Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 72 Part 1

Three people continued to move forward.

As much as Xu Yan wanted to take care of Qiao Jin secretly, she had no chance because of the endless layers of venomous snakes that attacked her.

It was on purpose.

Ah Jin deliberately controlled the death energy near her and Zhang Ming to keep Xu Yan at bay.

She wanted to see what other cards this Xu Yan had.

After all, those who have survived so many times were not just lucky.

Xu Yan and the snakes fought for so long.

She had already had enough experience.

She sprinkled a packet of snake repellent powder on her body, and the snakes retreated.

Then she took advantage of this gap to catch up with Ah Jin and Zhang Ming.

Zhang Ming looked at her alertly.

"Get away from me. I don't want to be backstabbed by you."

Xu Yan continued walking.

"What worth of backstabbing do you have, you punk!"

Zhang Ming did not argue with her but only became more and more vigilant against Xu Yan.

From his point of view, Xu Yan was more frightening than the venomous snake at his feet.

Ah Jin was ambling in front.

She would use her knife to beat away the venomous snakes that sprung up from time to time.

Zhang Ming only needed to keep dodging the attacks of the venomous snakes, and Ah Jin would help him kick them away.

Xu Yan jealously looked at Zhang Ming.

What a big man to be so weak and protected by a woman without shame.

The skin was thick enough.

Whenever a snake attacked Ah Jin, there would be three snakes attacking Xu Yan.

So Xu Yan's pace was still very slow.

Ah Jin didn't overdo it.

She would stop and wait for her after a greater distance and didn't go for help.

She folded her arms and watched Xu Yan deal with the snakes by all means.

Whenever Xu Yan caught up with her, she did the same thing by distancing herself again.

By doing so, she had lost her patience.

Xu Yan truly was driven crazy.

She angrily stared at Ah Jin and shouted, "Qiao Jin!"

Ah Jin kindly turned her head in response, "Hmm? You called me?"

Xu Yan suppressed her anger and begged, "I can't hold on anymore. Please help me. I’m begging you!"

Ah Jin quickly agreed, "Sure."

Zhang Ming quickly pulled Ah Jin.

"Such a person, why save her!"

Ah Jin removed his hand.

"It is not good not to help someone suffering from death. A person as kind as me would not do such a thing."

With that, she walked toward Xu Yan.

As Ah Jin approached, the venomous snakes surrounding her retreated.

Xu Yan looked at this scene, and her heart became more and more determined to get the things on Ah Jin's body.

Ah Jin stood in front of her, "Let's go."

Xu Yan lowered her eyes, "Thank you."

Ah Jin smiled brightly, "You're welcome."

You mustn't let me down.

Looking at Qiao Jin, who was walking in front of her, Xu Yan's eyes twinkled.

She was defenseless now, and if she reached out and pushed gently, she would fall into the snakes’ pit.

Her thoughts were wandering when Ah Jin had already returned to Zhang Ming.

"Keep going."

A mocking sound came out of Zhang Ming's nostrils as he inserted himself strongly in front of Xu Yan, "Humph!"

Xu Yan just wanted to rip apart that face before her.

A wimp actually mocked her.

Who gave him the nerve.

Just then, a venomous snake suddenly slid down from the wall and attacked Zhang Ming from the side.

Zhang Ming was startled and quickly jumped to avoid it.

Xu Yan saw the snake in front of her.

The stench of the snake was overwhelming, and she could even see the venom sprayed from the snake.

The platform at their feet was not wide.

According to visual estimation, it was only about three meters.

With this jump, Zhang Ming was directly over the edge of the platform from the wall.

He looked back at the pit of the snakes behind him.

"I was scared to death. I almost jumped down."

After the statement, a strong push came from his left arm.

He looked at Xu Yan in horror.

Xu Yan showed a vicious smile.

"Go to hell! Piece of shit!"

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