Rebirth to become the President’s Omega Wife

Chapter 72 - Conditions [OW]

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Gu Liheng has an impression of Gu Ming's special assistant. Special assistant Luo has been working with Gu Ming for many years.

Hua Cheng replied, "Yes." He immediately added, "Before this, we found that his account had transferred a large amount of funds 20 years ago. The receiver was a temporary account, which has been canceled, and we are inquiring for more relevant information."

Gu Liheng's eyes changed slightly. 20 years ago? That is a very significant period. He asked, "Where is he now?"

Hua Cheng: "At my place, he came quietly after work."

Gu Liheng: "Take him to the villa," he paused, "Come at around 7.30 pm."

Hua Cheng: "Noted."

After taking a shower, Su Ling went downstairs and saw Gu Liheng expressionlessly sitting on the sofa. Walking to the sofa, he leaned over the back at male god's neck, "Why do you look upset?"

Gu Liheng held Su Ling’s hand and tilted his head. A refreshing fragrance wafted from the young man. His expression turned slightly softer, "Waiting for the special assistant working for Gu An's father to come." He paused before adding, "It should have something to do with my father."

Hearing that, Su Ling furrowed his brows. That means the accident that happened to male god’s father is probably caused by his relative. Sitting down beside Gu Liheng, Su Ling held his hand and comforted, "Don't be sad."

Gu Liheng shook his head, "I’m not sad, it's just that I should have thought of it for so many years."

Su Ling: "You were so young at the time, and the incident was judged to be an accident. It’s normal that you didn't think there is anything suspicious."

The two chatted for a while and went to have dinner. After dinner, Su Ling said, "I'll change my clothes and accompany you later."

Gu Liheng glanced over Su Ling’s nightgown and nodded, "Okay."

At 7.30 pm, Hua Cheng brought Special assistant Luo to the villa.

Special assistant Luo looked slightly nervous when he came in. Cautiously sitting opposite Gu Liheng, he greeted, "President Gu."

Gu Liheng nodded, "Get to the point."

"I know something about your father," Luo clenched his fists tightly and continued, "I don't want to be the second Secretary Yan, so I decided to come to you after some consideration." He looked straight at Gu Liheng, "President Gu, your subordinate is the one investigating my account, right?"

Gu Liheng answered, "Yes."

Special assistant Luo: "Then you should already know that I transferred a large sum of money out from my account 20 years ago."

Then he leaned forward, his tone was slightly agitated as he continued, "but at the time, I didn't know who it was transferred to and what is the purpose!"

"At that time, I just finished a project and I put in a lot of effort in it. Director Gu was very happy and gave me a bonus. But the amount was huge that I was very surprised."

"Later, Director Gu told me that not all of the money is for me and a large chunk of the amount is meant for other people. Relieved, I transferred the money to the account number he gave me."

"I was young at the time and was very excited to get a huge bonus, but soon I realized that something is wrong. I knew all the people involved in the project. With the amount so huge, it is quite unreasonable for anyone to get it. The amount is simply too much."

Luo’s voice was low as he said, "Out of curiosity, I checked the receiver’s account, and it turned out that the account had been canceled."

"This sounds even more wrong. I did suspect that Director Gu used me to launder money. Worried that something might happen, I was extra cautious the next few days and paid special attention to Director Gu's actions."

"I noticed that his behavior was quite different from usual as he looked nervous and excited but a little scared at the same time. He would also occasionally avoid having other people around when answering calls."

"At that time, I was already suspicious. I worried that he had something wrong and implicate me… so I did some tricks and put an old-fashioned voice recorder in his office that would not be detected easily."

Clasping his fingers tightly, Luo’s voice trembled slightly, "The next day, before I managed to retrieve the recorder, the news of your father's accident has spread."

"Director Gu quickly left the company to deal with related matters. Hence, I took the opportunity to retrieve the recorder and learned the truth of the matter." Then he looked at Gu Liheng. "Your father's accident is not an accident. Director Gu asked someone to do it."

