Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 75: Survival on Snake Island (END) Part 2

The helicopter flew near them and lowered the ladder.

The powerful wind blew Zhang Ming so much that he could hardly stand.

Thirteen looked at Ah Jin and said, "I'll go first. You have to follow."

Ah Jin nodded, "Okay."

Thirteen with Zhou Yi on his back grabbed the rope ladder and began to climb up.

With professional training, Thirteen was incredibly nimble even with a person on his back.

Ah Jin held the rope ladder and told Zhang Ming, "Let's go, young master."

Zhang Ming breathed deeply, then resolutely climbed the ladder.

In contrast to Thirteen, Zhang Ming was much slower, with his body bowed, trying not to look up, and carefully climbed.

It went without saying that Ah Jin was at the end of the line, following Zhang Ming.

She followed him in case something went wrong with the foolish boy.

Fortunately, the journey was safe.

There were no more twists and turns.

Once Zhang Ming's body was pulled in by the rescuers, Zhang Ming really felt that he was saved and safe.

Crying in relief, he covered his face.

Though he stayed on the island for three or four days, he felt that he had already lived his whole life.

The events of these few days were more intense and exciting than his life of more than twenty years.

After Ah Jin climbed up, she saw a sobbing Zhang Ming and did not laugh at him. It was good to let off steam.

There was also a paramedic on board who was already treating Zhou Yi.

Thirteen spoke to the two, "Already clear. Let me reintroduce myself. I'm a special forces soldier, code name 13, and I'm here to track down the cases that happened on this island in the past few months."

With that, he extended a hand to Ah Jin, "Thank you, Ms. Qiao, for your help and support."

Ah Jin returned the handshake and broke it off as soon as he touched her.

"There is no need to be polite. It's only right."

Thirteen then continued, "After we get back, we will need some help from you two for the follow-up. I hope you can actively cooperate."

Zhang Ming asked, "What kind of help?"

"Some simple questions. You will need to come forward as witnesses if necessary. After all, you are all involved."

Zhang Ming looked righteous: "I am obliged to do so!"

"Then thanks a lot. You guys get some rest."

Zhang Ming also wanted to say something to Ah Jin.

When he saw that Ah Jin had already closed her eyes, he held back and followed Ah Jin's example and closed his eyes to rest.

Ah Jin closed her eyes and chose to detach from the mission world and returned to space.

When San Qi saw Ah Jin return, it hurriedly closed the backend with its hands and feet.

By all rights, it should not be afraid.

After all, the backend was something that was set as closed to outsiders. However, for Ah Jin, it did not dare to try.

It had already gotten a psychological shadow.

San Qi's eyes showed a pleasing smile.

"Boss, you're back? Did you have a good time?"

"Not bad."

Ah Jin grabbed the small oil lamp on the table and looked at it.

San Qi hadn't touched it, so it counted as knowing what it was doing.

San Qi saw her fiddling with the small oil lamp again.

It was so nervous that it just looked and didn't move.

It shouldn't be discovered.

In the end, it asked with great difficulty, "What did you get from that world, boss?"

Ah Jin placed down the small oil lamp and said, "There is a snake I like very much, but I was afraid to bring it in. So I did not bring it."

San Qi felt a chill all over.

Although a system could not die, the body was a bird, and snakes were the natural enemy.

San Qi awkwardly laughed a few times.

"Hehe, boss is really joking. This place is definitely not able to take in living things."

Ah Jin sadly smacked her lips.

"I bet it is. Otherwise, I’ll bring it in for you as a companion. That snake is very well behaved. I guess it will become a mythical spirit in a few decades."

Hearing that, San Qi swooped down on Ah Jin's arm and cried, "Boss, look at me! I am also very well-behaved. I am already a mythical spirit. Not lonely by myself! Really!"

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