibalizing each other. At present, it seemed that the white mist had the upper hand.

When Jing Yue touched the white mist with his spiritual sense, he faintly felt a familiar sharp metallic aura. He suspected that the malevolent energy was the chaotic malefic energy that was introduced into Qin Yanzhi's body at that time, while the white mist was transformed by the sword spirit of Qin Yanzhi's Daoyi sword.

In the confrontation between the two, if the chaotic energy won, Qin Yanzhi would die, and the sword spirit would disappear forever; if the sword spirit won...Jing Yue didn't know what changes would happen to Qin Yanzhi, but it would likely be a good thing.

And the reason why Qin Yanzhi was in confusion before was that the spiritual dais was temporarily closed. Jing Yue awakened his spiritual dais and naturally also awakened him.

However, Jing Yue originally thought that once he found Qin Yanzhi, even if the other party's cultivation base dropped, they would be able to leave the small realm within a few hundred years. Due to this small world being restricted by the laws of heaven and earth, the practitioners here could only achieve up to the Amethyst Abode stage. Once they broke through this level, the practitioners would override the laws and find an opportunity to ascend into the great world.

Unexpectedly, Qin Yanzhi had fallen so thoroughly. From his cultivation base to his entire being, he was nothing more than a blank sheet of paper. In a short time, they would not be able to leave.

Wait a minute… destroy the Amethyst Core, reshape the physical body, and seal the sword spirit and the malefic energy into the dantian… He suddenly recalled the record on Yi Wang’s swordplay manuscript. Except for the spiritual energy of heaven and earth being replaced by the Nine Heaven malefic energy, the rest was exactly the same!

How did Qin Yanzhi know about this? Could it be…

No, maybe he didn't know. When he performed the Heavenly Void Swordplay, he must have been prepared to die, rather than deliberately causing the situation today. Everything was probably just a coincidence.

Moreover, the nine heaven malefic energy was also very different from the spiritual energy of heaven and earth. In the course of cultivation, even the slightest difference could result in a thousand miles away. Moreover, Yi Wang’s idea was still conceptual. In the future, whether Qin Yanzhi could forge the Heavenly Grotto and awaken the soul of the sword as stated in the manuscript was still difficult to judge.

Jing Yue sighed. He had no way to obtain the answer now. Suddenly, he paused.

At the same time, in a gloomy cave, the unconscious teenager slowly woke up.

He slowly opened his eyes. In the darkness, there was first a little white light, then two, three, countless... It turned out that the rock walls on all sides were covered with glowing mushrooms.

Where was this place?

Wasn’t he holding on to Qin Yanzhi, got swept into the Nine Heaven Rift, and then activated the 33 Heaven Delimitation Curse?

What happened after?

This person was Jing Yue. He remembered that the spell had failed and he lost consciousness for a while, but why didn't he die?

Could it be… the spell actually succeeded? Did he return to the big world?

At this moment, he noticed faint breathing beside him. Jing Yue glanced sideways. It was actually Qin Yanzhi!

The other party's long hair was gray, his clothes were torn by chaotic malefic energy, his whole body was covered with wounds so deep his bones could be seen, and a puddle of blood accumulated on the ground.

The smell of blood mixed with the moisture in the cave and Jing Yue couldn't help frowning. He wanted to investigate Qin Yanzhi’s condition, but the slightest movements made him groan, only to realize that his injury was no better than Qin Yanzhi. Several of his bones were broken and his divine consciousness severely injured.

“Hiss…” Jing Yue gasped. Before the pain eased, there was another heart palpitation.

It was a very profound feeling, as though there was another person in the vast universe entangled with him causally and connected intricately. They belonged to each other but independent of each other at the same time, just like… there was another self in an unknown place.

In an instant, a large volume of memory fragments poured into his sea of ​​consciousness and pieced together into a real and vivid picture.

It felt like a long time had passed, or only just a moment, and Jing Yue saw everything that happened in the Haotian Realm.

He saw the mountains and rivers ‘Jing Yue’ traveled across, saw ‘Jing Yue’ meeting ‘blue phoenix’, and saw ‘Jing Yue’ taking ‘Qin Yanzhi’ away… Uh, that little boy should be Qin Yanzhi, right?

He knew the thoughts of ‘Jing Yue’ in the Haotian Realm at any given time, as if one soul controlled two bodies, but the other party didn’t know of his existence.

Jing Yue was shocked. He could confirm that the other ‘Jing Yue’ was not an illusion, but why were there two of him? No, two of them?

Right! Blue phoenix!

The memory he just got told him that blue phoenix fell into the Nine Heaven Rift with him. In that case…

Jing Yue turned his eyes with difficulty and found a chubby little blue chicken not far away, deeply asleep. There was a sword beside the little blue chicken, which was the mini Canglan sword that ‘Jing Yue’ in the Haotian realm thought had been lost.

At the same time, he also found the Sumeru Ring on his hand and the Qiankun bag that hung on his waist.

Jing Yue was overjoyed. These belongings were not rejected by the laws of heaven so the place he was in was indeed his own big world!

