Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 749: Little theater side story

Glazed Tile: The movie Twenty Two is about to come out.  Even though it’s a documentary, it’s worth looking forward to because it is a heavy and meaningful part of history.

[Is the author done?]  The system felt that the author was wasting time!


[Alright!!!  Since fairy Glazed Tile took most of the system’s time, let’s jump right into the ten questions!  Welcome our commander Zuo!]

“Number 0520 Zuo Mu Ran, please take care of me.”


[“First question: How did you react when she took the shot for you?”]

“God, what is she doing?  What is she doing?  Doesn’t she feel pain?”

[“The system felt the host was very brave……”]

“Un, the girl who hurts people!”

[“Second question: What attitude do you have towards the Japanese invading China?”]  The author made me ask this, otherwise the system wouldn’t ask such a serious question!

“I want to guard the borders because of the obsession in my heart.  There are no green mountains and clear waters, it is filled with yellow sand, but that is our motherland.”

[“Un!  The most beautiful place will always be the motherland!”]

Glazed Tile: Please remember to look back no matter how far you go, perhaps there is something with white hair waiting for you at home!

[“......The system will ask by itself, leave!”]

[“Third question: When faced with the decision Kouichi gave you, if you knew the host wouldn’t die, would you have shot?”]

“No.  I said that I would definitely not bet with her life!  No matter if there is a small risk or a large risk.”

[“Thank you for commander Zuo’s dog food!”]

[“Fourth question: Were you nervous when you proposed to the host?”]

“I didn’t propose…..I just announced it!”

[“The system is reflecting and it seems that way!”]

[“Fifth question: When she was kidnapped, why didn’t you think of Jin Wen Dan?”]

“First!  My mind was filled with her, I didn’t even know Jin Wen Dan disappeared.  Second!  Jin Wen Dan had been the sniper by my side for a long time, so I was too negligent and didn’t investigate her.”

[“Sixth question: Who do you hate the most in this world?”]

“Jin Wen Dan, I really hate her.  From the bottom of my heart, I admit that she doesn’t deserve love because love isn’t about possession.  If Qing Chen didn’t like me, I wouldn’t force her.  I’m happy if she’s happy.”

[“Seventh question: Were you afraid of the poison needle?”]

“I didn’t feel fear at that moment, I just wanted to protect her.  I have two hands and legs, I can take all the bullets and swords.”

[“Even the system is moved by these words!”]  Wu, wu, wu, wu, wu…...

[“Eighth question: When you saw her being bullied in the street, what were you feeling?”]

“I remembered all those people and I would slowly settle accounts with them.”  He narrowed his cold eyes.

[“Ninth question: Do you want to say anything to Glazed Tile?”]

“......”  Zuo Mu Ran thought for a bit before saying, “Abuse me less, thank you!”

[“It seems quite right!  But……”]  The system helplessly shrugged its non-existent shoulders.

[“Tenth question: It’s the same as usual, please say something to the host!  She can hear it!”]

“Break through the endless darkness to hold you in my arms.”

[Ding, congratulations on bringing a soul fragment into the Lead God Space. 14/100]

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