My Legend Still Exists in the Cultivation World

Chapter 72: The Abandoned Baby

That sword attack was something Old ghost Chimei had never seen in his life, and also one he never wanted to recall.

The spectacular sword Qi capable of destroying the world divided the raging waves of flames, and the water was forced out to the surroundings, leaving a vacuum for Qin Yanzhi. The wind roared and raged, countless tornadoes rolled into the sky, the clouds were constantly changing and condensed by the impact, and finally broken apart by the thunderstorm, rendering the world purple.

After the apocalyptic celestial phenomenon, a crack slowly tore open in the sky. The deep purple rifts grew bigger as if the ancient gods and demons were resurrected again, opening the eye of chaos, he could destroy a world at will, and everything in his eyes was nothing more than humble ants.

At that moment, the wind stopped, the thunder ceased, the fire went out, and the high waves solidified as if time was frozen.

The endless chaotic evil energy in the rift of nine heavens poured into him, replacing the spiritual energy in his body, and ran rampant. Under his skin, there seemed to be countless small worms squirming and protruding endlessly, the malefic energy destroying his meridians inch by inch. Finally, it squeezed into the dantian and condensed into a violent vortex, and the original Amethyst Core was instantly shattered.

He was covered in blood, his face as pale as the waning moon, his eyes as deep as the quiet night.

“You are a lunatic!”

Old ghost Chimei cursed in anger, turned around, and fled!

Qin Yanzhi, that lunatic, actually induced chaotic energy into his body! It was one of the strongest killers in the ten universes, born in the cracks of the Nine Heavens, a terrifying existence second only to the lightning tribulation of the nine heavens! Even if a Tribulation Passage powerhouse was eroded by this chaotic energy, he could only be wiped out in the end, never to experience reincarnation!

Well then, Qin Yanzhi was sure to die, so he had dealt a great blow to the righteous Dao anyway, right? Old ghost Chimei didn’t forget to comfort himself.

As for the sky vessel of Nine Heaven Academy, how could he be bothered about it now?

Run! He must escape from here quickly!

Old ghost Chimei used all kinds of magic weapons to escape combined with ground shrinking methods, but how could he escape?

A sword Qi spurred by the malefic chaotic energy pierced into his back suddenly, dismembering his physical body. He screamed in misery, abandoned his body in horror, protected the severely injured soul-mind, and fled in a hurry!

On the sky vessel in a distance, many people suspected that they had hallucinations. They saw the nine heavens being torn apart and the black malefic energy sweeping down, the wind and thunder retreating from its path. It was the exact image of the catastrophe recorded in ancient books, and even Jing Yue had a touch of fear in his eyes.

Someone exclaimed in surprise, “What’s going on?”

Jing Yue, “It’s the Heavenly Void Swordplay.”

He never expected that Qin Yanzhi would comprehend such a sword technique!

In his previous life, he accidentally learned about this kind of swordsmanship from ancient books. It was said that the swordsman must sacrifice his blood, spiritual energy, and life to summon the rift of nine heavens, use the malefic energy in the rift to replace spiritual energy, and use that energy to attack. If a stalwart wielded this power, one sword attack could even destroy a small world!

But no matter how high the cultivation level, as long as this technique was unleashed, the body would be eroded by the malefic energy, and the sword wielder had no chance of surviving!

And this technique had not appeared since ancient times. For Jing Yue, it was a sword in the legend, and now he had witnessed it personally!

Jing Yue said all he knew about this swordplay. While everyone was shocked, they knew that Qin Yanzhi had sacrificed his life to protect them, and they felt bitter.

“The rift in the nine heavens will soon close up. Once it does, it will devour the surrounding space into it. But this rift is not big so the space devoured is limited. To be on the safe side, we should escape further.”

After listening to Jing Yue’s opinion, Lin-zhenjun was struggling, “But Qin-zhenjun…”

Jing Yue was very calm, even a little indifferent. “It won’t help even if you went. You will only drag these people down with you.”

Lin-zhenjun gritted his teeth and waved his arms. “Let’s go!”

Jing Yue took out a talisman and a bronze mirror from the Sumeru Ring. “This is the Mirror of Evasion that can block an attack from a Return to Void cultivator. This talisman contains the power of two swords from Sect Leader Wei of Frostcloud Sect. I don’t think anyone from the demonic way will come after you again, but just in case, you should take it with you.”

Everyone finally understood what went on with the sword attack that forced Yazu away in the first place. Lin-zhenjun said, “Jing-laozu, what’s the meaning of this?”

