Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 73: Survival on Snake Island (18) Part 2

Ah Jin jumped to the stone and sat down.

"Let's wait. We will wait for them to determine the winner."

Zhang Ming also wanted to jump on to sit, but there was not enough space up there.

All he could do was lean on the stone and watch the fight over there.

One should say it was worthy of being the King of Snakes.

One against three but still remained unbeaten.

It even almost bit the two big men several times.

Zhang Ming was confused again and asked Ah Jin, "Sister Qiao, why did those two help Zhou Yi ah?"

Ah Jin crossed her legs and propped her elbows on her knees.

Her palm rested on her chin, and she yawned in boredom.

"I think it's her bodyguards or something. They said before that someone hired them to participate in the competition, and it should be Zhou Yi.

"She had them three pretend to be contestants, but in reality, it was to protect her. As for the rules of the competition and all that, they are all only nonsense."

Zhang Ming's eyes widened.

"Then, we're tricked?"

Ah Jin pointed at him and nodded, "It's you, not us. Not everyone will be impulsive like you. A lot of people plan and then decide. Even though Zhou Yi released a huge bonus reward, only a few people still participated. That was why she asked Xu Yan to pull people into the grave."

Zhang Ming asked again, "What exactly is she doing this for?"

Ah Jin patted the stone below her.

"For this. The Snake King is not easy to deal with, and it may call for its companions when cornered. So you guys, the prey, are the best weapon to delay those snakes."

Zhang Ming pointed at the direction of the passage in horror, "That, that, the snake cave!"

Ah Jin nodded, "Yes, that one. An army of venomous snakes."

Zhang Ming remembered something else and asked, "What about the last road? What’s on Thirteen's side?"

Ah Jin shook her head, "I don't know."

At first, she sensed that that road was the most dangerous, so she chose it.

That route should not be perilous for Thirteen.

For what exactly was there, she did not know.

The two were chatting, and Zhou Yi had already shaken off the Snake King.

She ran to the stone.

She ignored the two of them and just picked up the tool and continued to strike the stone.

It was almost there.

She was about to knock down a piece.

As long as she got a piece, she could do a lot of things.

Zhang Ming was unsure of Zhou Yi's actions.

He used his eyes to ask Ah Jin, 'What is she doing?'

Ah Jin also answered him with a look, 'I don't know, went crazy.'

Zhou Yi soon ran out of strength.

She saw Zhang Ming standing next to her watching the show, and her eyes looked vicious.

Reaching for Zhang Ming, she pulled out a gun from her arms and pointed it at his head.

"You do it! Get it for me! If you dare to slow down a bit, I'll kill you."

Zhang Ming perfectly illustrated what it meant to be shot even while lying down.

People had to bow their heads under the eaves.

Zhang Ming saw that Ah Jin did not want to save him, so he could only resign himself to hitting the stone.

The strength of the man was strong, and soon the sound of clanking echoed in the cave.

The Snake King became even more anxious when it heard the sound.

Its attacks became more and more violent, and the two men began to struggle.

The two big men noticed the situation over there and saw that a corner of the stone had begun to loosen under Zhang Ming's hard blows.

The two men looked at each other.

They could not afford to lose all their efforts as success was just around the corner.

So the two dropped their long knives and took out their guns, aiming them at the Snake King.

Accompanied by a few gunshots, Zhang Ming also finally knocked down a small piece of stone.

He picked up the stone and held it in his hand.

There was nothing special about it.

He could not understand.

What was so rare about a piece of broken stone?

There were plenty at his place.

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