Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 732: Loving one’s country: They are enemies! (Part 33)

“You’re not qualified to talk to my little sister like this.”  Jin He immediately drew his gun on Zuo Mu Ran, as if he wanted to make his head explode.

“Don’t talk with your broken Chinese.”  Zuo Mu Ran narrowed his ice cold eyes as his lips curled into a smile without any warmth, “You aren’t qualified to speak Chinese.”

“Zuo Mu Ran.”

“Da, da.”  Jin He loaded his gun as his eyes were filled with rage!

“Big brother.”  Jin Wen Dan’s heart skipped a beat as she pushed down the gun and shouted, “You said you would listen to me today!”

Jin He angrily bit his lips and revealed a middle finger, as he cursed in Japanese, “They deserve to be blown up to their eighteenth generation by us, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!”

“Zuo Mu Ran, whether I am qualified or not, you’ll listen to me today since you are here.”  Jin Wen Dan had a determined look in her eyes, “Otherwise, you won’t be able to return!”

There was a bit of urging in her voice, as if reminding Zuo Mu Ran not to anger Jin He.

After all Jin He was her big brother, but he was truly angered, even she wouldn’t be able to protect Zuo Mu Ran.

In her heart, even if they were enemies, she didn’t want him to die.

At least he should live…...

“It isn’t important if I can return or not.”  Zuo Mu Ran narrowed his cold and bloodshot eyes as he looked at Jin Wen Dan, “You said you would let her go, you have to keep your word or else.”

“Or else what?”  Jin Wen Dan’s eyes had a trace of anger.  The man in front of her kept mentioning that woman in front of her again and again.

Was she really that important?  Could it be that Luo Qing Chen was even more important than his own life?

“Otherwise I will have all the people of the Jin Family be buried with her.”  Zuo Mu Ran’s eyes filled with sharp killing intent, unlike the previous righteous commander Zuo.

He bit his lips tightly as he said word for word, “From the eighty year old grandmother to the three year old child, if you kill her, I will definitely do this.”

Jin Wen Dan felt all the hairs on her body stand on end.  If she hadn't heard it, she never would have thought that righteous commander Zuo who always put the elderly and the weak first would say such a thing.

Everyone had a bottom line.  One shouldn’t touch his most important person, or he would do something even crazier than you could imagine.

“Alright, I know.”  Jin Wen Dan narrowed her eyes as flames that couldn't be extinguished filled her heart.  Traces of tears appeared in her eyes as she said, “I’ll bring you to see her.”

A long hallway, walking step by step to a black iron door.

Jin Wen Dan’s heart was suddenly flustered, as her jealousy completely overwhelmed all her emotions.

But she kept thinking about what Zuo Mu Ran had said, as each word slammed into her heart.

If she really did something to Luo Qing Chen, what would Zuo Mu Ran do?

Die with Luo Qing Chen?  Or would he kill her with everyone here?

But she knew that this was their territory and Zuo Mu Ran couldn’t do anything.

But why was she feeling unsettled?  It was like the person behind her was a demon drenched in blood, not fearing pain or death, only having a single thought in his mind.

He wanted to save the one he loved, saving her without caring about anything else…...

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