Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 70: Survival on Snake Island (15) Part 1

Not wanting to be left behind, Xu Yan could only follow Ah Jin and set off.

Along the way, Zhang Ming once again asked, "What happened to your son? You have not finished yet?"

Xu Yan chuckled in self-mockery.

Her eyes were red again.

"There was no money in the early stage. Without it, there was no effective treatment for him. The virus has spread. The doctor said that at least three months, and at most six months."

Xu Yan’s tears fell.

This time she did not cry loudly, but she just cried silently.

Unfortunately, nobody sympathized with her.

Zhang Ming said, "You really can't live with the consequences of your own sin."

"What do you know! A person like you who lives in a greenhouse cannot possibly understand. My despair, my pain! All of you don't understand! Do you think I want to do this?! I also have no choice. There is no way out ah!"

Xu Yan fiercely looked at Zhang Ming.

"I would go to hell if I could save my son! What's the point of hurting people? You can only be blamed for being too greedy! Too ignorant! Don't criticize me from a moral high ground! Do you think you're better than me?

"Why didn't you disagree when Hai arrested Zhou Yi? You thought it was okay to stand neutral? That you could pretend you didn't do it by being silent?! In the end, we are just the same kind of people!"

Zhang Ming was dumbfounded.

Yes, the truth was that he was not qualified to say anything about others.

When Hai caught Zhou Yi and wanted to threaten her teammates to hand over the flag, he did not dare to offend Hai.

So he could only choose to be silent, being a bystander who covered his ears.

Ah Jin listened to the two of them arguing, her attention straight ahead into the darkness.

The fire in her hand dispersed a little darkness with every step she took.

The darkness behind her would follow with each step she took.

In the passage, her flat voice echoed, "The happiness all over the world is more or less the same, whereas the misfortunes are different in their own way. Since you chose that, then keep going. Even if it is a hell ahead, you should not blame anyone. This is all your own choice."

Xu Yan smiled bitterly, "If it were you, would you do the same?"

"There is no if, and I am not you."

Xu Yan listened to Ah Jin's calm and firm voice.

That woman did not show how powerful she was, but Zhang Ming was willing to follow her.

Even the silent Thirteen would listen to her.

Xu Yan had a moment of confusion.

Could she really be wrong?

That thought flashed by.

She then discarded the idea.

She could not go back.

Just like Qiao Jin said, since she chose it, she could not regret it.

Compared to the effortless way of Zhou Yi’s and the various bitter drama on Ah Jin's side, Thirteen's side was much more miserable.

Not to mention the number of people was the least, but the path was also not safe.

All kinds of venomous snakes incessantly attacked.

Fortunately, Thirteen, and the big man of the mercenary, was skilled.

Both of them dealt with it quite efficiently.

The big man was rather curious about Thirteen.

"Mr. Thirteen, is that Chinese kung fu you are doing?"

Although he was a foreigner, Thirteen remained silent.


"Wow, then you are really great. I grew up enjoying Chinese kung fu very much. Do you know Bruce Lee? He was in the movies, Ah Da~."

He said and struck a classic pose of Bruce Lee.

Thirteen nodded, "I know."

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