Rebirth to become the President’s Omega Wife

Chapter 70 - Growth liquid [OW]

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Gu An's trick?

Ridicule flashed in Gu Liheng's eyes, and he lightly explained about his past.

"Gu An was born with a very weak body, and his elders love him very much. He is not physically fit, but his academic performance is very good. His appearance is good, has a gentle temperament, and people like him a lot."

"He likes to trouble me. When he sees things that I like, he would always find ways to take them from me.  I was very naughty when I was a child, so I would always get into fights with him. In front of the elders,  he will always look worse than me, so the elders would scold me."

"How old was he at that time, that is so scary," Su Ling patted Gu Liheng’s arm and added, "Little Pitiful, this Gege (older brother) will protect you from now on, so that you will not be bullied."

Gu Liheng looked down at Su Ling, "Gege?"

"Using the word ‘Gege’ sounds more confident." Su Ling righteously said.

A smile flashed in Gu Liheng's eyes, his young man is too cute, and he liked it too much.

After a while, the two of them arrived at Ni An’s department.  After Su Ling presented the appointment card, they were immediately given access.

Ni An was not surprised to see Gu Liheng. He smiled and brought them to the laboratory. Ni An’s laboratory is fully equipped, and there are 3 assistants inside doing research.  When Ni An enters, they greet him quickly. Ni An waved at the assistant and let them continue with what they were doing. Then he took Su Ling to the worktable on the left. There were some instruments on the table.  A strangely shaped green plant was placed near the window. The thickness of the main stem is like a chopstick, and its length is only a finger tall. The plant was covered in a white transparent ball.

Behind the table is a rack on the wall, filled with bottles and cans. Ni An took a bottle of light green liquid and said,  "This green lotion is the raw material from a B-grade spiritual plant, Dew Grass (含露草). It is very moisturizing and skin-friendly."  He looked at Su Ling, "Many Omega treats it as a skincare product, so you can also try it."

Su Ling: "...En, I will."

Ni An took out a test tube, "Green lotion and..." He paused, "Does the liquid you gave me has a name?"

Su Ling: "Vine liquid."

Hearing that, Ni An briefly glanced across Su Ling’s wrist and smiled, "It seems that the netizen’s guess is correct.  That vine is the Grade S spiritual plant, Lóng Mó Téng, right?"

Working hard to act as a bracelet on Su Ling's wrist, Lóng Mó Téng didn’t move despite hearing that. Su Ling smiled and spread his hands, "I don't know anything."

A thought flashed in Ni An's mind. Thinking about the high IQ of the Grade S spiritual plants, he had some guesses in his heart. He smiled and poured 5ml of green lotion into the test tube.

He explained, "The ratio of green lotion and vine liquid is 1:3. After letting it sit for 10 minutes, you can then put it in the aging machine and set the timing as 15 days."

Su Ling wrote down what Ni An said. Then he realized Ni An has stopped talking and didn't continue. As if suddenly remembering something,  he took out 100ml of vine liquid from his space storage and handed it to Ni An.

Ni An took the liquid and poured 15ml into a test tube. After that, he returned the remaining vine liquid to Su Ling and then poured the 2 types of liquid into a glass bottle together.

"Then you have to let it sit for 10 minutes," Ni An said. "Please wait a moment."

"It's okay," Su Ling asked. "Can I take a look around?" He pointed to the instruments everywhere.

Ni An: "Don't touch those that are working. You can freely check out the rest."

Su Ling looked at all kinds of instruments, while Gu Liheng silently noted down the instruments that Su Ling stared at for a longer time.

When they returned to the workbench,  Ni An was opening the transparent cover of the spiritual plant by the window sill. He held a small pair of scissors, and carefully cutting a section from the main stem. Then he placed it in the small bottle in front of him. Ni An put away the scissors and closed the cover. After that, he tapped on the cover and adjusted the settings.  Next, he poured several liquids into the small bottle in front of him, mixing with the cut stem.

When he stopped, Su Ling asked curiously, "What fragrance are you making?"

Ni An shook his head, "It's not a fragrance, but a special-grade inhibitor, specifically for Omega who is in estrus but has no partner."

Su Ling: "Can't you just buy it online?"

Ni An: "The ones in the market have side effects. Upon usage, the person’s mood will be very depressed within a week and it is not good for the body." He sighed and looked at the window sill, "Unfortunately, the necessary raw materials for this special-grade inhibitor are not easy to obtain. Thus cannot be marketed."

