Rebirth to become the President’s Omega Wife

Chapter 71 - Theme park [OW]

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Su Ling put the Flower Bud Grass down and casually chatted with other spiritual plants. He stayed in the spiritual plant room until Gu Liheng called him down for lunch. Su Ling was in a good mood while eating. "The vine liquid from Uncle Lóng can quickly make the Flower Bud Grass mature. On the other hand, the Flower Bud Grass gave me a flower bud. I will check how to plant it later."

Gu Liheng reminded, "Don't let yourself be too tired." Thinking of Lin Meng's words, he also felt that his young man has too little entertainment, "Want to go to the theme park?"

Su Ling wasn't very interested in going, but he asked Gu Liheng, "Have you been to a theme park before?"

Gu Liheng: "I went once when I was young."

Su Ling: "Did you not hang out with your classmates in high school and university?"

Gu Liheng shook his head.

Su Ling: "Then let's go together and play more exciting rides! That would be fun and relaxing."

Male god is being called ‘Lone Rangers’ so it’s obvious that he rarely gets out with other people. He only exercises at home and didn’t participate in many entertainments like games. Su Ling wanted to make up for the youthful time that male god missed.

Gu Liheng agreed with Su Ling’s proposal, "Alright."

After they had dinner, Su Ling and Gu Liheng happily researched online about the theme parks in Belle City, and together they picked the most interesting one.


Gu An went home with a stiff face. As soon as he entered the house, he was called to the study by the robot butler. Knocking on the door, he heard Gu Ming’s voice saying, "Come in."

Gu Ming's complexion is not better than Gu An. His meticulously combed hair is a bit messy. When he saw Gu An, his brows wrinkled, "What's the matter with you? Fought with someone?"

Gu An looked down as he explained, "They knew that Gu Liheng is suppressing me, so they deliberately made trouble for me to flatter Gu Liheng."


Gu Ming hit the desk furiously, "A bunch of opportunists! And you!" He pointed to Gu An, "Useless thing! It has been so many years, even if they followed you with selfish intention, you should train a few confidantes. Now you don’t even have anyone you can use!"

Hearing that, Gu An's face turned pale, his fingers tightly clenched.

Putting his hand down, Gu Ming looked at Gu An and said, "We are unlucky this time. After Gu Liheng’s mother knew Su Ling's identity, she did cause trouble for Gu Liheng. And Gu Liheng fell in a coma as well. It's a pity though." He continued bitterly, "It's a pity that he didn’t go crazy! His survival instinct is strong since when he is still a child."

"This time, he seems to be determined to finish us. If you continue, you will lose more. Gu An, let go of all the projects at hand and resign."

Gu An raised his eyes, "Father, you mean...?"

"Leave the Gu company. My own company has developed well over the years. I have business dealings with many families in Planet Clay so I don't have to live under that kid."

Gu An's eyes widened in surprise, "You want to sell your shares?"

Gu Ming: "Of course not, just that I won't care for the company. I will sit and wait for dividends," his tone was malicious as he added, "maybe when a chance comes by and that kid really went crazy, I have shares in hand. Then I can propose the decision to remove the chairman."

Gu An: "Father is wise."

Gu Ming: "You should hand over your work as soon as possible and go to my company. It’s yours to take over in the future anyway."

After Gu An left the study, Gu Ming contacted his special assistant and asked him to prepare for the transfer of some management tasks. As he is talking, he felt a little strange and asked "Old Luo, are you unwell?"

Assistant Luo sat in the office, his expression became more panic when he heard that. Trying to stay calm, he coughed lightly and said, "I’m fine. It just that President Gu has been giving some pressure these days. Some projects have problems with their data so I processed them overnight and didn't have a good rest."

Gu Ming: "Thanks for your hard work. Since he is trying to hollow away my power, I will follow his wishes. Then your work will be relaxed in the future."

"Thank you, Director Gu."

After Gu Ming explained his instructions, he hung up the call.