Jing Yue, “I must go and find Qin-zhenjun. It’s time to repay the karma I owe him.”

The disciples of Frostcloud Sect exclaimed anxiously, “Laozu!”

Lin-zhenjun was also worried. “No, you already said there’s no way he can survive this. Why are you still going to your death?”

Jing Yue, “I’m not going to my death. I’m not that great. But maybe I can save his life.”

He was not lying to Lin-zhenjun. He really knew a secret method that could turn a sure death into a sliver of chance of surviving, although the possibility was very slim, and it could even be at the cost of his own life. But if he didn't fight for it and watched Qin Yanzhi die, it would be an obstacle to his ascension in the future.

If he was not able to gain his Dao, even if he could live for thousands of years, it was in vain.

As a cultivator, no matter how big the obstacle he faced, he must stay true to his heart!

Jing Yue handed the sleeping blue phoenix to Lin-zhenjun. “Maybe I won’t return. Please help me take care of it. Its name is Ji-ji. It’s… very obedient.”

Lin-zhenjun was caught in a dilemma. He wanted to save Qin Yanzhi, but he dared not let Jing Yue take risks either. Before he could decide, Jing Yue had torn apart an Earth Traversing Talisman and rushed out of the barrier directly!


Zheng Bai and the other couldn’t react in time. They didn't even grab a corner of his clothes and could only pound the ground bitterly.

The moment when Jing Yue's figure was about to be swallowed by clouds and mist, blue phoenix, which was lying on Lin-zhenjun’s palm, woke up. It sensed Jing-jing's danger and tried to rush after him in a panic, but it was so weak that it slumped feebly.

“Where’s Jing-jing? Doesn’t Jing-jing want Ji-ji anymore?!!”

However, Ji-ji’s questions only sounded like cheeps from a chick in everyone’s ears. JI-ji was so anxious that tears fell from its eyes.

“Jing-jing can’t abandon Ji-ji. Jing-Jing can’t do without Ji-ji.”

It flapped its small wings and wanted to fly away. Lin-zhenjun grabbed it at once and said, “Ji-ji, behave. Jing-laozu will be back soon.”

Blue phoenix ignored his words and gave him a vicious peck. Lin-zhenjun, who was already a mortal, had blood gushing out of his hand immediately. He loosened his hold due to the pain and blue phoenix flew up desperately, breaking out of the barrier in one go!

When Lin-zhenjun wanted to grab hold of it again, blue phoenix had already flown far away staggeringly.

He sighed wryly. He only hoped that everything was as Jing Yue said, that he could save Qin Yanzhi, and that everyone would be safe.

At this time, the sea was as silent as the graveyard.

Qin Yanzhi firmly grasped Daoyi sword, the blood slowly flowing down the hilt, his bones screaming in pain, and every inch of his meridians was broken. How could an Amethyst Abode cultivator resist the erosion of chaotic malefic energy?

Now his dantian was destroyed, the spiritual dais collapsed, and even his soul was about to be crushed to pieces.

Qin Yanzhi no longer had the strength to speak and could only say in his divine consciousness, “Daoyi, leave me.”

With that said, he slowly released his hold.

However, Daoyi sword didn’t leave obediently but circled around him. For the first time since it developed a consciousness, it violated the master's wishes.

But gradually, Daoyi stopped moving. It was also affected by the chaotic malefic energy. The sword’s body slowly stained with rust and the spiritual consciousness began to disperse.

Helpless, Qin Yanzhi held Daoyi again. His eyelids drooped heavily, but he still stood upright and would never bow his head.

The crack in the nine heavens above his head was slowly closing up, the strong vacuum produced caused the originally solidified seawater to be sucked in, and everything in the surrounding was also drawn into the deep black hole.

Qin Yanzhi knew that his destiny was irreversible, so he hugged Daoyi tightly and relaxed his body.

Just as he was about to be sucked into the Nine Heavens Rift, he suddenly felt a figure rushing towards him, and then a powerful vitality surrounded him.

After that, Qin Yanzhi's eyes went black and he completely lost consciousness.

Clearbrook Village.

The drizzle began to clear and the unmowed grass in the pasture was covered in dew. Several young kids stepped in the paddy fields with their trousers rolled up to the knees to catch mud loaches, and cheerful laughter was heard from time to time.

In the distance, the green hills were lush, smoke curled on top of the houses, and under the setting sun, the village painted a peaceful picture.

Liu Laoshuan sat under the old mulberry tree in the courtyard and chopped the firewood reluctantly. His wife fiddled with the spring silkworms while chattering with several women.

