His Transmigrated Cannon Fodder Fiancé

Chapter 71 - Housekeeper

The next morning, the housekeepers of each room and courtyard in the Shen Family went to De’an Courtyard to give their daily report. Who knew that Old Madam Shen didn’t see them. Instead, she said that starting today, Third Miss was in charge of the household. If they had anything to report, they were to go to Third Miss.

Everyone looked at each other after hearing this, not understanding what exactly happened.

Many of these housekeepers and mamas were promoted by the Old Madam, so they were her trusted aides. Hearing that they were to become a young girl’s subordinate in the future, they all left, unwilling to accept this.

Mama Li smiled at them. “Lord also agreed to let Third Miss manage the household. Old Madam hasn’t been feeling well lately. If you guys have anything to report in the future, just go ask Third Miss about it. She is intelligent and clever. She will definitely be able to manage and organize the household.”

This meant that...Old Madam was forced to let Third Miss take control of the household?

Lord is really...Third Miss is not suited to manage the household. Besides stirring up trouble, she’d only give people an attitude. How could she possibly manage the household?

Although they were unwilling to resign to this, Lord had agreed. Therefore, they had to go to Shen Ziqiao’s place.

However, they understood Mama Li’s hint. Since Third Miss wants to stir up trouble, they’d play along with her. After all, they had Old Madam’s support.

Everyone soon found out that Shen Ziqiao was going to replace Old Madam Shen in managing the household. The one with the most intense reaction was obviously Concubine Gao.

“Letting that stupid brat manage the household? What is the Lord thinking about? Don’t mention how the girl never learned how to manage the household, but she doesn’t even recognize any words. He actually let her have her way!” Concubine Gao was so angry that she was unable to calm down, pacing back and forth in the room. She resented the Old Madam for agreeing to this absurd thing.

Why Shen Ziqiao? Even if the Old Madam doesn’t feel well and wants to hand over the power of the family, she should’ve given it to her. Why did she give it to a stupid brat?

She was infuriated!

“Mistress, please calm down.” Mama Wang by Concubine Gao’s side advised, “This might not be bad.”

“How isn’t this bad? I’ve been in this family for decades, and the Lord never treats me well. That bitch died for a long time already, but I still hold no status in this family.” Concubine Gao finally exploded from her grievance.

When thinking of the Pan Family, she wanted to swallow someone alive. It took her so much effort to finally become Shen Xiao’s concubine. She thought that with her status and beauty, she’d definitely be able to grasp his heart tightly. So what if she wasn’t the legal wife? Having the man’s heart was the most important.

However, the Pan Madam immediately promoted two concubines after she married into the family. She ignored her status as a noble concubine.

Even more, the Pan Madam talked about how concubines were concubines. There was no difference between noble and cheap ones.

She could count how many times Shen Xiao had entered her room in a year. He only had the Pan Madam, that bitch, in his heart.

Pan Madam finally died, but she still wasn’t able to walk into Shen Xiao’s heart.

“Third Miss doesn't understand anything. Old Madam would only stand by the side and watch her make a fool out of herself. Why would she help her? When Third Miss causes trouble in the future, the mistress can stand up for her. The Lord will definitely view you in a new spotlight.” Mama Li lowered her voice and added.

Concubine Gao took in Mama Wang’s words, sitting on the soft couch, dispirited. Tears brimmed in her eyes. “I’m unwilling to resign...unwilling to resign to this…”

She originally could become the legal wife of a small family. If it weren’t that Old Madam Shen wanted her to become the concubine of Shen Xiao, why would she live such a miserable life right now?

She never thought of living a life full of riches and honor. She just wanted a sturdy shoulder for her to lean against.

“Lady…” Mama Li tenderly hugged Concubine Goa. “It’s been so many years. Just endure it for some more.”

“How can I endure this? Mama Wang, you didn’t see…” Concubine Gao suddenly started crying. “He doesn’t have me in his eyes. Even when I remove my clothes in front of him, he still acts expressionless...He resents me for making the Pan Madam unhappy.”

Mama Wang wiped her tears. “Lord just doesn’t understand your heart. As long as he understands that you’re not greedy, he’ll naturally treat you well.”

Concubine Gao sneered. “I don’t care anymore. Mama Wang, I won’t let that old woman and Pan Madam go just like that.”

“Mistress!” Mama Wang was shocked. “Please don’t go on the wrong parth. You have the Fourth Young Master now. You just need to endure this for a few years. When the Fourth Young Master makes a man out of himself later on, who dares to look down on you? This is not the time to go against the Old Madam right now.”

“I still need to rely on the old woman to live a good life and for Yang’er to have a good future. However, as for Pan Madam’s daughter...I’ll just watch how she dies.” Forceful hatred flickered in Concubine Gao’s eyes.

Mama Wang said, “The Lord pampers the Third Miss. Mistress, please don’t anger the Lord.”

Concubine Gao humphed. “I know.”


By the time the housekeepers and mamas arrived at Qiao Xin Courtyard, Shen Ziqiao still wasn’t up. She was still sleeping and sprawling on the bed, drool falling on the pillow.

Mama Chen from the needlework department murmured, “Old Madam usually gets up early in the morning.”

