Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 701: Loving one’s country: They are enemies! (Part 2)

The situation on the frontlines were urgent and the male lead spent most of his devising strategies to combat the Japanese invaders.

In his eyes, the only thing he needed to do was protect his home and country.

In his life, there was no love.  But in an urgent mission, the previous host spent money to receive the identity of an officer to approach him, going to the battlefield with him.

The previous host was a hot blooded youth.  After studying for so many years abroad, her first wish was to defeat the Japanese and defend her home!

However the battlefield was dangerous.  A grenade exploded by her and her head buzzed, as she couldn’t hear a thing.

When she opened her eyes, the male lead was beside her.

He knew her identity, but he didn’t know why she was here.

The previous host made a serious confession, telling him bit by bit of how she loved him for over a year now.

The male lead was silent.  Since they were still in a dangerous area, he handed the AK47 in his hand to the previous host and said, “Guard yourself.”

Zuo Mu Ran never would have thought that this gun he gave the previous host would end his life.

He was very powerful, taking her out of danger even with all those enemies.

Safely returning to An Ning City.

When the previous host wanted to confess this matter to her elders, she was kidnapped.

In the middle of the night, she was taken to the Zuo Manor.

When she saw him, she was excited.  If she hadn’t guessed wrong, the flowers had bloomed with this youth she had loved for so long.

She never thought that the male lead would coldly say, “Watch her, don’t let her take a single step from this room.”

The previous host didn’t understand, until the maid accidentally revealed it the next day.  Only then did she know that Zuo Mu Ran had blown up the Luo Manor with grenades.

The Luo Manor was in ruins when she rushed over, with bodies scattered all over from the blast.  She couldn’t even tell who was who…...

Her vision turned black and she lost consciousness.

When she opened her eyes again, she was back at the Zuo Manor.  The male lead had brought her back, telling her that he had killed her family.

The previous host asked why and he said it was for a personal grudge.

Actually, the previous host didn’t know that the Luo Family were traitors.  Only Luo Gong loved his daughter, sending her out of the country to study from a young age to keep her away from everything.

The male lead’s big brother had been plotted against by Luo Gong on a mission.  He who had never failed a mission was actually killed in a Japanese manor.

The male lead began investigating afterwards, suspecting the Luo Family of being traitors.  After investigating around, he had finally found evidence.

But the destruction of the Luo Family came from above and he was just a junior officer.

The Luo Manor was blown up so no one could find her corpse, at least he could save her life.

However, the previous host didn’t know this.

The hatred in her heart covered her love and she kept asking him why, but he never responded.

She was a hot blooded girl, how would she feel if she knew that her family were traitors?

Only when the previous host pointed the gun at him did he feel a bit of regret.

He wasn’t afraid of death, he just didn’t know who would protect her after he died.

When he was about to tell everything, the girl who loved him for three years pulled the trigger.

It was very accurate, a single shot through the heart.

At that moment, the previous host panicked because in the depths of her heart, she wasn’t willing to pull the trigger.

But the revenge for destroying her family had to be taken.

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