Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 727: Loving one’s country: They are enemies! (Part 28)

Her eyelids were very heavy and the bronze gong of the wedding bells rang in her ears.

Right now, she was locked in an iron prison that had no light.

Her brows were slightly knit and she forced her eyes open, looking over her surroundings.

This place seemed to be a secret room underground and there were countless iron cages around her.

Each cage seemed to only have a single person who was all naked with red eyes.  There weren’t wild sounds, they were just focused on a single point and silently sitting there.

There were no expressions and no emotions.

Her heart skipped a beat as she couldn’t help muttering, “Human experiments…..”

Not long ago, she had heard that when the Japanese invaders captured Song Yue City a hundred kilometers away from An Ning City, they captured a group of strong men.

After that, they had disappeared without a trace.

It seemed like they should be the people in front of her.


When the door was opened, she slowly closed her eyes.

This time a Japanese professor came in with a large white lab coat, who seemed to be a doctor.  Standing beside him was the so-called Qing official Bai Shou.

“The experiments have come to an end, only fifty people survived of the over nine hundred tests.”  Bai Shou spoke in fluent Japanese, “But it doesn’t matter, these fifty are all elites.  What does professor Kitagawa think?”

“No, no.”  He nodded while waving his hand, “How were the reactions in the final blood poison tests?”

Blood poison experiments?  Luo Qing Chen unconsciously gave a gasp when she heard these words.

Bai Shou and Kitagawa thought that no one could hear them and they were even speaking in Japanese.

So they felt no threats at all and spoke without hiding anything.

“With me, Kitagawa here, there isn’t anything that is impossible.”  He looked at the test results in his hand and said, “Although there were many test subjects that were killed in the blood toxin test, it still succeeded in the end!”

“A test subject is a test subject.  In the eyes of the heavenly emperor, the lives of this country’s people are no different from ants.  It doesn’t matter if even a hundred of them die!”  When Bai Shou said this, he flicked the braid on his chest back, not including himself in these words at all.

“Ha, ha.”  Kitagawa said while laughing, “I like Qing officials like you!  You have farsight and you have brains.”

“Then in the future, when this batch of armour breaking troops have their blood dissolved, I hope that professor Kitagawa will speak up for me in front of sir Masao.  I hope that I can also receive one of these puppets to protect myself!”

As soon as his voice fell, Bai Shou and Kitagawa broke out in laughter.  Kitagawa patted his shoulder and said, “No problem!”

With the sound of the door closing, Luo Qing Chen felt her heart skip a beat.

What armour breaking soldiers?  What blood dissolve?

Her mind was filled with doubts, but her consciousness gradually faded.

This iron prison seemed to have a strange smell, creating a sense of losing her mind and making her feel weak.

At the same time, An Ning City had exploded.

Commander Zuo’s bride had been kidnapped, this was not a joke.

No one could match the Zuo and Luo Families in An Ning City.  Someone that had taken Luo Qing Chen must have been very close to her.

The first person Luo Gong thought of was Xiao Yun Yun.  After Luo Qing Chen disappeared, she never came back.

Her parents were gone, so the only possibility was that her parents had been taken by the Japanese.

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