Suddenly, Liu Laoshuan saw Yuan Genzhu from the same village carrying a burden on his shoulders and walking past his house with a baby in his hand. He hurriedly yelled, “Genzhu, whose kid are you carrying? Have you been thinking of getting a son so badly that you’ve gone crazy and stolen someone else’s son?”

His words sounded peculiar just because Yuan Genzhu’s wife couldn’t give birth. The young couple had been married for 8 years and worked hard, but still nothing. This was originally a private affair, but after Yuan Genzhu's sister-in-law talked about it all year round, everyone in the village found out about it and Yuan Genzhu's family became the laughing stock of Clearbrook Village.

Liu Laoshuan's words really made Yuan Genzhu stop. The latter glared at him and continued to walk home.

After he left, Liu Laoshuan's wife pinched him. “Why did you talk nonsense? Things are hard enough for Genzhu.”

Liu Laoshuan said in dissatisfaction, “What is so hard for him? He carries his produce and sells groceries everywhere in the villages. How much money has he made over the years? He even has five acres of land now.”

His wife said, “The Yuan family divided the property unfairly back then. The majority has been taken by Genzhu’s elder brother. Genzhu only got two acres of dry land. He goes to work early in the morning and comes back late at night, and he neither steals nor rob. What's wrong with earning some money? Just talk less.”

“Hey, he doesn’t have a son in his family, so why did he get so much?”

Liu Laoshuan’s wife shook her head and ignored him, but another woman said, “Genzhu is only in his 20s, so why didn’t he get rid of his wife and marry another? It’s a big deal if he doesn’t have any descendants.”

Liu Laoshuan sneered, “Who knows where the problem lies? If Genzhu changes a wife and still can't get a baby, where will he put his face?”

At this time, Yuan Genzhu had already gone far, and of course he could not hear their discussion, but he could totally guess it. Over the years, his emotions had changed from the initial anger to the numbness now, and he was already used to it.

He was a man who loved his wife. Since he had married her, he must do his best to let the other person live well and live at ease. His wife was kind-hearted, managed the household well, and always took good care of him. How could he divorce her just because she couldn't give birth to a child? Besides, they had visited many doctors but they always got the reply that both of them were healthy, so it meant that fate had not arrived yet.

Yuan Genzhu hugged the baby in his arms tightly and thought—so what if they could not give birth to a child? Heaven had sent one to them, right?

Today, he went to the county town to replenish some goods. On his way back to the village, he passed by a small forest and stumbled upon a naked baby covered in blood.

At first, Genzhu got a fright and thought the baby was dead. Upon getting closer, he found that the baby was still breathing weakly, and his mind immediately came alive. He quickly wrapped the baby with the newly bought silk cloth and hurried home.

Just as he was about to enter the yard, he met the neighbor Aunt Wang, who was a rare enthusiast in the village. Seeing a child in his arms, she wondered what was going on. Yuan Genzhu roughly told her about it and Aunt Wang said anxiously, “Who could be so cruel to throw a baby in the forest? That place is full of jackals and wolves! Genzhu, hurry home, I’ll call a doctor!”

Yuan Genzhu gratefully said, “Thank you in advance then.”

As soon as he entered the house, his wife greeted him and saw the baby in Yuan Genzhu’s arms. A surge of maternal love exploded. Before Yuan Genzhu could explain, she grabbed the child and saw that the baby had his eyes closed, and a few fine scratches on the tender skin were exposed. She felt a pain in her heart and the corners of her eyes turned red.

“Poor child, he’s only so young, how could he suffer such injuries?”

Yuan Genzhu elaborated on how he found the child, and finally said, “Aunt Wang has gone to find a doctor.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Aunt Wang brought the doctor into the house. On his way here, the doctor had heard about the baby's origin. He uncovered the silk cloth from the baby and saw that it was a baby boy, but his body was full of small wounds. His heart thumped and carefully grabbed the baby's arm to feel his pulse. After a long time, he exhaled and said, “Fortunately, all are superficial wounds. But the baby is delicate, and he is a little weak, so he needs a lot of nourishment.”

Madam Ma said anxiously, “But why is he still unconscious?”

Doctor, “It’s fine for the baby to sleep more, don’t worry. Feed him some goat's milk when he wakes up.”

After thinking about it, he hesitated and said, “The wounds on this child’s body seem to be caused by a sharp weapon. We don’t know who did this to him. Maybe it was done by some wicked people, or it may even be that a thief kidnapped a child from a good family and discarded him at will after torture. Do you want to… report to the authorities?”

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