Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 747: Zuo Mu Ran’s side story (Part 1)

Deep love isn’t companionship, love needs no words.  ——Zuo Mu Ran.

Number 0520 Zuo Mu Ran, I am a soldier.  I entered the army when I was eight, going from a soldier to a marshal.

I thought that I would dedicate my life to the army, but I never thought that a person like me would experience the so-called love.

This was something I considered ridiculous and boring, but later I used my life to protect it.

Because she appeared and changed my entire life.  I didn’t fight alone and I didn’t care about nothing.

When we first met, she was in a blue shirt and a black skirt, wearing the uniform of a student who came back from abroad.

Her marksmanship was very accurate, even I couldn’t see how she took care of all the enemies.

I couldn’t help feeling a bit of curiosity towards her, but later I knew that this was the seeds of love germinating in my heart.

And I wasn’t willing to admit it.

She took two bullets for me and fell down a cliff with me.  I could even feel the violent beating of my heart, but I wasn’t willing to admit that this throbbing came from the bottom of my heart.

When she had me leave alone, I was actually unwilling.

Actually I was really scared at that time, I was afraid that she would die if I left.

On the rugged mountain road, countless thorns cut my skin.  I didn’t feel the pain, I just knew that I had to be fast.

Because there was a person waiting for me.

However, the heavens didn’t give what one wants.  When I returned to the cave, she was already gone.

I didn’t know where she went, there were no traces around and she disappeared into thin air.

Without waiting for me…...

We met again at my family’s manor.  When I saw her standing with my big brother, there was a strange feeling in my heart.

It wasn’t discomfort, it was like a stone pressing down on my chest.

I never felt this way before.

I didn’t know what I was thinking when I suddenly grabbed her hand when she revealed that faint smile.

But her words to me were so formal.

I felt that she was distancing herself, but I didn’t know why.  A girl who had blocked two bullets for me was distancing herself.

Later I knew that she didn’t want me to come with her.

I never thought that she wanted to go to Kouichi’s Manor!

God, even I couldn’t return from that place, why was she so bold?

After hearing this from my big brother, my heart panicked.

I didn’t even know why I was panicking, but I only had one idea in my mind.  It was to run fast and to save her, nothing else.

On the way, my mind suddenly cleared.  It was like I knew what I was thinking and what I wanted.

When I was standing in front of her, Kouichi gave me a choice.

I knew that there were some things that I couldn’t escape from.  I never thought that I would fall in love this easily, reaching the point where I couldn’t stop myself…..

She anxiously looked at me, wanting me to fire, but I knew I couldn’t do it.

If it was using her life and mine as a bet, I would hope that regardless of winning or losing, the one who died was me.

Then there was no need to make this bet at all.

I slowly raised my hand and understood!  After all, I found that I couldn’t fool myself anymore!

I liked her, but I didn’t know what to do in front of her.  I was like a fool, standing in front of her.

But I knew that I could die for her.

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