Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 729: Loving one’s country: They are enemies! (Part 30)

“Encircle the Jin Manor and bring back all useful information on the Jin Family!”  Zuo Mu Ran’s dark eyes sunk as they filled with a chill.

This was the first time he was using this kind of exchanging hostages method to deal with enemies.

He would have been ashamed of this before, but he had no other choice since Luo Qing Chen was in their hands!

“Yes, commander!”

The Jin Manor had been swept in three hours and the eleventh squadron found all kinds of evidence of colluding with the enemies in Jin Wen Dan’s room.

When she joined Zuo Mu Ran’s army six years ago, she was already a traitor.

Her half brother was half Japanese and this ‘so-called’ half mother was the Japanese commander in chief of the Pingnan Region, young miss Nai Zi.

Jin Wen Dan’s mother had been raped by the Qing when she was young and her father had been framed by the Qing official.

She had a very deep seated hatred for the Qing, which couldn’t be eliminated.

But she met Zou Mu Ran and the balance of her heart swayed.

The man she liked was so outstanding and loved his country.  He was filled with the blood of the yellow skinned people, perhaps she could be the only person who stood by his side.

But…...Everything was just maybe in the end…...

When Luo Qing Chen appeared, the cold commander Zuo who had never talked about love had…..changed.

He changed from wearing the same old green military uniform all day and he was waiting for a girl to appear around the corner.

Under the sun, he was like a dazzling light, but Jin Wen Dan knew that it didn’t belong to her.  It would never belong to her.

Then since she couldn’t have it, she wouldn’t give it to anyone else.

Definitely not, even if she had to betray her own soul…...

“These are letters that Jin Wen Dan betrayed her country in and here are some of her diaries.”  Xu Zheng Liang gave a salute while standing straight, “Reporting to the commander, I’m willing to go with the commander to capture…..to capture the traitor!”

“Send a message to the Japanese.”  Zuo Mu Ran said with cold eyes, “The eighteen lives of the Jin Manor, I’ll exchange it for a single Luo Qing Chen.”

His dark eyes were bottomless, with a faint sparkle in them.

When Jin Wen Dan received Zuo Mu Ran’s message, her expression became shocked.

The past Zuo Mu Ran would never do this.  He was that upright and principled.

But now he was using the eighteen lives of their family to exchange for Luo Qing Chen…...

“Little sister, the girl you caught seems to be very important to commander Zuo.”  Jin He said with a cold laugh, “She will become our trump card since it is impossible for Zuo Mu Ran to move against our Jin Family.”

“No.”  Jin Wen Dan took a deep breath and shook her head, “He will.”

The current Zuo Mu Ran was completely different, his thoughts had already changed.

In his eyes, no one could stop him from saving Luo Qing Chen.

“Could it be that we have to send her back?”  Jin He said in an unwilling voice, “It was hard to find commander Zuo’s weakness, mother will be angry!”

“I know that young miss Nai Zi has always found commander Zuo an eyesore.”  Jin Wen Dan narrowed her eyes, as they filled with a sinister look.  She said with a cold snort, “Is the blood experiment complete?”

“You….What do you want?”

“I want Luo Qing Chen to become my armour breaking soldier!”

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