Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 74

These two big men fired several shots at the Snake King.

By doing so, the Snake King was undoubtedly wholly enraged.

It wanted to call its own little buddies to finish these humans.

It had just opened its mouth to make a sound when it suddenly felt an icy sight fall on itself.

"Shut up."

The Snake King was instantly silenced.

It forgot that there was a great demon king here.

Ah Jin was delighted with this big snake for knowing better.

Or should she get it back to the space to raise it?

It would be good to give San Qi a companion!

Ah Jin only thought about it.

If space could not contain live animals, it would die.

San Qi was still unaware that he had walked between life and death.

Zhang Ming was still weighing the stone in his hand.

The stone he knocked down was only the size of an adult fist.

Zhou Yi's eyes glowed when she saw the stone in his hand.

She grabbed it directly from Zhang Ming's hand.

It was a hard-earned stone that she was rubbing and was stained with human lives.

Why should the Snake King tolerate that situation?

If she didn't permit to call its little brothers, it would be better to go on by itself.

It immediately launched an attack.

The snake's body was drawn to its most extended length and catapulted toward Zhou Yi quickly.

The big man had been paying attention to its movements.

When he saw that it launched an attack at his boss, a shot was immediately fired. The Snake King had to dodge the incoming bullets.

After several attempts, the Snake King's attacks were unsuccessful.

It was getting a little tired, but getting him to give up his treasure was even more impossible.

And so it decided to remain to lie in wait for an opportunity to act.

Then the Snake King escaped and disappeared into the darkness with the two big men in pursuit.

Zhou Yi was so satisfied with the situation.

She raised her gun to Zhang Ming again and said, "Now you are useless and can go to hell."

The two big men also raised their guns and aimed at Ah Jin, sitting on the stone.

Ah Jin remained calm and undisturbed.

She did not look scared and panicked.

"Is there someone you've forgotten?" Ah Jin asked.

Zhou Yi froze.


Her face turned pale.

How about Thirteen?

Unfortunately, it was too late.

Two gunshots were heard, and two big men fell to the ground.

Thirteen held up the gun from the other passage, his face cold.

"Drop the gun!"

Zhou Yi hatefully stared at Ah Jin.

It was her again.

Why did she have to come and ruin her plans every time!

Zhou Yi's gun did not budge.

The scared Zhang Ming was too tense to move his body.

She told Thirteen, "If you take another step forward, I'll shoot!"

Thirteen indeed stopped moving.

"You'd better give up. There is no need to make unnecessary resistance."

A standoff was formed between the two, and neither one refused to let go first.

Zhou Yi called out to Ah Jin, sitting on the stone, "Aren't you going to help him?"

Ah Jin shrugged.

"I am the victim in the end. It is none of my business what you two want."

Zhou Yi's eyes flashed.

"How about you help me, and I will give you half of my money. With this stone, we can become billionaires. We can have whatever we want. Well?"

"Not interested."

Ah Jin then looked at Thirteen, "Do you have any good proposals?"

Thirteen's expression remained unchanged.

"Do whatever you want. That's your freedom."

Ah Jin praised, "There are not many soldiers who have such a personality nowadays."

Zhou Yi's face changed dramatically, "You are from the military!

Thirteen's eyes were determined, and his expression was calm, "Thanks for the compliment."

Ah Jin looked at Zhou Yi, "What? You didn't know you've been watched for a long time? Do you really think you can kill so many people and still get away with it?"

Zhou Yi did not respond and asked Ah Jin again, "Tell me if you want to help him or me!"

Ah Jin looked behind her and smiled happily, exposing her eight teeth.

"I'll help it."

Zhou Yi was startled.

She looked back and saw the Snake King came out of the dark corner.

It opened its big stinky mouth and bit her on the shoulder.

The Snake King had bitten its prey and injected the venom, then drew back and left.

The entire process went smoothly and beautifully.

Zhou Yi's gun hit the ground, and she fell to the ground covering her shoulder, which was in severe pain.

Thirteen saw the situation and hastily took out the serum from the backpack and gave her a shot.

He also said to Zhang Ming, "Bring yours too!"

Zhang Ming was still in a daze.

Thirteen went forward, grabbed his backpack, took out the serum, and injected it into Zhou Yi.

He looked at Zhou Yi, who was still in pain, and opened Zhou Yi's backpack full of serum.

A dozen of them were there.

Thirteen held back his anger and gave her several shots with a dark face.

It was only when he saw that she looked better that he was relieved.

Zhang Ming did not understand.

"For what reason did you save her?"

Thirteen explained, "If she died, there would be no way to file a case. She must be punished by the law, and she can't die so easily."

Ah Jin jumped off the stone and asked, "It's over now, right? Can we go?"

Thirteen nodded, "Yes, I will signal when we get out. A plane will be here soon to pick us up."

Zhang Ming was relieved to hear this.

It was finally over.

Ah Jin's wicked voice rang in his ears again, "I wonder what we'll do if we can't get out? There are so many snakes waiting on the road, hehehehe."

Zhang Ming's relaxed heart suddenly went up again.

"Sister Qiao, please don't scare me!"

Thirteen found a rope from the big man's backpack.

He carried Zhou Yi on his back, picked up the stone on the ground, and put it in his pocket.

He used the rope to wrap Zhou Yi and secured it around himself.

The Snake King's venom was potent.

The standard antidote was not very effective.

Although it was unknown which kind of antidote Zhou Yi had prepared, she still looked uncomfortable and should need professional treatment.

He looked at Ah Jin and said, "Miss Qiao, please help. See if you can find the nearest exit."

Since he said that, Ah Jin was not a cold-hearted person.

She shouted into the darkness, "Come out. You have taken your revenge, and you won't still let us out."

Then, the Snake King slithered out of the darkness and lowered its head in front of Ah Jin.

Ah Jin patted the big snake's head, "Let's go."

The scene was watched by Zhang Ming and Thirteen with dumbfounded eyes.

Thirteen only found Ah Jin extremely mysterious.

His intuition told him that asking for Ah Jin would definitely be helpful, so he asked for it.

However, he did not expect it to be in that way.

The Snake King led the way, and Ah Jin gestured for them to follow.

Zhang Ming shivered and asked, "Qiao, Sister Qiao, was it you who raised it originally?"

Ah Jin looked at him like he was an idiot.

"How is that possible? We don't know each other."

"Then it, then how come it listens to you so much."

Ah Jin ruffled her hair.

"Maybe it's because I'm beautiful."

'The hell if I believed you! You are an evil woman!'

The Snake King was at least coiled on a spiritual stone for many years.

Wasn't it normal to be humane?

It might have become immortal in another hundred or eighty years.

The way the Snake King used was not how they came in, but the way to the top of the mountain, which was usually the way to go out for a walk.

With the Snake King in front, there was no need to worry about danger.

So, the group walked quickly and didn't take long to get out of the cave at the top of the mountain.

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