“That’s right…”

The dozens of housekeepers and mamas started having a lively discussion. Basically, they were against how Shen Ziqiao was still sleeping at this time.

Hong Yu was just anxious but there was nothing she could do. She hoped that Hong Ying could wake Third Miss up quickly though.

Lady Meng glanced coldly by the side, taking in these people’s words.

She recognized these mamas and housekeepers. They were all Old Madam’s trusted aides, who she promoted. When the Madam was still alive, who knew where these people were. There were two or three that had made some mistakes, and were kicked to the village by the Madam. Who knew in the blink of an eye that the Old Madam had brought them back.

The Lord wants the Third Miss to manage the household and make sure the businesses were making profits. He was basically making things difficult for the Third Miss.

“Lady Meng, if Third Miss still hasn’t slept enough, we’ll go for now to do our own things. We wouldn’t want to hold up the masters’ lunches.” Mama Li stood up and said.

Lady Meng glanced coldly at her. She was about to say something when Shen Ziqiao smiled and walked out. “Good morning everyone.”

“It’s not early, Third Miss.” Mama Li placed her hands in front of her, her tone mocking.

Shen Ziqiao sat on the master seat, sweeping her gaze over everyone. She slowly said, “I just realized that you guys decide when I wake up today.”

Mama Li and Chen’s expressions slightly changed.

“Although…” Shen Ziqiao smiled cutely. “I did wake up too late, you guys don’t have the right to criticize me about this, right?”

So the Third Miss heard all of their words? Mama Li pursed her lips. Her unnatural expression quickly calmed.

She had the Old Madam’s support. She didn’t need to be scared of the Third Miss at all.

Shen Ziqiao was quite confused. She knew that it wasn’t easy to manage the household. She would need to sleep early and wake up early. To her, someone who enjoyed sleeping in, it was torment. But who knew that the Old Madam didn’t even explain anything to her before thrusting all the duties in her hands.

At least, give her a few tips.

Fine. She shouldn’t expect the Old Madam to treat her well. Shen Ziqiao kept her feelings inside.

Of course they’d wish for her to make a mistake. Although she didn’t have gold fingers, she wouldn’t admit defeat that easily.

She wouldn’t admit defeat...Shen Ziqiao wanted to cry. But she didn’t know how to manage the household.

“What do you guys have to report? Report one by one and slowly.” Shen Ziqiao said calmly. Although she was conflicted inside, she appeared confident on the surface.

Mama Chen and Li glanced at each other. They thought that Shen Ziqiao was an idiot and didn’t understand anything. Looking at her imposing manner right now, she appeared to have a card up her sleeves. They were thinking about how to report.

“Report to the Third Miss, the Mid-autumn festival is approaching. In the past years, we’d be preparing events for this. The Old Madam’s birthday is also coming up. Does the Third Miss have any plans for this yet?” The quiet Mama Li said this.

Mama Cui was the main housekeeper of the household.

“We’ll arrange it according to the past years.” Shen Ziqiao replied.

“Right, Third Miss.” Mama Cui’s gaze flickered and she smiled. Then, she reported a few trivial matters. Shen Ziqiao had Hong Yu take note of them.

Seeing that Mama Cui reported the matters politely, the others also suppressed their unwillingness. They too followed Mama Cui’s lead.

Shen Ziqiao forced herself to stay awake as she listened to it. Then, she ordered them to do their duties in a conservative manner according to how Lady Meng just taught her.

“Oh, right. Bring me the family’s account books over. I’m going to take a look.” When everyone was about to leave, Shen Ziqiao added.

Mama Cui paused as she was in charge of the account books. She felt a burst of anger. She was thinking that the idiot actually recognized words. She was actually going to check over the account books.

“Is there a problem, Mama Cui?” Shen Ziqiao smiled and asked.

Her smile appeared to be strangely irksome. Mama Cui lowered her head. “This mama will have someone bring it over in a bit.”

Shen Ziqiao was satisfied. “You guys can go do your own things.”

When everyone left, Shen Ziqiao immediately laid on the table, powerless and dispirited. It was much more tiring than going to battle.

Hong Yu and Hong Ying smiled at this.

Only Lady Meng wore a serious expression, her eyebrows knitted tightly as if in a grave situation.

“Lady Meng, what’s the matter?” Seeing her unusual expression, Shen Ziqiao hurriedly asked.

“Third Miss, this is just the beginning. It was much harder for the Madam when she first started.” Lady Meng glanced at the child-like Shen Ziqiao and sighed in her heart. She felt like it was strange how cooperative Mama Cui and the rest were.

Shen Ziqiao could imagine the hardships the Pan Madam had encountered back then. She tugged on Lady Meng’s sleeves and miserably said, “Lady Meng, you have to help me.”

She had never managed a household before. Even more, she wasn’t clever nor did she like to learn. She was a bit lazy and just wanted to live a casual and peaceful life.

Had she knew that she’d transmigrate one day, she’d learn all sorts of methods to combat villains.

“Third Miss, don’t worry. Although this lady hasn’t been in the Shen Family for many years, Madam has taught this lady quite a bit.” Lady Meng said.

Shen Ziqiao nodded firmly.

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