After the call, Special assistant Luo dropped his hands to the table weakly. His body seemed to have become 10 years older in an instant, and he leaned heavily on the back of the chair. He looked dazed for a moment and soon came to his senses again. Tapping on his bracelet, he switched to the page he was reading before Gu Ming’s call. He read it again, and double confirmed that someone recently checked his fund transfer records in 20 years! Almost immediately, he realized that President Gu must have asked someone to check him. Thinking of what happened to Gu An’s secretary, he became afraid. In case of exposure, will Gu Ming push those responsibilities onto him as well? Even if he tried to get rid of accusations, he would inevitably be regarded as an accomplice. The more he thought about it, the more he felt uneasy thinking about various possibilities and consequences. After a long time, his expression calmed down.


Su Ling and Gu Liheng chose a theme park that is most popular with university students, and it has a very simple name: Hi. The comment on the official website that has the most likes said - If you want to be happy, go Hi.

Su Ling pulled Gu Liheng back to their room and said, "We have to change into more casual clothes, otherwise it will be inconvenient to move around." He first went to Gu Liheng’s wardrobe and looked around. Then he took a short-sleeved black T-shirt and blue knee-length denim pants.

Su Ling was a little surprised by his finding, "I actually thought if you didn't have any suitable clothing, we would buy one right away."

Gu Liheng: "Following Dr. Mill's advice before, I tried different styles of clothes and bought a lot."

Su Ling smiled and shook the clothing he picked in front of Gu Liheng, "Is this acceptable?"

Gu Liheng took it, "Yes."

Su Ling: "Then put it on." He went to search for his clothes and returned with the same black T-shirt and blue denim pants.

After the two changed their clothes, Su Ling pulled Gu Liheng and stood in front of the full-length mirror with a bright smile, "Although the brands are different and the styles are somewhat different, we can still be considered as wearing couple outfits."

Smiling, Gu Liheng reached out and rubbed Su Ling’s hair.

Su Ling looked at Gu Liheng and raised his hand to mess his hair, "You used hair gel in the morning right? It's too formal, you need to be more natural."

After setting Gu Liheng's hairstyle, they went out.

Right now is summer vacation, so there are a lot of people in the theme park. Screams and laughter filled their ears, and the atmosphere was very lively. Su Ling is super excited. Upon entering the theme park, he bought two masks and whispered, "So that no one recognizes us and affects our enjoyment."

Gu Liheng put on his mask and then helped Su Ling to put his on.

At that moment, someone passed by and they commented in a low voice, "Ah! So sweet!"

Su Ling looked up at Gu Liheng with curved eyes and said, "Someone praised us."

With a smile in his eyes, Gu Liheng took Su Ling’s hand and walked in, "What do you want to play?"

Su Ling: "Let’s play in order from the innermost ride."

They played for an afternoon and only played 4 rides; 2 different roller coasters which one is a type of high roller coaster, and the other is a multi-angle rotation roller coaster, the Ferris wheel, and the rapids. Coming out from the rapids ride, it’s already past 5.00 pm. Su Ling was having so much fun and he pointed to the indoor pavilion in front, “We don’t have enough time today. Let’s come again when we have time. I want to experience the space museum next time.”

Gu Liheng: "We can also go now."

Su Ling pointed to the time, "The queue stops at 5.00 pm."

Gu Liheng: "It's okay, I could just contact the theme park manager if you like. I can book the whole venue in advance next time so that you don’t have to line up."

Su Ling laughed, he felt like he has suddenly walked into an idol drama filming set. He took male god’s hand and walked out, "It’s fine. It’s because there are many people in the amusement park that you can feel the lively atmosphere. Just like the roller coaster just now, everyone was screaming. It's refreshing to scream together."

Gu Liheng thought of the scene where the young man was screaming freely just now and his mouth curved slightly, "Then we’ll come back tomorrow."

Su Ling nodded: "Holiday is so nice!"

Su Ling took a few steps forward, then Gu Liheng held him back, "Wait." He stopped and asked, "What's the matter?"

Squatting down, Gu Liheng reached out to fold the hem of Su Ling’s trousers up a section, which happened to be a wet patch (from the rapids). And so, the wet sensation at his calf suddenly disappeared.

Su Ling looked down at Gu Liheng and his heart beats faster. Many tourists passing by looked over, discussing about them excitedly and enviously. Gu Liheng neatly folded both sides of his pants and stood up. As male god is leading him out, he heard him saying, "Wait until we leave, you can change to other pants."