In Su Ling’s mind, he searched for the spiritual plant information that he had seen in the spiritual plant registration association. Then he looked at the green plant, and asked unsurely, "Is this plant called Flower Bud Grass (花苞草)?"

The picture he saw in the storage room is very different from this green plant. The main stem of the Flower Bud Grass in the picture is straight and is more than 1m in length. It has light purple flower buds growing around the main stem from bottom to top. On the other hand, this green plant is no more than 10cm in length. The stem is smooth and no buds are growing from it.

Ni An nodded, "Yes," he looked helpless as he said, "Although it is a Grade B spiritual plant, it grows slowly and consumes a lot of nutrients. So, its rarity is about the same as a Grade A spiritual plant now."

"If an Omega is in good health and can withstand the side effects of general inhibitors, they will be forbidden to use special-grade inhibitors. Even so, this Flower Bud Grass cannot last long."

Su Ling: "Just now, you cut the raw materials out directly, will there be any problem?" Raw materials that are not voluntarily provided by the spiritual plant are likely to be toxic.

Ni An: "This Flower Bud Grass is different from other spiritual plants. It will only be considered as a spiritual plant if flower buds grow out of it. At the moment, this plant is a normal plant so direct harvesting does not affect the effect."

Su Ling looked at the Flower Bud Grass curiously, and a thought formed in his mind. His fingers subconsciously rubbed at Lóng Mó Téng on his wrist, "Is it difficult to buy Flower Bud Grass?"

"En, the existing ones are all grown by the Imperial Spiritual Plant Cultivation Institute. They are not sold to the public and the institute cooperates only with hospitals. There are also strict regulations on the quantity that hospitals of different levels can buy."

Curious, Su Ling asked,  "Is it difficult to grow the plant?"

Ni An: "The main reason is that its growth rate cannot keep up with the consumption rate. It grows too slowly. Generally, it has to grow to at least half a meter before it starts to form buds. Only with the buds, we can cultivate a new plant. But at the moment, we can hardly wait for its buds to grow, so we have to use its stem instead."

"Fortunately, the remaining 10 plants in the cultivation institute are forbidden to be used, otherwise they will be extinct now."

Su Ling nodded and Ni An smiled, "As expected of a student in spiritual plant major, you have a great interest in spiritual plants. You will definitely become an amazing spiritual cultivator in the future."

Su Ling's eyes curved with smiles, "I will work hard."

When the mixture resting time is up, Ni An puts the glass bottle in the aging device and adjust the values. After Su Ling has taken the notes, he pressed the start button. After 3 minutes, the aging device stopped working. Ni An skillfully froze and filtered the mixture, and finally put the finished product into a small white bottle, "This is a spray bottle. The mouth of the bottle will atomize the liquid. When you use it,  you can spray it on the gland so there won’t be any wastage." He handed the bottle to Su Ling and said, "Bottles can be bought online and there are many different models."

Su Ling took over and thanked Ni An, "Thank you so much."

Ni An laughed, "It's no trouble, just a bit of work. It's the vine liquid you provided that helped me to research a new product. Thank you for the joy I obtained from the research. If you have new materials in the future, you can always find me."

Su Ling promised and left the hospital with Gu Liheng.

In the car, Su Ling contacted Chief Wang of the Logistics Department. After some discussion, he managed to exchange some black liquid for a small Flower Bud Grass.

After the call, Gu Liheng asked Su Ling, "You want to make a special-grade inhibitor?"

"No, with you beside me, I don't need it," he paused before saying, "If my experiment is successful,  I will try to make some to put it in the fragrance bar for emergency use."

Gu Liheng understood what Su Ling meant, "You want to use vine liquid?"

Su Ling nodded, "Yes!"

After lunch, a delivery arrived from the military’s logistic department. Su Ling took the courier to the spiritual plant room and placed the Flower Bud Grass on the stool. It was not placed on the ground because it is too small. In the palm-sized flowerpot is a plant’s stem less than 10cm in length. If the pot is placed on the ground, it could easily be stepped on.

Xian Mo Yu's roots swayed around the Flower Bud Grass. Fortunately, the plant is still a seedling. At home, Xian Mo Yu always releases fragrance so instead of being frightened, the Flower Bud Grass bends its stem to touch the roots.

Su Ling didn’t use the vine liquid right away but first asked Lóng Mó Téng, "Uncle Long, can the spiritual plant grows using your vine liquid?"

"Yes, the lower the level, the faster it will grow. But you must give the right amount, or the plant will die."

