Today, the Foolish Scum Gong Screwed Me Over Again

Chapter 73.2 - No Need to Deliberately Reinforce the Sentiment

The film Qiu Yanzhi chose was a two-hour-long fantasy movie. Partially presented using virtual reality, the movie was truly an extravagant feast for the eyes and impossible to turn away from. There were occasionally a few scary scenes, but Qiu Yanzhi’s tight hold on He Zhou’s hand alleviated most of his terror.

When Qiu Yanzhi walked out of the movie theater hand in hand with He Zhou, he felt absolutely fantastic.

It was a beautiful day today. The air was fresh too.

For a moment, Qiu Yanzhi didn't want to go back home.

He stared out at the lights in the distance. Suddenly thinking of something, he sent Fei Sihao a text.

“Which bridge did you take me to view the night scenery again?”

A reply came within a minute.

"It was Yingyu Grand Bridge. Why? Do you want to go there again?"

Qiu Yanzhi: "No, I’m just asking for a friend. It's getting late. I'm going to bed."

"Good night."

After Qiu Yanzhi put down his phone, he noticed He Zhou staring at him. Coughing lightly, Qiu Yanzhi stated, "He Zhou, I know a place that’s especially beautiful!"

He Zhou glanced at the time. “It’s getting late. We should go home and rest. You have to leave for your business trip tomorrow.”

"What difference would an hour more or less make? I’m not going to be able to sleep even if we go back now.”

Qiu Yanzhi tugged on He Zhou's sleeve. "Come on He Zhou, go there with me. I’ve only been there once, but the view is really something. Plus last time I was with bad company. I didn’t even get a chance to really savour the sights.”

He Zhou: "...We have to be home and in bed by eleven."

"Sure, sure." Qiu Yanzhi replied as he walked with He Zhou to their car parked nearby.

He turned on the GPS and set the Yingyu Grand Bridge as the destination.

Although it was called a ‘grand bridge’, Yingyu Grand Bridge really wasn’t that big. Actually, there weren’t many cars travelling across it due to its remote location.

Haichuan City was built on hilly terrain, and the Yingyu Grand Bridge happened to be near the top of the hill. Standing on the bridge, you could almost look out and see half the city below.

The river running under the bridge reflected a myriad of lights hundreds of times brighter than the stars in the sky. The glittering speckles formed a neat line along the river, almost as if an entire galaxy had fallen down from above.

The gentle night breeze blowing here carried over the moisture from the river. It soothed and calmed people.

Qiu Yanzhi turned to look at He Zhou and asked him quietly, “Isn’t it beautiful?”

He Zhou nodded.

Qiu Yanzhi asked again, "Do you like it?"

He Zhou nodded again.

Qiu Yanzhi stared at He Zhou’s handsome side profile, which was half lite by the streetlights behind the man. He suddenly wanted to say, “

looked at He Zhou's handsome side face, which was half-lit by the streetlight behind him, and suddenly wanted to say: You’re even more beautiful. I like you too.

But upon further consideration, it would be too tacky to say such things.

...It would be way too cliche.

He’s already shown so clearly how much he liked He Zhou, and He Zhou knew it already. There was no need for him to deliberately reinforce the sentiment.

So Qiu Yanzhi put his arms around He Zhou's neck, tilted his head, and kissed him. A physical expression of his love.

Fei Sihao was drinking in a bar when he received Qiu Yanzhi’s text message.

He silently downed glass after glass in his secluded corner.

This bar he often visited was his old playing ground. Every so often, girls he knew or didn’t know would come over to chat with him.

But Fei Sihao didn’t pay them any mind.

He hasn’t reached out to his lover for quite a while, nor did he take the initiative to contact Qiu Yanzhi.

He didn’t even take the call from Qiu Xicheng yesterday.

Recently, he’s been coming to this bar to drink whenever he has the time.

As he drank, he tried to figure out if he was actually gay or not.

Fei Sihao didn’t want to admit to himself that he was bent, but there was no denying that he seemed to have fallen for Qiu Yanzhi.

Maybe he really was bent.

The thought made Fei Sihao grimace and take another sip of wine.

When he thought of this, Fei Sihao took a painful sip of wine.

He hated Qiu Xicheng a bit for his garbage idea to make Fei Sihao pretend to be Qiu Yanzhi's boyfriend in the first place.

But when he remembered Qiu Yanzhi’s face and the smile playing on his lips…

Things didn’t seem as bad anymore.

...He was going insane.

Fei Sihao drained his glass in one go.

He’s drunk way too much by now. In fact, he was so wasted he didn’t even understand Qiu Yanzhi’s text at first.

Bridge? What bridge?

It took him a while to remember.

That bridge was one of the places he and Qiu Yanzhi went to before they made things ‘official’.

Fei Sihao suddenly recalled how bright the lights reflected in the river were that day.

Yet Qiu Yanzhi’s eyes seemed to shine even brighter.

...Maybe that was when Qiu Yanzhi fell in love with him.

Fei Sihao suddenly had an epiphany. He suddenly slammed his empty glass down onto the table.


So what if I’m bent now? It’s not a big deal!

At least he had a boyfriend already compared to other men who were bent!

Just the thought of Qiu Yanzhi made Fei Sihao’s heart beat faster. He really wanted to go see him right now.

But Qiu Yanzhi said he was going to bed already.

Fei Sihao didn't want to disturb him, so he walked out of the bar and hailed a cab. "Go to Yingyu Grand Bridge."

Fei Sihao drunkenly stumbled out of the cab.

He squinted into the distance.

On the other side of the road...were those two people on the bridge...kissing?

They both seemed to be men too.

Hmph, how indecent!

Was it really necessary to show off like this?

He has a boyfriend too! And he's going to take his boyfriend on a date here tomorrow!

Wobbling slightly, Fei Sihao crossed the road.

Yet he only took two steps before he froze in place.

Wait a minute.

How come those two over there look so much like his boyfriend and his boyfriend's disabled cousin?!!!

Fei Sihao urgently scrubbed his eyes and got a good look before sighing in relief.


They weren’t kissing. Qiu Yanzhi was just putting a necklace around the neck of his disabled cousin.

He must’ve seen wrong.

He almost thought Zhizhi was cheating on him by being in an incestuous relationship with his cousin, haha.

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