Special assistant Luo swallowed nervously, "The money I transferred is a deposit." After he finished speaking, he quickly stated, "I'm telling the truth, I don't know anything. I was forcibly pulled into this mess by Director Gu."

His voice gets lower and dry as he added, "At best, my crime is I didn't report it after I learned the truth. But I also have my own difficulties! In that situation, Director Gu is likely to take over the Gu company. So if I said it, the consequences would be disastrous."

"This matter, the more I delay it, the harder it will be to say it. After you took charge of the Gu company, I was worried that you would not let me go. So I acted like I didn't know anything."

Gu Liheng expressionlessly said, "Then you find that someone is checking your account. You came to me became you feel you can't hide the truth anymore?"

Special assistant Luo gritted his teeth, "Yes! Although it has been so many years, as long as you keep checking, the result would come out. Not to mention my account and recipient at the time have been found out."

"I don't want to be pushed out as sacrificial lamb like Secretary Yan when the truth is revealed."

Rubbing his face, Luo put down his hands and continued to clasp his hands tightly, looking at Gu Liheng, "I can provide evidence, and I can testify in court. All I want is to cut off cleanly from this case."

"In Belle, people who knew about the crime but failed to report it will be jailed for at least 1 year, but family members of the victims can apply to exclude the said person from being held accountable."

Gu Liheng was silent for a moment before he said, "As long as the evidence you provide is valid and you didn’t lie, I will apply for you."

Special assistant Luo breathed a sigh of relief, "There is absolutely no deception."

Under Gu Liheng’s gaze, Luo hesitated for a moment before taking out the recorder and handed it forward, "I have charged it before coming over."

Gu Liheng took the recorder and turned on the switch, but it was quiet.

Special assistant Luo: "The useful dialogues are at the lower part in the middle."

Gu Liheng fast forwards the recording to the position pointed by Special assistant Luo.

Gu Ming's voice could be heard saying, "Yes, it will definitely pass by today, I won’t make a mistake."

Gu Ming's voice was very low, but his breathing is rapid, nervous, and excited, "Don't worry, as long as you finish off Gu Yuan cleanly, the remaining money and the information of the person you are looking for will be given to you."

"I'm waiting for your good news."

"Remember, you must not leave a trace."

Gu Liheng's expression was deep. He turned off the recording, and gave the recorder to Hua Cheng, "Check the authenticity of the recording, whether there are any traces of modification, and make sure it can be used as evidence."

Hua Cheng: "Alright."

Gu Liheng raised his chin towards Special assistant Luo, "Take him away."

Special assistant Luo said nervously, "President Gu, don't forget what you promised, otherwise I won't appear in court to testify." If it weren't for this, he wouldn't dare to show evidence directly.

Gu Liheng: "I won't turn back on my words."

Special assistant Luo breathed a sigh of relief and Hua Cheng said, "Let's go."

Special assistant Luo got up and turned to Gu Liheng, "I’m sorry." Then he followed Hua Cheng out and left the villa.

There are only Su Ling and Gu Liheng in the living room. Su Ling grabbed Gu Liheng's hand and he looked at the young man, "I'm fine. The truth is revealed and we have evidence. It is a good thing. As for Special assistant Luo, everyone has their own selfishness."

Su Ling nodded in agreement before asking, "Are you going to sue Gu Ming directly?"

Gu Liheng did not answer immediately. He was silent for a moment, "I will sue him, but I am going to let my mother handle it."

In less than an hour, Hua Cheng reported the test results to Gu Liheng, "The recording is the source file. There are no artificial traces, and can be used to testify."

Gu Liheng got off the treadmill and said, "Give it to my mother." He thought for a while before saying, "Give it tomorrow morning."

Hua Cheng: "Alright."