Su Ling: "How much do you think the Flower Bud Grass needs?"

Lóng Mó Téng did not answer immediately but moved from Xian Mo Yu’s petals to the stool. Gradually shrinking during the movement, it finally became a thin vine as it climbed into the flowerpot and wrapped around the Flower Bud Grass stem. Lóng Mó Téng has shrunk so small that its original emerald green leaves looked almost black.

Su Ling had long been puzzled by this change, "Uncle Long, why do your leaves change color?"

"The vine liquid is stored in the leaves. Hence, it becomes concentrated when the size is reduced."

Just about to speak, Su Ling saw the Flower Bud Grass grows at a speed visible to the naked eye, and Lóng Mó Téng shifted as well. The light scent in the air gradually became stronger, and when the Flower Bud Grass reached half a meter, a flower bud appeared on the main stem. The moment the bud appeared, Su Ling felt a joyful emotion, coming from the spiritual plant. He was a little surprised. Just as Ni An said, when a flower bud grows, the plant can be regarded as a spiritual plant. The spiritual plants in this world are so strange, Su Ling sighed in admiration.

Seeing that the Flower Bud Grass grew longer and longer, but the thickness remained the same as if it would snap in the next moment, Su Ling couldn't help asking, "Uncle Long, is this really okay?"

"No problem."

When the stem grows to 1m tall, Lóng Mó Téng moved away and returned to Xian Mo Yu’s petals. Then a sentence appeared in Su Ling's mind, "I used half of the vine liquid I gave you every day." In other words, 25ml is enough for a Flower Bud Grass to grow.

Su Ling lightly pinched Lóng Mó Téng’s leaf and said, "Thank you, Uncle Long!"

The leaf shook and rubbed against his fingertips, "You are welcome, nephew."

Su Ling laughed and retracted his hand.

Xian Mo Yu's roots rubbed against the vines, "You are such a good uncle."

Lóng Mó Téng: "Idiot, stop talking nonsense."

Su Ling counted the flower buds growing on the stem from bottom to top. There are a total of 10 buds, exactly 1 bud every 10cm apart. The stem slightly bent and touched his fingertips. Smiling, he communicated with the plant using his pheromone and drew a small grass with three strokes to represent the flower bud. (Probably like this - \ | / )

The scent from the Flower Bud Grass became stronger, and an image of a flower bud appears in Su Ling's mind, which is located at the bottom of the spiritual plant. Su Ling looked over and saw that the lowest flower bud swayed up and down, before falling on to the flowerpot.

Su Ling gently stroked the stem with his fingers, "Thank you."

The stem bends and touches his arm. That movement shocked Su Ling, but fortunately, the stem is very flexible and did not snap. He picked up the bud, didn't know how to raise the seedlings. After a moment of thought, he put it away carefully and decided to check more information later. He put the Flower Bud Grass next to Baby’s breath and Lopseed’s pot. All of a sudden, Lopseed’s silver leaves straightened and slashed on the stem. That frightened the Flower Bud Grass and it bent aside in the opposite direction.

Su Ling lightly pinched Lopseed’s leaf and said, "This is a new friend, everyone needs to get along well."

An image of Lopseed’s nectar appeared in Su Ling’s mind. Then a vertical line appeared with a simple word beside it – Dry. (Should be like this - | 干) Before Su Ling could be surprised by that, he was dumbfounded by a sense of pride conveyed by Lopseed. The vertical line must be referring to the Flower Bud Grass. He smiled and said, "En, the Flower Bud Grass is different from you. It doesn’t produce liquid, so get along well."

Lopseed’s leaves shook and softened before wrapping around the stem. The stem trembled for a while, and finally calmed down.

Su Ling imagined that the lower the level of the spiritual plants, the simpler their thinking. Previously, his 3 Grade A spiritual plants were frightened by Xian Mo Yu’s presence. Even after Xian Mo Yu promised that it would not hurt them, they were still on alert for a while. Unlike the Flower Bud Grass, it immediately believed that Lopseed meant no harm to it.

Getting up, Su Ling pinched the root wrapped around his wrist and asked, "Papa Xian, did you teach them to read?"

Xian Mo Yu: "Of course, we should study together! Although they are stupid, they can learn slowly."

The roots shook as Xian Mo Yu added, "Communication is more convenient this way."

Lóng Mó Téng’s leaf turned and stabbed at a root, "You just don't want them to be idle!"

Xian Mo Yu: "Humph, I did not."

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