Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 72: Survival on Snake Island (17) Part 2

Zhang Ming's body began to fall backward.

He thought he was doomed.

Many images flashed through his mind.

It was the first time he felt so close to death.

Either it was suicide or homicide, it was only between zero and countless times.

Once you let out the devil in your heart, you could not stop it anymore.

Xu Yan did not even look at Zhang Ming, who was pushed out.

She pounced directly at Qiao Jin.

In her eyes, Zhang Ming was already a dead man.

He was not finished with the moving images in his head when he suddenly felt his right arm being pulled by a strong hand.

He staggered to stabilize his body and fell softly to the ground.

Ah Jin was very quick to pull Zhang Ming, who was about to fall down.

She turned sideways to avoid Xu Yan, who was pouncing on her.

Ah Jin kicked her in the stomach.

Xu Yan took two steps back and fell to her knees, covering her belly.

She looked at Ah Jin viciously.

She gritted her teeth and held back the pain coming from her abdomen.

"How, how is it possible. You, who the hell are you!"

The incident just now happened in a split second.

It was amazing that this woman pulled Zhang Ming in a split second, dodged her attack, and even managed to counterattack.

This was not something that a human being could do at all.

Zhang Ming was sweating profusely and fell limp on the ground.

He had just walked in front of a life-and-death situation.

He could not use his legs anymore and had no energy to care about Xu Yan.

Ah Jin looked at Xu Yan.

"Are you so desperate for my things?"

Xu Yan stared straight at her.

"I just want to live! What's wrong with that! As long as I can live, I will do whatever it takes."

Ah Jin was generous.

"Since you want it so much, let's make it happen."

Then she curved her middle finger and flicked it, sending her the death energy.

Xu Yan merely felt a breeze blowing around her, and a cold sensation entered her body.

Much to her shock, she found that her body began to grow weak.

It seemed that her entire body's strength had been drained away.

"You, what have you done?"

Ah Jin walked to pull Zhang Ming up and looked at her, saying, "It was nothing more than fulfilling your desire. Whether you can bear it or not is for you to handle."

She was really scared.

She was already too weak to support her body.

"Please, please, don't kill me!"

"I am not killing you. I only gave you what you wanted."

Xu Yan couldn't believe that something so mysterious could happen to her.

Qiao Jin just flicked her fingers, and she was going to die.

She started to struggle desperately.

She wanted to lift her arms to support her body and stand up, but it seemed her body was a thousand pounds heavy.

She remained weak on the ground through all her efforts until she could not move an inch, and her breathing was slowly weakening.

She died with her eyes wide open, staring straight at Ah Jin's departing back.

The snakes rushed to eat, fighting for the delicious food.

They had been hungry for a long time.

Ah Jin dragged Zhang Ming to go further inside the passage and away from the snake cave.

Only then did he feel at ease.

As a wimp, he could no longer hold back the tears that flowed swiftly down his face.

"Oooh, thank you, thank you, Qiao Jin. I just ...... almost died, woooo~."

The man kept wiping his tears with his sleeve but couldn't wipe them clean.

Ah Jin comforted and patted his head, "Let's go. There is still something ahead."

Zhang Ming froze and cried even harder.

"There's still something ahead! When will this end? I want to go home!"

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