Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 731: Loving one’s country: They are enemies! (Part 32)

The map Jin Wen Dan gave marked some ruins five miles away from An Ning City, causing Zuo Mu Ran to close his eyes in regret.

He should have been more thorough, then he could have rescued her sooner.

Now that he was already this late, his heart was flustered and afraid.

He didn’t know how Jin Wen Dan treated her, he just knew it wouldn’t have been good.

He said that he would protect her, but he had broken his word…...

No matter how hard he tried, he still broke his word…...

Zuo Mu Ran took a deep breath and found the hidden switch that opened the stairs down.

A long black ladder appeared!

He didn’t bring anyone.  Jin Wen Dan’s letter hoped that he wouldn’t bring anyone, he didn’t even need to bring a hostage.

Zuo Qi Yue hidden in the dark knit his brows as Xu Zheng Liang on the side said, “Is this going against the commander’s orders like this?”

“We have to go against his orders.”  Zuo Qi Yue looked at the eleventh squadron beside him and said with a sigh, “He hasn’t eaten or slept in the past few days.  I might feel assured if it’s the past Zuo Mu Ran, but the current Zuo Mu Ran won’t do.”

He had never seen this Zuo Mu Ran, completely losing the style of a soldier.

He had been shouting by the swing in the Zuo Manor with empty eyes in the dark night.  He could hear the endless despair in his hoarse voice as he roared out.

It was like he had entered the dark and he couldn’t see his hand in front of him.  There was no light around and each path was a dead end.

If he didn’t find Jin Wen Dan and receive a bargaining chip.

Perhaps before Luo Qing Chen was found, Zuo Mu Ran might have died.

“Yes.”  Xu Zheng Liang lowered his head in regret, “I will definitely protect the commander!”

He had argued for Jin Wen Dan with Zuo Mu Ran before, but now he knew that he was helping a traitor.

He had loved a traitor, how incredible was that.

But looking back, he was still the adjutant that commander Zuo was most proud of, always following him.  Destroying the Japanese and contributing his meager strength to the people of the country.

His life was nothing more than a feather.

On the other side, Zuo Mu Ran walked step by step with his gun into the underground room as he was unable to control his heart.

With each step, he could feel that the air became dirtier.

Until he saw Jin Wen Dan who was waiting for him.  There was also a group of Japanese with small moustaches, where there was a person he recognized.

The second in command of the Pingnan area to young miss Nai Zi, Jin He.

He had just fought this person recently.

He was very strong, he definitely wasn’t a normal person.

“Commander Zuo!”  Jin Wen Dan gave him a taunting military salute, “Number 7952 Jin Wen Dan, please take care of me!”

She wanted to see if he had a bit of reluctance in his eyes when she said this, would he miss the time when they fought side by side!

But she never thought that his eyes would be dark the entire time.

His ice cold voice rang out, “You’re not qualified.”

Jin Wen Dan trembled, even took a small step back.

This voice, it was like talking to an enemy.

Does he remember how many enemies she had wiped out with her accurate sniping skills on the battlefield!

Does he remember that she had saved his life more than once!

But why…..doesn’t he like her!

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