Rebirth to become the President’s Omega Wife

Chapter 74 - Spoilerish title [OW]

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After Su Ling finished drawing the renovation plan, he looked up and met Gu Liheng's eyes. He raised his eyebrows, "Why are you staring at me?"

Getting caught for staring, a slightly embarrassed expression appeared on Gu Liheng’s face. Then, his eyes fell on the holographic screen in front of Su Ling and he asked, "You’re done?"

Su Ling's eyes curved up. He did not continue to tease Gu Liheng for changing the subject and started talking about his idea of transforming the spiritual plant room.

Gu Liheng nodded his head after hearing the idea, "Okay, I will get someone to change it tomorrow."

In the evening, after dinner, Su Ling pulled Gu Liheng to go out for a walk. Gu Liheng glanced out of the window, the sky is not fully dark yet. His eyes flickered and he said, "I have a gift for you."

Su Ling: "Gift?"

Gu Liheng uttered an En and led Su Ling to the front yard. The night lights were very bright, and Su Ling saw the speed car parked in front of the entrance right away. Speed cars are different from ordinary cars. It has 2 driving modes, either by land or by air. The metal shell of the dark blue speed car shone under the light. Its overall curves are smooth, and it looks very cool.

The sight of the speed car makes Su Ling's eyes lit up immediately, and he turned around to ask, "It’s for me?"

Gu Liheng nodded, "En," Seeing that Su Ling liked it, Gu Liheng had a smile in his eyes and suggested, "Shall I drive you around?"

Su Ling nodded immediately, "Okay!"

The two got into the car and Su Ling sat in the passenger seat beside Gu Liheng. As the car left the ground and getting further and further away, his eyes were bright with amazement and he was very excited, "Is it difficult to get a speed car driving license?"

"No, it’s not difficult." When Gu Liheng spoke, he was facing Su Ling and didn't even have to look at the control.

Su Ling laughed, "Then I must get a driver's license as soon as possible."

Gu Liheng: "I can teach you." And so, he drove the speed car around the villa.

Su Ling watched the scenery outside the window for a long time. Then his gaze fell on the control interface.

Gu Liheng explained, "Speed cars have an automatic driving system just like ordinary cars, but sometimes birds fly by in the air. So, driving speed car demands more attention as the driver needs to make some adjustments from time to time."

Su Ling nodded in understanding and listened carefully to his introduction of each button.

After flying around for more than half an hour and the sky has completely darkened, Gu Liheng drove the speed car back to the villa. Upon getting off the car, Gu Liheng took Su Ling's hand and said, "Come with me to a place."

Su Ling raised his eyebrows, "Where?" Didn't they just come back? Gu Liheng led him through the living room. The lights in the living room went out behind them, and his vision instantly dimmed. Su Ling turned his head subconsciously but Gu Liheng shook his hand and held him by his waist. Then he(GLH) said in a deep voice, "Don't be afraid."

Su Ling's heartbeat quickened by the tone. Suddenly realized something, he chuckled, "You got me out of the villa on purpose?"

Gu Liheng sighed slightly, "You managed to guess it? So there’s no more surprise?"

"I didn't guess anything." Su Ling said immediately.

In the darkness, the corner of Gu Liheng's mouth raised, and he embraced Su Ling to continue walking forward, crossing the corridor, to the dark backyard. The moment they stepped on the grass in the backyard, the area in front of them suddenly lit up. Red roses filled the entire area and it was red color as far as the eyes can see.

"Eh..." Su Ling was stunned and was suddenly picked up to a princess carry by Gu Liheng. Startled, he quickly placed his hand on Gu Liheng's shoulder.

Gu Liheng glanced at Su Ling and said, "Don't worry, I won't let you fall down." He strode to the middle of the flowers and put Su Ling down.

They were surrounded by flowers, and sweet floral fragrance filled their nose. As soon as Su Ling's feet touched the ground, ‘small lights’ flickered in the flowers, like fireflies. But these little lights were colorful; beautiful and dreamy. Su Ling was surprised, he stared at the little lights, trying to see what it was. At this moment, the person beside him suddenly stood in front of him and knelt down on one knee. Su Ling's gaze immediately moved down. Even if he had guessed it before, his heartbeat still sped up uncontrollably.

