The current Zuo Mu Ran hadn’t slept in three days.  He had looked in every possible hiding spot in the entire city.

But he couldn’t find a trace of Luo Qing Chen.

“You still need to rest!”  Zuo Qi Yue couldn’t help knitting his brows as he worried about his little brother.

After all, no one was made of iron.  If he continued like this, before Luo Qing Chen was found, commander Zuo might die!

“Peng.”  A well formed hand tightly clenched and slammed down, creating a crack on the mahogany table.

“Without knowing whether she’s alive or dead, how can I rest?”  Zuo Mu Ran’s eyes were bloodshot and he said through gritted teeth, “Where is she, just where is she!”

According to the last location of the sedan, he had gone through every place in the surrounding twenty miles.

“There is something I never told you.”  Zuo Qi Yue knit his brows and said, “Jin Wen Dan disappeared.”

She had disappeared for three days and no one knew where she was.

“Jin Wen Dan?”  Zuo Mu Ran knit his brows as he thought about how she had shot at Luo Qing Chen in the Zuo Manor.  The five real bullets proved that she wanted Luo Qing Chen’s life.

“Yes!”  Zuo Qi Yue gave a shrug and said with a sigh, “While you were running around like a headless chicken, I have been helping you investigate every single angle.”

After all, Zuo Qi Yue was grateful to Luo Qing Chen for saving his life.  Although he wasn’t as wild as his little brother, he was still doing his best to find her.

“DId you find any leads?”  Zuo Mu Ran took a deep breath and calmed down.  He opened the fifty mile wide map of An Ning City on the table.  His eyes were dim, like one couldn’t see the light of the stars in them.

“Jin Wen Dan’s identity might not be good…..”  Zuo Qi Yue paused before saying, “To be honest, she should be someone from the Japanese side.”

Zuo Mu Ran was stunned, as his eyes filled with disbelief.  The sniper that had followed him for six years, killing countless Japanese snipers was actually a…..traitor?

“You’re certain?”

“Although it’s hard, I’m at least 80% certain!”  Zuo Qi Yue gave an honest analysis, “She should have been about to throw away this darkness because of you, but perhaps she walked to the other extreme with the appearance of Luo Qing Chen.”

Their entire squadron knew that Jin Wen Dan had feelings for Zuo Mu Ran, but everyone also knew that commander Zuo never approached girls.

But they never thought that he would suddenly marry the Luo Family’s young miss.

At first even his adjutant Xu Zheng Liang didn’t accept it because loving Jin Wen Dan, he had seen her walk down the path of great difficulty.

He knew that every bullet she hit was to make this person notice her.

But he actually didn’t show any feelings towards her…..

But when he knew that she disappeared with Luo Qing Chen, he could guess that she was a traitor.

It was like his heart sunk…...

Perhaps Zuo Mu Ran’s eyes were accurate, the person he loved must be a hero who loved their country.


“Reporting commander.  The eleventh squadron is on standby, please give your orders!”  Soldiers on the side heard his voice and rushed over to line up.

They all held their heads high and their eyes were filled with determination.  These eleven soldiers were the pride of Zuo Mu Ran, they had sworn to follow him to death.