Su Ling looked down at the hem of his pants and then at Gu Liheng’s, "Yours is also wet."

"It's okay." Gu Liheng said.

Su Ling's mouth curled up, "Actually, it doesn't matter to me since the weather is not cold," he hugged the male god's arm and added, "but I'm so happy." It feels great to receive such care from someone.

Gu Liheng's expression turned soft and pity flashed his eyes. The young man is too easily satisfied. Back in the car, Gu Liheng opened the screen inside the car to separate the front and rear seats. Then he took out a beige slack from his space storage and handed it to Su Ling, before turning around.

Su Ling took the pants and asked, "When did you prepare them?"

Gu Liheng: "I always keep spares in my space storage."

Hearing that, Su Ling raised his eyebrows and leaned against the back of male god’s shoulder, "Why do you need to keep spare pants?"

Gu Liheng added, "There are also spare clothes and shoes."

Amused, Su Ling asked, "What are you going to do with the spares?"

Gu Liheng was silent for a while, his voice was hoarse, "You may need it. Any Alpha with an Omega partner should be prepared."

Su Ling thought for a moment and was stunned by his thought, "Could it be the Alpha is afraid that he won't be able to control himself outside and will do this and that to the Omega?"

Isn’t this kind of preparation a bit too much?

"No… not just that," Gu Liheng, "Even if the Alpha can keep himself under control, the Omega will still need spare clothing."

Gu Liheng is feeling rather helpless about the young man's questioning. Although he(SL) had read books about Omega’s physiology, knowing and understanding is not the same concept. The young man always seems to write down about various Omega’s reactions, but unless things happen to himself, he rarely sees himself in the situation written in the books. Not waiting for the young man to ask further, he continued to explain, "After a couple is temporarily marked, their pheromone will be more stable, but the adult Omega may fall into estrus at any time. Even in the early stage, the pheromones from estrus will break the stability."

"If the Omega's body started responding, fluid will be secreted behind him, and his pants..."

Su Ling: "No need to say!" He blushed, "I understand."

Thinking back of the scene where Gu Liheng applied medicines on him, Su Ling understood that his pants would definitely be dirty. If they were outside, it would be more embarrassing than a girl suddenly getting her period. After all, the period is purely a physical phenomenon, while for the Omega, that reaction only occurs after estrus. He put the pants in his space storage and said, "I won't change it today. Only the hem is a bit wet and we are going home now anyway."

Gu Liheng turned to look at Su Ling, "We are going straight home, no one will see you." He rubbed Su Ling's hair, "Don't be afraid, no one will misunderstand."

Su Ling grabbed Gu Liheng’s hand and said, "I'm not afraid of being misunderstood!" He lifted his right foot up a bit, "I just don't think it is necessary."

Glanced across Su Ling’s blushing face, Gu Liheng touched the hem of his(SL) pants. The place he had previously rolled up was soaked so it felt cold and damp, "It will be uncomfortable."

Su Ling: "It's okay."

Seeing that Su Ling is resolutely unwilling to change his pants, Gu Liheng reluctantly pulled a few sheets of tissue paper and dabbed them on his trousers.

Back at the villa, Gu Liheng carried Su Ling directly to the bathroom. He started the water in the tub and got a bathrobe for Su Ling, "Go and take a bath first."

Su Ling felt like laughing but with him being so meticulous, how can he refuse?

Gu Liheng stood at the door for a while, seeming to think that his attitude was too strong, and asked gently, "What do you want to eat? I will get the kitchen prepare."

Su Ling immediately replied, "Steamed fish, sweet and sour pork ribs," he paused and added, "stir-fried bok choy."

Gu Liheng laughed. He mentioned several times that a balanced meal should have meat and vegetables, and the young man obviously remembered it. He nodded, "Okay."

Leaving the bedroom, Gu Liheng went downstairs to select the dishes for dinner. Then he received a call from Hua Cheng.

"President Gu, Gu Ming's special assistant wants to see you."

Gu Liheng: "Special assistant Luo?"

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PS: Hua Cheng is the team leader where the team got together to look for Xian Mo Yu last time. Not the red clothing ML in other ehem novel XD

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