Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 741: Loving one’s country: They are enemies! (Part 42)

She could seem to sense the faint despair from his eyes.  He slowly raised his hand and aimed the gun at her heart.

It was aimed right at her heart!

“Right, just like that, aim right at her heart!”  The following shot made Jin Wen Dan’s smile bloom even brighter.  It was like a dark flower in the depths of the rainforest, which would only bloom in this instant.

Luo Qing Chen gave a shrug and threw her pistol down, as she slowly walked towards him step by step.

She could sense the slight tremble in him as the reflection in his emotionless eyes revealed a bit of emotion with her appearance.

“Darling!  Kill her and you will be the greatest hero in my heart!”  Jin Wen Dan’s delicate voice came from behind Zuo Mu Ran with a trace of bloodlust that made people’s stomachs churn.

The effects of the blood poison really was strong.

“You can’t kill me!”  Luo Qing Chen looked up a bit.  There were snowflakes falling from the sky with a bit of a chill.

She took a deep breath before looking at Zuo Mu Ran with misted eyes, “Because I am your most beloved person.”

At that moment, she could feel Zuo Mu Ran tremble.  The pistol he clenched began to tremble even more and his expressionless face revealed a frown.

Jin Wen Dan behind him bit her lip.  She took the blade and cut her arm before sucking on it.

Her mouth was filled with blood as she gave Zuo Mu Ran an order, “Fire, fire, fire!”

Zuo Mu Ran heard this and blood filled his eyes again.  He was like a bloodthirsty zombie as his eyes filled with killing intent.

Right after that.

“Peng.”  A bullet grazed her shoulder and hit the dune behind her.

Luo Qing Chen gave a grunt as blood dripped down her arm.  Her lips slightly curled as she said, “You already said that no matter what, you would protect me!  For…..eternity…..”

She didn’t know how to wake him, but she knew that she couldn’t fire at him.

Whether Zuo Mu Ran died here or broke through this door, she didn’t know.

She could see the tremor in his eyes, so she knew that he was working very hard to break through this darkness and she knew that only she could help him.

“How can you make him protect you!”  Jin Wen Dan roared in rage.  The Japanese behind her could feel her efforts and stood up to fight.

She wouldn’t submit!  She had clearly mixed her blood with the poison and injected it into Zuo Mu Ran, she definitely had control over him.

But why did Zuo Mu Ran look so hesitant, his shots never hit them.

When facing Luo Qing Chen, he hesitated even more.

He was her armour breaking soldier, he would only listen to her orders and no one could replace her!

Luo Qing Chen gave a cold laugh as she said with a faint look of disdain, “Because he likes me, because I’m his fiancee, because we truly love each other.  You can’t intervene even with your despicable methods, do you understand?”


“Jin Wen Dan.”  Luo Qing Chen continued with a cold laugh, “He didn’t like you even though you were with him for six years and he wants to marry me after just knowing each other for six days, do you know how big this difference is?”

It was at that moment that she realized how important the so-called heroine aura was!

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