After Mother Gu finished her meal in the morning, she got the information sent by Hua Cheng himself. She looked a little surprised to see Hua Cheng because he is Gu Liheng’s classmate in university and also his confidant. Previously when she is selecting people from the mercenary group, Hua Cheng is the only one she couldn’t ask to come. After reading the information, her face was cold, her fingers trembled slightly, and she gritted her teeth. She exclaimed bitterly, "Gu Ming!"

Hua Cheng: "President Gu asked us to investigate the online rumors about Young master Su’s background. The information we got shows that those sources of information are also related to Gu Ming."

Mother Gu: "Does Ah Heng know about it?"

Hua Cheng: "I have already told President Gu."

Mother Gu frowned, then bit her lower lip hard, "Gu Ming knows that Ah Heng has seen a psychiatrist?"

That caught Hua Cheng by surprise, "President Gu is seeing a psychiatrist?"

Mother Gu realized that Hua Cheng didn't seem to know about this. She shook her head, "No." and changed the subject, "Do you know who is the most reliable lawyer right now in Belle?"

Hua Cheng who accidentally learned about Gu Liheng's visit to a psychiatrist was shocked but he tried to maintain his composure as he replied, "I know." His sensitivity is really terrible. To think that he can't see that President Gu needs a psychiatrist, he needs to get remedial psychology classes asap!


After Su Ling harvested the liquid from Redthorn Ball and returned from the Xiao villa, he heard Gu Liheng talking in a call, "Thank you. En, I have not relapsed. I am in good condition, thank you."

Just after Gu Liheng hung up the call, Su Ling rushed forward to check his expression, "Dr. Mill's call just now?"

Except for Mill, male god won’t mention about his conditions so casually.

Gu Liheng: "En."

Su Ling became nervous, "Are you feeling uncomfortable again?"

Gu Liheng smiled and rubbed Su Ling’s hair, "No, I just asking something. The information regarding your background came from Gu Ming. So I asked Mill if anyone had checked about my treatment."

Su Ling: "And?"

Gu Liheng nodded, "Yes, someone did but didn't succeed, and he left a trace."

Su Ling frowned, "When did that person check it?" He thought for a while, "Before we went to the swimming pool?"

Gu Liheng: "En."

"No wonder! They want to agitate you!" Su Ling furiously scolded, "too vicious."

Gu Liheng embraced Su Ling and comforted, "Don't be angry, they will reap what they sowed soon. Do you want to go to the theme park?"

Su Ling shook his head, "Let’s wait until Gu Ming's matter is done. I received a call from Uncle Nalu just now. The fragrance bar will reopen on 1st August. I need to reformulate the types of fragrances that we are going to sell these days." His eyes shimmered slightly as he said, "I am going to try to use common formulas on the market, and then try to make a few novel fragrances."

Gu Liheng: "Won’t you get tired? Our Gu company has many spiritual plant specialists. Do you need their help?"

"No," Su Ling shook his head. "I like making fragrances. If I encounter a problem, I will ask Darry."

Gu Liheng saw Su Ling in good spirits and smiled, "Okay, tell me what else you need to buy."

While talking, Domi reported that the courier had arrived.

Su Ling was curious, "What did you buy?"

His question was quickly answered. Watching the staff move the instruments to the fragrance room, Su Ling immediately remembered that these are all the machines he saw in Ni An's laboratory. The last box is a variety of different types of bottles and cans, and the spray bottles mentioned by Ni An are of the same brand. After the delivery staff left, Su Ling looked at the room filled with equipment and said in amusement, "I will feel sorry for these if I don't study hard."

Gu Liheng: "If you like to learn, then learn. If not, don’t force yourself. I’m just buying these so that you have something to use when you need it."

Su Ling poked Gu Liheng’s arm, "You will spoil me with your pampering like this."

Gu Liheng smiled, "You won't."

After a while, another courier came, and Su Ling raised his eyebrows, "What else did you buy?" Then he couldn't help but laugh, "You look so solemn, but you are actually a shopaholic deep inside?"

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