Haotian Realm…

The original world…

Two of them…

In a fleeting thought, Jing Yue's mind flashed with an unbelievable conjecture.

There were hundreds of millions of worlds floating in the universe, and they belonged to different individual dimensions. There was a small probability that two worlds might connect, but the duration was so short it could only be an instant. However, due to the different dimensions, the two sides would not influence each other, and no one could perceive it.

Supposedly, the instant they plunged into the big world, it was also the very moment when the big world and Haotian realm converged. When the two worlds rapidly separated, the laws of heaven also divided their spirits into two, and they now lived in the two worlds as the ‘original self’ and the ‘other self’.

To put it simply, the ‘original self’ remained in the big world while the ‘other self’ lived in Haotian Realm. Therefore, the ‘original self’ could perceive the existence of the ‘other self’, but the ‘other self’ couldn’t do the same.

If that was really the case, it would be a miracle since the beginning of the world. At least, he had never heard of such a coincidence in his past and present life. He wondered what would happen to the ‘original self’ if the ‘other self’ managed to break through from the small world and ascended into the big world.

There couldn’t be two ‘selves’ in the same world, right?

Another burst of pain struck Jing Yue, breaking his train of thought. He glanced at Qin Yanzhi again, wondering why the other party's ‘other self’ became a baby.

Thinking of his guesses in the Haotian Realm, Jing Yue felt a little strange.

Although Yi Wang was similar to Qin Yanzhi in some respects, he never felt the same spiritual aura of Yi Wang in the other party, so he had never considered that possibility.

But the actual situation could only be found out after Qin Yanzhi woke up.

As for now, he needed to recover as soon as possible to treat Qin Yanzhi's injuries.

With that, Jing Yue chanted a technique and closed his eyes again.

Haotian Realm.

Jing Yue felt peculiar for a while, as if an extra layer of cause and effect had been added to him inexplicably, but he perceived it carefully and found nothing.

A gust of wind blew and the birds in the forest scattered.

Jing Yue shook his head and saw that the child in his arms was looking at him. He thought for a while and said, “Since you’re with me now, you’re no longer Yuan Tianci. Your name is Qin Yanzhi.”

“Qin Yanzhi?” The boy tilted his head, his eyes full of doubts.


With one free hand, Jing Yue put his fingers together, condensed water vapor with spiritual energy, and wrote the three characters 秦燕支 in the air.

The writing that was composed of water reflected the setting sun in winter, like rainbow-colored glaze, causing blue phoenix to glare at Qin Yanzhi with jealousy.

Jing Yue, “Do you see it clearly? ‘Qin’ is made up of 三人禾, while ‘Yanzhi’ is the name of a famous sword. This is your name.” Seeing Qin Yanzhi nodding, he continued, “And I’m Jing Yue, a cultivator. From now on, you can practice Dao with me.”

Although Qin Yanzhi’s thoughts were muddled before, he knew everything in the outside world, and he didn't lack common sense, so he asked with some joy, “Are you Yanzhi’s shifu?”

Jing Yue was slightly startled. His mind flashed with the image of a frosty face on the swordsmanship field of Nine Heaven Academy, to Qin Yanzhi's head gently bowed while holding Ku Sheng, and finally transformed into the other party's smile like the beginning of the spring snow under the cold moon.

“No, I’m not your shifu nor can I be one.” Jing Yue thought, firstly, he was not qualified to teach Qin Yanzhi swordplay; secondly, if Qin Yanzhi recovered his memory one day and found out that he had recognized a cheap shifu when he was young and ignorant, would he grab his sword and stab him?

Seeing the undisguised disappointment in Qin Yanzhi’s eyes, as well as a little anxiety, Jing Yue patted him with understanding and comforted, “Although I’m not your shifu, we are the closest to each other in this world.”

Blue phoenix suddenly pecked his shoulder. Jing Yue quickly turned around and corrected, “… One of the closest.”

Qin Yanzhi bit his lower lip as his obsidian eyes flickered, making Jing Yue… shudder with chills.

He settled down and continued, “I’ll always accompany you, take care of you, and protect you.” Until one day he could remember everything and they could leave here.

Qin Yanzhi whispered, “Then who are you to me?”

Jing Yue wanted to say that he was his guide, but his mischievous side suddenly exploded, so he grinned and said, “I’m your Jing-gege, of course.”

Seeing Qin Yanzhi about to ask more questions, Jing Yue hurriedly swung his sleeves and wiped away the words solidified in the air. The splashing water droplets instantly froze into ice particles by the cold wind, looking like fine snow as they fell. He tightened his hold on the person in his arms and sped up his footsteps.

Jing Yue wanted to bring Qin Yanzhi to Chen Kingdom, to Flying Blossoms Mountain, to the dilapidated Daoist temple where he occupied as the king.

All of them must devote themselves to the vigorous practice of cultivation and strive for an early ‘ascension’!

Author’s Notes: Divine Bragging

Rouge whispered: Then, who are you to me?

Jing-jing: I’m your You Le Mei, of course~

(TN: You Le Mei优乐美 reference to milk tea advertisement meaning I<3 U)

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