Rebirth to become the President’s Omega Wife

Chapter 75 - Reopening [OW]

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In the last few days of July, Su Ling spends most of the time in the spiritual plant room. After lunch, he will do some exercise before going out to check out some houses. Finally, on 1st August, he bought a villa. The villa is located between the fragrance bar and the Banshan villa area. Though the location is not as good as the Banshan villa area, the price is not cheap. Su Ling almost spent all of his money to buy the villa, and the overall area was not large as well.

On their way back home, Gu Liheng's brows were slightly furrowed the whole journey. He kept his gaze forward, not looking at Su Ling. Su Ling put a hand on Gu Liheng’s shoulder, and leaned his head over, "Are you angry?"

Gu Liheng pressed his thin lips lightly but eventually turned his head after a while. Su Ling's head was on his shoulder, and their face was very close. His face brushed Su Ling's lips when he turned his head and his eyes moved slightly.

"The villa you like is at Zone 3." Gu Liheng stated, not asking a question.

Su Ling's eyes curved with smiles. He really likes the villa at Zone 3 very much. The whole architectural style appeals to him, but the overall area is too large and it is seriously over-capitalized. He smiled and said, "The one at Zone 5 is also very good; small but fully equipped."

Looking at Su Ling, Gu Liheng finally said what he minded, "You don't want to spend my money."

Su Ling said, "Of course, I have to be the one to pay for my pre-marriage house," he grabbed Gu Liheng's hand and smiled, "Don't think too much about it. It doesn't matter whether Zone 3 or 5, I just need to buy one under my name. It’s not like you want me to stay there, right?

"No," Gu Liheng shook his hand, "Stay with me at Banshan villa. When it’s time for you to go to school, it will be closer."

Su Ling nodded without hesitation, "Okay."

Seeing that the young man immediately agreed with him, Gu Liheng’s expression was much softer. He could understand why the young man insisted on buying his own house before getting married. However, the young man rather buys the house he didn't like the most than spending his money. It gives him the illusion that the young man drew a clear between them and might leave at any time. The young man’s attitude made him feel uneasy.

At 5.30 pm, Su Ling and Gu Liheng had dinner in advance before going to Tian Ling Fragrance Bar. The fragrance bar has a brand new look now. From the street view, it no longer looks shabby. The main building’s colors are blue and white, which is very conspicuous. As soon as he entered the bar, Su Ling smelled a faint fragrance. There was a circular space (for stage) in the middle of the bar, with deck seats on both left and right sides, while private rooms are on the second floor. The overall style is cozy and fresh, with light and bright colors, which makes people feel relaxed and comfortable. The staff in the store greeted Su Ling one after another and smiled ambiguously when they saw Gu Liheng.

Sitting at the bar, Nalu turned around the swivel chair and waved when he heard the sound from the door.

"Uncle Nalu," Su Ling greeted as he approached. Holding Gu Liheng's hand with a smile, he proceeds to introduce him, "Let me officially introduce him, my boyfriend, Gu Liheng."

"President Gu." Nalu stood up subconsciously.

Gu Liheng: "Not need to be polite, just call my name."

Nalu is a bit older than Gu Liheng. Hence, upon hearing Gu Liheng’s words, he followed the flow and said, "Li Heng." He patted Gu Liheng on the shoulder and said, "We just reopen today so I will be busy later. Let’s find some time to have a drink next time."

Gu Liheng nodded, "Okay."

A waiter asked for Nalu and he turned to answer the question. When he is free, Su Ling said,
"I will go to see the spiritual plant shed."

Nalu acknowledged with an En and went busy again.

Su Ling took Gu Liheng to the backyard. The original spiritual plant shed has been demolished and turned into a fully transparent spiritual plant room. There are 3 floors in total and at the entrance were stairs for people to walk up. There is also a conveyor belt (lift?) so that flower pots can be placed directly on it. The spiritual plant room is equipped with a fully automatic cultivation system. The system might be useless towards spiritual plants of different levels and high levels. But the raw materials in the store are all low-grade, so it suits his need; convenient and easy.

Next to the spiritual plant room is the fragrance making room, which has not changed much from before. It was just renovated, and it looked empty due to lack of equipment. Su Ling took Xian Mo Yu and 2 Grade A spiritual plants out of his space storage. Then he took out their nutrient solution. Xian Mo Yu opened up its petals, and its roots swayed in mid-air, obviously feeling happy. Su Ling lightly squeezed a root and said, "Papa Xian, stay here. Since the shop reopens today, I will have to stay back in the shop a little longer tonight."

Xian Mo Yu wrote a mental word to Su Ling, "Okay."

Hearing Su Ling’s words, Lóng Mo Téng stopped its movement towards Xian Mo Yu’s petals and returned to wrap around his wrist again.

After Su Ling settled down the spiritual plants, he went to the bar to ask if the raw materials are enough.

