Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 717: Loving one’s country: They are enemies! (Part 18)

“No, no, no.”  Kouichi honestly shook his head as he said, “Young miss Luo shouldn’t say such rude words, you were more cute the way you were before!”

Luo Qing Chen took a deep breath and said with a cold snort, “What benefits are there in winning?”

“You can all leave and I won’t kill you.”  Kouichi stroked his moustache, looking like he was looking down on them.

Zuo Mu Ran’s eyes were ice cold as he slowly raised the gun, “If I don’t shoot, what will you do?”

He didn’t know what was wrong with him.

Since in theory, if the Luo Family were traitors, Luo Qing Chen coming here wasn’t in any danger.

But he couldn’t control himself and came to find her.

Even if this was the first time in his life being in such danger.

Moreover, he didn’t have a way out.

Kouichi didn’t understand Zuo Mu Ran’s words and called back the translator from before.

After hearing this, he stroked his moustache thoughtfully and said, “You can not fire, didn’t I finish explaining the rules of the game?  I am an easy to talk to person, if you don’t want to do it, we’ll change it.”

He didn’t give him any chance to refute as he said, “Then just shoot your head and I’ll let young miss Luo go.”

Luo Qing Chen became stunned.  Before the translator could say anything to Zuo Mu Ran, she already came forward to say, “Definitely not!”

Although Zuo Mu Ran’s affection for her was only at 1%, he definitely wouldn’t do something as stupid as this.

But when she heard what Kouichi said, her heart still skipped a beat.

Kouichi seemed to understand her words, so he said with a dark smile, “It seems like young miss Luo and commander Zuo’s relationship is far deeper than what you just said.”

He was speaking in Japanese, so Zuo Mu Ran didn’t understand, but he could hear a dangerous tone in Kouichi’s voice.

Legends said that commander Zuo who protected An Ning City only cared about his country, he didn’t have any other emotions.

People without ties made the most decisive judgements, this was why the Japanese couldn’t find any weak spots with him in all these years.

But now…...

He, Kouichi had found it!

“I believe you.”  Luo Qing Chen’s eyes had a faint sparkle.  Standing not far away, her face was still a bit pale.

At that moment, Zuo Mu Ran’s heart was hit hard.

It was very deep and very painful.

The girl in front of him had clearly been heavily injured, but she decided to come here instead of his big brother.

This meant that she knew the Luo Family and Kouichi’s relationship.  She said that she didn’t want Zuo Qi Yue to get hurt, could it be…..

Could it be that she took the bullet because of his big brother…...

Did they know each other?

Without knowing why, when he thought of this, there was a strange feeling deep in his heart!

He promised he never felt this way before.

“Yo, yo, yo.”  Kouichi waved his hands excitedly and said, “I like this kind of performance the most, it’s even better than watching dancers!”

Kouichi’s goal was very simple.  He wanted to know what kind of position young miss Luo had in Zuo Mu Ran’s heart.

Even if his marksmanship was very shocking and he hit the gold coin, he could start from young miss Luo knowing his weakness.

After all, girls were especially weak!

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