Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 70: Survival on Snake Island (15) Part 2

The big man got more excited.

"Then can you teach me kung fu? I want to learn too."

"Later, if you have the chance."

Obviously determined, the big man continued to ask, "Where did you learn it? Does everyone in your country know it?"


"When did you start learning? Do all of you learn kung fu from a young age?"


"Mr. Thirteen, you are too cold. Can we be friends?"

Well, this time, Thirteen didn't answer at all.

Without a reply, the big man also felt a little embarrassed.

The scene was cold for a while.

There was only the sound of their footsteps and their shadows swaying on the wall in the quiet path.

After walking at some distance, another snake came out to attack.

Both of them quickly dodged by jumping.

The snake landed in the midst of the two.

It rushed towards Thirteen, spitting serpentine signals and looking for a gap, ready to launch an attack at any time.

The big man who was watching the standoff between the snake and Thirteen mentally calculated the time.

That Chinese man was highly skilled, and the snake would be taken out in the next round.

If he couldn't seize the opportunity this time, it would be more challenging next time.

After he made up his mind, he paid close attention to the snake's movements and slowly approached it.

His hands behind his back and took a stance like he was going to attack it.

When Thirteen noticed the big man's movements, he slowly adjusted his angle. He guided the snake's attention all over him, looking for an opportunity that would allow the big man to kill the snake.

Even though the snake's attention was on Thirteen, it did not ignore the danger behind it.

When the big man was close to it, the snake suddenly turned its head in the direction of the big man and went out with a "whoosh,” springing up in a flash, opening its mouth and revealing its white fangs.

The man, although physically large, his reaction was not slow at all.

He deftly dodged and avoided the snake's attack.

The snake immediately retreated after its attack failed.

It curled its body and kept swaying its head, looking for the next opportunity to attack.

Since that one attack, the snake had changed the dangerous situation, being caught between the front and back, forming a triangular standoff with the two.

The two took advantage of the gap just after the snake launched an attack and quickly approached the snake together.

To escape, the snake must attack one of them and make an opening.

Right now, the snake detected a smell from the big man that made him so disgusting.

The smell made it instinctively want to stay away from.

So it arched its body and launched a violent attack at Thirteen.

Just as soon as the snake launched, the big man also moved.

He pulled out a gun and shot.

Not at the snake, but the target was Thirteen.

Thirteen threw out the knife in his right hand when the snake attacked, while the machete in his left hand was placed in front of his chest.

The bullet hit the surface of the machete with a "dang" sound, and it was deflected to the wall.

The surface of the machete got dented.

Thankfully, the pistol he took was not very powerful and should only be used to fight snakes.

Otherwise, he would have fallen down now.

The snake had already been planted on the ground by the knife and was completely lifeless.

Thirteen did not give the big man the time to react and immediately threw the machete in his hand, close to the big man.

He kicked in the air, but the big man hurriedly crossed his arms over his head for defense.

But the power of his leg made the big man retreat a few steps backward, that the gun in his hand also fell off to the ground.

The first blow did not work.

Thirteen clenched his fist and punched the man in the abdomen.

The man then also reacted and met Thirteen's punches and fought with him. Every move was lethal.

The two of them fought back and forth, and the only sacrifice was the snake lying on the ground, which was already a corpse.

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