Nalu: "I have prepared a lot, it should be enough."

Su Ling let Gu Liheng sit in one of the deck seats, and went to help out with some preparations.

At 7.30 pm, the fragrance bar opened on time. The neon signs were lit up, and electronic fireworks screens were placed on both sides of the door, together with some signs of the reopening promotion. As soon as the door opened, the guests waiting outside quickly walked in.

At the bar, Nalu’s mood became happy, "It's good to be famous. I only mention the reopening on the official website but so many people came."

"Su Ling! It's great to see you here," an Omega ran to Su Ling and greeted him in excitement. Then he looked around and asked, "Is Xian Mo Yu there?"

"Hello," Su Ling smiled and explained, "Here, we provide a place for socializing, and the fragrance bar sells fragrances, not spiritual plants."

The Omega with a look of anticipation, "I just want to have a look."

Su Ling politely refused, "Sorry," he pointed to the fragrance list, "Would you like something to drink? I can introduce you to..."

He recommended in a gentle tone, the Omega was initially disappointed, but soon became interested in the fragrance introduced by Su Ling. He placed an order before returning to his seat. Afterward, many guests asked him to recommend fragrances to them.

An Alpha approached Su Ling and asked, "Can you recommend one to me?"

At the moment, the staff in the store are very busy. Moreover, Su Ling originally came with the intention to help so he smiled, and introduced the fragrances in a friendly manner. The Alpha ordered two cups of soothing fragrances. Then he gave Su Ling a cup and bends down slightly, "You look better than your picture online. Can I buy you a drink?"

Hearing that makes Su Ling raise his eyebrows, but before he could say anything, his shoulders were hugged by someone. Gu Liheng, who was originally sitting at the nearest seat of the bar, stared emotionlessly at the Alpha.

The Alpha froze for a moment, but he quickly recognized Gu Liheng. Embarrassment flashed on his face as he greeted, "President Gu."

Su Ling leaned his back against male god's chest. Then he looked at the Alpha with smiles in his eyes, "Sorry, I already have a lover."

The man knows about Su Ling’s relationship with Gu Liheng, but Alpha generally persistent towards the Omega they are interested in. In their point of view, as long as the Omega is not permanently marked, they will always have the chance to pursue the Omega. Of course, for the extreme type Alpha, permanent marking is the only way, there are no other options. This Alpha is not extreme, he is just trying his luck. After all, no matter who the competitor is, the most important thing is who the Omega likes. However, it is clear that this Omega in front of him likes President Gu very much.

The Alpha shrugged, "That's a shame," he smiled at Gu Liheng, "Congratulations."

Gu Liheng's eyebrows are slightly loosened and he nodded as a reply.

The Alpha turned and left with the fragrance drink he ordered.

Turning around to look at male god, Su Ling smiled and joked, "Could it be you are worried about me? Don't forget, I used the pheromone masking agent today."

Gu Liheng looked down at Su Ling before bending over to kiss him, "Even without your pheromones, you are a charming person."

Su Ling put his hand around Gu Liheng’s neck, "Speaking so sweetly?"

"When I first liked you, your pheromone was still in an abnormal state." Gu Liheng calmly used himself as an example.

Su Ling raised his head and took the initiative to kiss Gu Liheng. After a while, he let go and said, "Don't worry too much. And don't forget that we will be getting our certificate tomorrow. You will be cut off from contact with the outside world for almost a week. Have you finished arranging the company's affairs?"

Although Gu Liheng is on holiday at the moment, he will still handle urgent matters and keep in touch with the company at all times, just that he didn't go to the company. However, this time it is different. It is equivalent to a week of complete disconnection. Of course, the process may take less than a week, but they still have to be fully prepared. Many things must be arranged. In addition to the company's business, there is also the preparation of daily necessities needed within a week.

With his hand supporting the back of Su Ling’s head, Gu Liheng rubbed a lock of his black hair in his fingers and said, "The arrangement is almost done, but I will buy some more things. Remember to rest when you are tired."

Su Ling nodded, and Gu Liheng returned to the deck seat.

Nalu waited for Gu Liheng to sit down before leaning close to Su Ling and said, "Tsk tsk tsk. Are you two showing affection in the store on purpose or just want to abuse us single dogs?"

Su Ling looked innocent as he said, "Neither, this is just our everyday interactions."

Nalu hissed sourly and Su Ling couldn't help laughing. Then he whispered, "We will get our marriage certificate tomorrow."

Surprised, Nalu opened his eyes widely, "You are still so young! Are you really confirmed about it? You don’t want to wait and compare a few more people?"

Nalu’s questions made Su Ling felt funny, "It’s on my mind since a long time ago and I have been waiting for such a day to come."

Nalu stared at Su Ling for a while. After making sure that he is not joking, he sighed, "I never see an Omega as determined as you. You have more ideas than your mother."

