Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 716: Loving one’s country: They are enemies! (Part 17)

“Does young miss Luo think that a traitor like Luo Gong and traitors like the Luo Family will have people feel happiness for them?”  Kouichi pointed the gun at Luo Qing Chen, “Bang, the answer is no.”

Luo Qing Chen closed her eyes and was too lazy to talk to him, as she called her system.

Did my nephew leave safely?

[Un, he took a shortcut and already left.]

Her lips curled slightly as she said, “Since mister Kouichi is trustworthy, how do you wish to bet?”

Although Luo Qing Chen was clear on the reason why Kouichi was being trustworthy.

“Still betting lives.”  He shook the gold coin in his hand and said, “This emperor’s gold coins can’t be penetrated by blades or bullets.”

He stopped before continuing, “Let’s bet your life or his life.”

Kouichi slowly came to her side and placed the gold coin over her heart.  He revealed a strange smile as he said, “Do you think that commander Zuo with his first rate marksmanship will be able to hit this gold coin?”

Luo Qing Chen’s face turned pale.  She realized that the bet that Kouichi wanted to make really was…..abnormal.

Before she could think it through, Zuo Mu Ran had already appeared in front of her.

He had two guards at his sides pointing guns at him.  Kouichi shouted at the men like he was the master here, “Put down your guns.  If commander Zuo wanted your lives, how could you still be standing there pointing your guns at him!”

“Yes, mister!”

Zuo Mu Ran’s eyes had been on Luo Qing Chen the entire time.  His brows were tightly knit and his eyes were ice cold.

When he came in, he became a bit suspicious of the Luo Family.  His brother Zuo Qi Yue came this time because Luo Gong was responsible for everything.

But the report had said that the Luo Family didn’t provide any support for Zuo Qi Yue.  This so-called cooperation should be false…...

He had to doubt the Luo Family, whether they were loyal…..or not.

But at the last moment, that person called Luo Qing Chen came instead of his big brother.

Why?  Why did his heart fill with such panic?

“Hello commander Zuo!”  Kouichi said in poor Chinese, “Young miss Luo and I were gambling, but it’s boring with just two people.  How about you join in as well?”

Luo Qing Chen narrowed her sparkling clear eyes.  Plans quickly flashed in her mind, how could she win this and survive?

“Stop wasting words.”  Zuo Mu Ran’s voice was very cold, not having a trace of warmth in his voice at all, “Be quick.”

He hated the Japanese rented area the most in his life, every brick and tile here was the shame of the county.  Even the air seemed dirty here.

“Pa, pa, pa.”  Kouichi gave a clap as he put the AK pistol in his hand on the ground.  He slid it to Zuo Mu Ran’s feet before saying with a shrug, “Pick it up and we’ll begin immediately.”

When Zuo Mu Ran picked up the gun, he knew that it was loaded.

Kouichi was this bold in giving him a gun, it wasn’t simple.

“This bet is very simple!”  Kouichi forcefully glued the gold coin to Luo Qing Chen’s heart before laughing.  He said to Zuo Mu Ran, “That pistol only uses a single bullet, so you have many changes.  As long as you hit the gold coin, you win.”

“Despicable.”  Luo Qing Chen bit her lip as her eyes turned ice cold.

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