Gu Liheng looked at him from below, his dark eyes were firm and affectionate. Holding Su Ling's hand with his left hand, he raised his right hand and revealed a small black box in his hand. The lid opened with a flick, revealing the silver ring inside. Gu Liheng’s tone was serious and solemn as he asked, "Ling Ling, will you marry me?"

Su Ling leaned over and kissed Gu Liheng’s lips, "Didn't you already know the answer?" He stood up straight and took out the ring. Then with a bright smile, he said, "Yes."

Gu Liheng dropped a kiss on Su Ling’s hand and took the ring to put it on his finger. Su Ling moved his fingers, the ring fits snugly. Turning his wrist, he grabbed Gu Liheng's hand and pulled him up.

Gu Liheng got up and hugged Su Ling, "I'm very happy."

Amused, Su Ling asked, "You already know the answer, what's so happy about it?"

Gu Liheng rubbed his fingers behind Su Ling’s ears and let go of him a little. Meeting his eyes, he asked, "Do you like this setup?"

Su Ling looked at the ‘small lights’ floating around and laughed. As a man, he had never expected such a dreamy marriage proposal. The effect of the setup did not shock him. What moved him was male god’s intention. He nodded, "I like it," he smiled, "In fact, even without this step, I’m alright with getting married directly."

Gu Liheng: "I don't want you to feel wronged."

"I won't feel wronged by getting married directly," Su Ling smiled at Gu Liheng. Then he asked, "Who gave you the idea?"

Gu Liheng: "I designed it myself."

Hearing that makes Su Ling smile deeper. He stood on tiptoe and kissed Gu Liheng’s lips again, "What are these colorful lights?"

"Colorful bugs[1]." Gu Liheng replied, keeping his eyes on his face.

Having his curiosity answered, Su Ling held on to male god's neck and said, "Since I have accepted your proposal, when do we get married?"

The young man's unconcealed expectation made Gu Liheng's eyes darker. The young man always showed his feelings for him straightforwardly. Gu Liheng’s heart felt warm, and his hand around the young man's waist gradually tightened.

"The wedding takes time to prepare. I planned to have the wedding on 10th October, is that okay with you?" He wants to give the young man a perfect wedding.

Su Ling: "More than 2 months?" He blinked, "Can we get the certificate first?"

Gu Liheng looked at him deeply. Su Ling is not shy at all, he reasonably explained, "I have checked the information regarding permanent marking before. The process takes at least 3 days to complete. The higher our compatibility rate, the longer it takes. After marking, there is an indeterminate period of adaptation. Overall, the amount of time we need is at least half of a month."

"In October, you will go to work and I will have to attend classes in university. We won’t have that much free time to adjust. Right now, this period of time is the most suitable... otherwise, you will have to wait until the winter vacation."

Then, Su Ling leaned closer to Gu Liheng, their breath fell on each other, "Can you bear it until then?"

Every time they ‘connected’ deeply, Su Ling could feel male god restraining himself. Alpha has a strong possessive desire for their Omega, and permanent marking is a way of complete possession.

Gu Liheng's Adam's apple moved up and down, and he said in a deep voice, "We can get the certificate in advance."

Hearing that, Su Ling's eyes curved up in smiled, and he leaned in to kiss Gu Liheng. No matter what plot is written in the novel, he is the legal companion of male god in this world.

Before going to bed at night, the two determined the date to get their certificate, 2nd August. At that time, Tian Ling Fragrance Bar will be re-opened, and Su Ling doesn’t need to continue to harvest Redthorn Ball liquid for the Xiao family anymore, it is the most suitable time. In fact, it is not impossible to get the certificate even earlier. Just that after getting the certificate, their relationship will be legal and binding. Gu Liheng cannot guarantee that he can restrain himself from marking Su Ling permanently. In case he really did it, both of them will not be able to go out for some time afterward. He can’t be sure that there won’t be any trouble happening.

Soon, the day of Gu Ming's trial has arrived. Su Ling and Gu Liheng went to Xiao villa to get the ball liquid. They didn’t stay any longer in the villa and went directly to Belle City court. They sat in the auditorium and not far away is Gu An, who looked pale, haggard, and sad. Mother Gu stood at the plaintiff's bench, her hair was meticulously combed, and she had no makeup. She wore a black suit, making her complexion paler and weaker than usual. However, in the subsequent trial process, no one would underestimate her.