This young man said from the very beginning that he is interested in President Gu. Nalu thought he was just curious or attracted for a while, but he didn't expect Su Ling to be so determined. He patted Su Ling on the shoulder and said, "Congratulations," then he frowned, "Should have told me earlier, I don’t know what to give you as a congratulatory gift at the moment."

Su Ling smiled and said, “I will be cutting off contact with the outside world in the next 7 days. Uncle Nalu working hard at the store is the best gift to me.”

Nalu thought for a while, "Okay, I'll make it up when you have your wedding." He patted Su Ling on the shoulder again, "Don't worry, I'll be watching the store, no problem."

Su Ling and Gu Liheng's public intimate behavior was very effective. No one came to Su Ling on purpose to ask for recommendations anymore. But Su Ling is not staying idle, he went around helping Xiao Bian to make fragrance products, and let the waiters deliver them to the guests.

The positioning of the fragrance bar is good, it was not noisy, and the environment is refreshing. In the middle stage, there are folk artists specially invited by Nalu to play light music. Usually, the area is used for guests to dance in pairs or order songs. But since the bar is reopened today, they specially invited artists to come and play music.

Standing by the bar, with the fragrance wafting at his nose and the soothing music flowing, Su Ling feels particularly comfortable. When making the fragrance beverages, the corners of his mouth stayed curved up. Gu Liheng would look at him occasionally from his business matters, and his expression became softer.

"AH!" Suddenly, a loud cry came from the entrance of the corridor on the right.

Su Ling looked over immediately, but he couldn’t see anyone due to a wall structure blocking a direct view of the corridor. The corridor there is connected to the public toilet and the backyard, but there is a locked door in the backyard. No one is allowed to go to the backyard except for the employees who have access.

Putting down the fragrance in his hand, Su Ling walked out from the bar counter towards the corridor. When he arrived, Nalu was pulling a yellow-haired man out.

"Xian Mo Yu! It must be Xian Mo Yu!" The yellow-haired man struggled and hugged Nalu's arm, "Let me take a look!"

The man was being pulled out to the hall, and he was talking in a loud voice. When the other guests heard his shouts, they stretched their necks out curiously to listen. Some people couldn't bear their curiosity and got up to the corridor.

Su Ling glanced at the back door, which was closed tightly.

Nalu shrugged, "I just saw a root rushing back to the backyard just now."

Su Ling: "...I'll go take a look."

Gu Liheng walked to Su Ling, "I'll go with you."

"Owner, is Xian Mo Yu here? Can we see it?"

"Yeah, yeah." Many guests echoed their support to the suggestion.

Su Ling didn't answer and went to the backyard spiritual plant room with Gu Liheng.

Xian Mo Yu's petals were gathered up, enclosing the stamen and roots, which look like a big red oval object. Su Ling felt funny to see that because Xian Mo Yu never act like this before. Even if it is sleeping, its roots will still be left out to drink the nutrient solution. This is obviously an act of guilty conscience! He stepped forward and touched the outer wall of the petals. Thinking for a while, he asked, "Papa Xian, how about going outside to play?"

Two roots sprang out immediately; one wrapped around his wrist, and the other stood erected in front of him and swaying happily: "Okay!"

Su Ling: "You can hear my question even when you are sleeping?"

The root standing in front of him was stunned. Lóng Mo Téng on Su Ling's wrist instantly stretched out and unceremoniously whipped the root: "Idiot!"

The roots slumped to the ground, drew a big crying expression in Su Ling's mind. Then it added: "I'm so bored, I just want to take a look quietly." As it ‘said’ that, the root patted the ground, and continued: "It is not long enough, so I opened the door to go out!"

The fragrance-making room is just beside the backyard door, and it is separated from the main hall by the corridor, which was indeed a bit far away. Su Ling thought for a while before saying, "Then you go to the bar with us, but you can't spray black liquid, or release the bad odor. Also, you can't hurt anyone with your roots."

The root bounced up from the ground and nodded rapidly, "Okay, okay."

Su Ling laughed and contacted Nalu. After that, he put Xian Mo Yu in the space storage. Xian Mo Yu is too wide to pass through the corridor. When he went to the main hall again, many guests waited eagerly and looked behind him. They didn't see Xian Mo Yu and looked disappointed, "Owner, where is Xian Mo Yu?"

Su Ling smiled and walked to the edge of the empty stage. He said to the guests, "At your request, I will take out Xian Mo Yu. But please don't hurt it or you will have to bear the consequences."

As he said that, Su Ling opened his space storage and Xian Mo Yu immediately filled the stage. Its red petals were shining under the lights, which was really beautiful. Exclamation sound could be heard one after another in the bar. At the same time, a strong fragrance exuded from Xian Mo Yu in the air.

Xian Mo Yu's roots swayed in the air: "Wow, many people! Happy~"

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