Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 711: Loving one’s country: They are enemies! (Part 12)

Luo Qing Chen’s eyes sparkled as she looked at him and said, “Hello, commander Zuo, I’ve long heard your name.”

Zuo Mu Ran was stunned.  Looking at Luo Qing Chen, he slightly knit his brows.

Her face was still a bit pale, but her eyes had a sparkle to it that made people’s hearts skip a beat.

There were many questions in his mind, but he couldn’t think it through.

How did she come back with such heavy wounds?  Why did she appear at their house in just a few days…..

The most important thing was——

Why didn’t she come looking for him!

“Mu Ran, what is it?”  Zuo Qi Yue saw that he didn’t speak and felt that something was wrong.

What was he staring at this girl for…...

Zuo Mu Ran suddenly reacted as his ice cold eyes trembled, “What has young miss Luo come to the Zuo Manor for?”

Luo Qing Chen felt her hands in her pocket fill with cold sweat, as her breathing became a bit faster.

She chuckled to cover up her nervousness as she looked at Zuo Mu Ran and said, “I have already finished talking to mister Qi Yue.  Time is short, I won’t stay any longer.”

After saying this, she gave a slight nod before heading out.

What she didn’t know was that when she walked past him, Zuo Mu Ran took her wrist.  The feeling of touching the pink wool coat made his heart turn soft.

He tightly knit his brows as he looked at her, “You’re this wounded, I’ll go for you.”

Without knowing why, there was a panicked feeling in his heart and he couldn’t describe it.

But he still wanted to say…...

“Do you…..know each other?”  Zuo Qi Yue heard this and looked at them with a confused gaze.

“We have some fate between us.”  Luo Qing Chen looked at the clock and softly took back her right hand before looking at Zuo Mu Ran, “Goodbye.”

He was stunned, but he didn’t take her wrist again.  It was just because of the words ‘we have some fate between us’......

So in her eyes, the two bullets that she had taken for him was just a bit of fate.

What was this…...

After Luo Qing Chen left, Zuo Qi Yue picked up the coffee on his table and took a sip, “Commander Zuo doesn’t seem normal today!”

“Where is she going?”  Zuo Mu Ran didn’t bother listening to his teasing as he entered the main topic.

“Kouichi’s manor.”  Zuo Qi Yue put down his coffee and said with a serious look, “I promised Luo Gong that I would cooperate with him, but young miss Luo said that she would go for me.”

“What?”  Zuo Mu Ran tightly knit his brows and said, “What kind of place is that and what kind of place Kouichi is, it’s something that you know.  She has a gunshot wound and you actually let her go for you!”

This was his first time being this angry with his big brother, or rather, it was his first time being this worked up in many years.

“Gunshot wound?”  Zuo Qi Yue’s heart skipped a beat, “I didn’t know…..She just said that she didn’t want me to be in danger.  She said that she was confident…..”

“Big brother…..”  Zuo Mu Ran said with a sigh, “She killed Hitoda.”


“The one I’ve been looking for over the past few days is her.”  Zuo Mu Ran closed his eyes and took a deep breath, “I never thought that she had already come back.”

She was that heavily wounded, how did she come back?

He suddenly regretted leaving her alone.  He came back alone to defend An Ning City because he believed her words.

But now she was heading out alone, there must be a reason they didn’t know about.

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