Regarding Father Gu’s case, there were both witness and material evidence. Gu Ming's defense lawyer was sweating profusely, and the ending was nothing suspenseful. Gu Ming was sentenced to life imprisonment and Gu Ming fainted on the spot. This trial received widespread attention, but the whole process was very fast.

Walking out of the courtroom, Mother Gu walked up to them. Her gaze slid across their clasped hands, and she calmly said to Gu Liheng, "Ah Heng, I want to talk to you."

Gu Liheng looked at Su Ling and said, "I will get the driver to take you back first."

Su Ling nodded, "Okay." He is not worried that Mother Gu will break them up. Today the murderer[2] is punished. It is normal for Mother Gu to say something to male god.

Mother Gu and Gu Liheng sat in the back seat of the car. They didn't say a word as the car drove to the Qingdi Cemetery. Gu Liheng's eyes moved slightly, silently following behind Mother Gu until they stood in front of Gu Yuan's grave.

Mother Gu looked at the tomb in silence for a long time, and asked, "Are you sure you want to be with Su Ling?"

Gu Liheng's tone was firm, "Yes."

Mother Gu turned to look at Gu Liheng. After a while, she asked, "When is the wedding?"

"10th October."

Mother Gu nodded, "You can go back."

Gu Liheng looked at his mother and said, "I hope you can bless us."

"I always thought that my education to you was very successful, and I was even contented that you succeeded in taking charge of the Gu family. You are outstanding..." Mother Gu was silent for a while. At this point, she closed her eyes and asked, "Do you hate me?"

She trembled and looked very fragile, much different from her previous strong image.

Gu Liheng hugged Mother Gu gently, "No, I don't hate you. I know that it is very difficult for you too."

Part of the reason why his childhood memories were terrible is that he was affected by his mother's emotions. Those scoldings were often accompanied by screaming and crying. He is afraid of his mother, not only he is afraid of being scolded, but he is also afraid for his mother’s fear.

Gu Liheng’s tone as he said that was as usual, without any ups and downs, but Mother Gu's eyes were red. She took a deep breath and stepped back, "You should go back," she paused, "I planned to travel soon, so I may not be able to come back in time for your wedding."

Gu Liheng's eyes moved slightly, but he didn’t say anything else. He only reminded, "Take care and be careful in your travel."

Mother Gu nodded, "You go first, I want to talk to your father."

Gu Liheng asked the driver to take good care of Mother Gu and left the cemetery.

Mother Gu stayed for a long time. She talked about the things that happened these years, and also about Gu Ming's disposal. Then she also talked about Gu Liheng's marriage and her struggles.

"Ah Heng gets to know him because I need the Redthorn Ball liquid. I know that Giant Bear’s action has nothing to do with him, but as long as I think of you, I can't forgive anyone. I lost the ability to think to all the things that are related to you."

"I am taking the doctor's advice to leave Belle to relax. When I come back, I will see you again."


Su Ling sat in the living room and read the news on the Internet regarding Gu Ming’s sentence. When Gu Liheng walked in, Su Ling immediately looked at him and checked his expression.

Gu Liheng walked closer and rubbed Su Ling’s black hair. Then he sat down beside him and said, "It's okay." He briefly talked about his meeting with Mother Gu, "Mother will accept you in the future."

Su Ling leaned over to circle Gu Liheng’s shoulder and poked his face with a finger, "I'm used to you being expressionless, but deep in your bones, you are a gentle person. Fortunately, no one noticed that before," Su Ling smiled brightly. "You have been caught by me. Even if someone finds out now, it will be too late. You are mine."

Gu Liheng grabbed the young man’s hand and dropped a kiss on it. Then he said with a smile in his eyes, "En."

Su Ling moved his fingers slightly and smiled. After that, he pulled Gu Liheng up and said, "Help me check out the fragrance products. The fragrance bar is about to open so I have to choose the best one as the highlight."

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[1] At this point, I felt like the author has completely given on his/her naming sense, lol
[2] Technically, Gu Ming is not the murderer but since the author wrote it like that… shrugged

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