Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 71

Xu Yan followed Qiao Jin all the way.

She had doubts in her mind.

Didn’t she say that this road was the most dangerous?

Why could she not even see a single snake’s shadow along the way, let alone be attacked by snakes?

A doubt arose in her mind that she had entered a fake passage.

If it had not been for Ah Jin's death energy that scared these snakes, they would have swarmed and eaten them.

Although there was Ah Jin's threat, there were more and more snakes appeared.

Xu Yan and Zhang Ming finally saw the snakes.

It was only then that Xu Yan was freed from self-doubt.

Looking at the venomous snakes that kept wandering around, Zhang Ming strangely asked, "What's wrong with these snakes today? They usually hate us to death."

Ah Jin turned to him.

"What? Are you enjoying the feeling of being attacked?"

Zhang Ming quickly shook his head.

"No! I don't like it!"

He did not want to die.

Xu Yan followed, "Strange indeed. I've never seen a venomous snake that doesn't attack people."

Ah Jin's mocking voice was heard from the front, "That's because you're ignorant."

After being so used to being dissed, Xu Yan just pretended she didn't hear her.

The passage soon came to an end.

Instead of a dead end, there was an exit from which a breeze was blowing.

Zhang Ming was so disgusted by the smell of the breeze that he hurriedly covered his nose and said, "What is this smell. so disgusting."

Ah Jin frowned.

"It is the stench of snakes. It looks like the snake's home base is ahead."

Zhang Ming covered his mouth and nose and said fearfully, "Then we'd better go. Let's not go there."

Ah Jin, who turned back to look at him, smiled.

"Sure, but you have to ask Xu Yan to proceed."

Zhang Ming did not understand Ah Jin's point.

He turned around to look at Xu Yan and somehow saw that she had a gun in her hand. The gun was pointing at them.

"Continue walking."

She did not know what lay ahead, but there may be a glimmer of hope in taking a chance.

If she went out now, she would surely die.

Zhang Ming looked at the black muzzle of the gun.

His face was red, and his whole body was shaking in anger.

He felt that he still underestimated the viciousness of this woman.

Ah Jin patted him on the back.

"Let's go. Things will fall into an endless cycle if we go back now. Let's keep going so that things would have an end."

"It's still Miss Qiao who is kind and understanding."

Xu Yan appreciated her.

Eyes flat and cold, Ah Jin asked her, "Are you prepared for this?"

Xu Yan did not understand.

What was the preparation for? But to keep going, she could only say forcefully, "Yes."

Ah Jin lightly nodded.

"If so, let's go."

The trio walked towards the exit, and when they stepped out of the passage, everything was clear before them.

What appeared in front of them was a huge pit with a circular platform on its outside, on which they were standing.

Right across from them, there was another passage on the other side of the pit.

If they wanted to go there, they had to walk along with the outer platform.

But the problem was that they couldn't get through because it was a snake cave. It was from this pit that the terrible smell originated.

Zhang Ming didn't dare to look inside the pit.

They heard countless snakes hissing inside.

It was not only in the pit but also on the platform.

The snakes sensed that outsiders were invading the pit and started to climb up from the hole.

Zhang Ming shivered and grabbed Ah Jin's arm.

"Qiao Jin, what to do! We are going to die here today."

Xu Yan was also scared at the sight in front of her.

Where was the silver lining!

This was clearly the nearest road to death.

Xu Yan stared at Ah Jin viciously.

"You already knew this would happen. That’s why you asked me that earlier!"

Ah Jin looked at her in amusement.

"I haven't been here. How could I possibly know?"

Even if Ah Jin had the death energy on her, the venomous snakes were not afraid in the snake cave.

Then they started to attack these strange humans who intruded into their place.

Xu Yan had no time to deal with Ah Jin on the topic just now and hastily took her machete to counterattack.

As the three fought, they began to walk towards the opposite passage.

The only way to get out of there was that option.

Zhou Yi had also arrived at the exit.

The difference with Ah Jin was that her exit did not have a snake cave nor an army of snakes.

It only had the Snake King, one that was coiled on a large stone.

Its body was greenish-white, and its skin was smooth and shiny.

Zhou Yi greedily looked at that stone.

If she couldn't move that big stone, it would be enough to knock down a small stone from it.

So many people had died here.

After so long, she had not been able to get a small stone.

If she could just buy some time now, she would definitely succeed.

Never mind the time, Zhou Yi's side had certainly already confronted the army of snakes.

They were all expendable.

As long as they could stall the army of snakes and stall for a bit when the Snake King called for them, they would succeed in knocking down a stone.

The only surprise was that the big man who went with Thirteen didn't arrive in time.

Nevertheless, it didn't matter.

Two people could barely stall the Snake King.

The Snake King was a black king cobra with golden rings.

The occipital part had a light-colored inverted "V" shaped pattern, 9 large scales on the head, and a pair of large occipital scales behind the top scales.

The body was more than 5 meters long, with well-developed muscles, and very venomous.

It had already detected the arrival of outsiders.

It gave a "wheezing " sound out of its mouth and nose as a warning.

A familiar smell told it that it was an old acquaintance again.

The lunch was delivered to the door.

Why waste it?

Zhou Yi signaled the two big men.

They then rushed out.

The two began to surround the Snake King, leading it to the ground.

Zhou Yi took the opportunity and started to chisel from the place she had chiseled last time.


On Ah Jin's side, they had already gone a third of the way.

The snakes were extremely afraid of Ah Jin, so she was attacked the least. Zhang Ming, who was close to Ah Jin, was second, and Xu Yan was the one who had more to do.

Xu Yan noticed that something was wrong.

She took out the snake repellent powder she had prepared and sprinkled it on her body.

The snakes smelled it and avoided it.

Because of that, she could catch her breath and think of the weirdness on the way.

She stared at Ah Jin.

"Why didn't they attack you!"

Ah Jin kicked a venomous snake away.

"Maybe it's because you're ugly."

Xu Yan obviously didn't believe her bullsh*t.

"You must have something on you for them not to dare attack you!"

"What does that have to do with you? Don't you also have the snake repellent powder?"

The snake repellent powder could only have a momentary effect.

Once the smell dissipated, the venomous snakes would still attack.

But the stuff on Qiao Jin's body made the snakes fearful all the way.

Xu Yan was a bit greedy.

If Qiao Jin died, that thing would be hers, and she would never have to fear that she would be bitten to death at any time.

Ah Jin naturally saw the greed in Xu Yan's eyes.

It was really a dog that couldn't change its mind and eat sh*t.

Since she wanted to die, she couldn't blame anyone else.

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