Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 73: Survival on Snake Island (18) Part 1

Ah Jin led Zhang Ming to continue to walk through the passage.

Thankfully, there were only a few scattered venomous snakes that posed no danger.

The passage was not long and soon came to an end.

When Ah Jin came out of the passage, she saw Zhou Yi knocking on a stone, and two big men were fighting with a giant snake.

By looking at that giant snake's physique and imposing appearance, it was undoubtedly the Snake King.

Zhou Yi was tensed and focused on knocking the stone.

She did not realize that someone was approaching.

"What are you doing? Are you working on the renovation?"

Zhou Yi was startled and snapped to look at the person standing behind her.

"You, you, how did you come here!"

Ah Jin looked at her strangely.

"I walked all the way here!"

If not, did she flew over?

Zhou Yi looked around, "Where is Xu Yan?"


Ah Jin curiously looked at the stone in front of her.

"What were you doing just now? Does this block of stone have any use?"

When she heard that Xu Yan was dead, Zhou Yi did not show too much emotion.

She blocked the stone with her body.

"It has nothing to do with you. Go to the top of the mountain and just wait for the victory."

Ah Jin looked a little disappointed at her.

"To win what? Is this not a drama that you have directed yourself?"

"I don't understand what you're talking about."

Zhou Yi knelt down and continued to chisel her stone.

"I thought the competition's prize and all that was a gimmick. The real goal is this stone, isn't it?"

Saying that, she patted the stone with her hand.

It was half a man's height and three to four meters wide.

It was round, cold to the touch, and had a smooth, clean surface.

Ah Jin sensed that there was some sort of energy in the stone.

She narrowed her eyes.

Was this the reason why so many people got killed?

The Snake King saw that someone had touched its treasure.

It was outraged and left the two big men behind and turned around to attack Zhou Yi and Ah Jin.

"Watch out!"

The big man quickly shouted a warning.

When Zhou Yi heard the warning, she immediately ditched the task in hand and dodged to the side.

The Snake King's attack failed.

When it saw another person standing next to the treasure, it opened its mouth in anger, revealing its four fangs.

A threatening sound came out of its mouth and bent its body in preparation for another attack.

Ah Jin shot it an evil look.

"Do you want to die?"

The Snake King only felt the overwhelming pressure coming towards itself.

Its tensed body was trembling slightly as though if it moved one more time, it would end up with a single slash in two parts.

It had lived for so many years and was not a fool.

The treasure was not as important as its life.

Predators should also be soft to press.

Its taut snake body made a turn and launched itself towards Zhou Yi.

Ah Jin nodded in satisfaction.

A child can be taught, it was a good snake.

How could Zhou Yi think that the Snake King would turn its head because of Ah Jin's words?

She dealt with the Snake King's attack with her hands and feet, and the two big men also rushed forward to help.

Ah Jin sensed the energy of the stone under her hand.

She tried to absorb some of it.

It was not the energy of death nor space.

Compared to her energies, it was much weaker.

It was probably something like the naturally occurring energy in this world.

She withdrew her hand.

It did not do much for her.

Zhang Ming saw several people who were tangled with the Snake King.

He nervously approached Ah Jin.

"Sister Qiao, what do we do now?"

Ah Jin touched her face.

Was she very old?

Why did he call her sister?

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