Believe It Or Not, I Already Caught You

Chapter 7: Third Young Master’s Evil Spirits

In the study room on the second floor, Lou Ming took the compass passed by his assistant and looked carefully at it, his brows frowning slightly.

“Third young master, I think we need to re-investigate this Chen Yu.” Lou Ming’s third assistant, Cheng Peng, said seriously.

Lou Ming didn’t speak, still looking at the compass in his hand. The pure black compass wasn’t big, it was more or less the size of a palm, lying quietly on his hand, it looked nothing special.

“Third young master?” Cheng Peng asked Lou Ming again when he found that he didn’t reply.

Lou Ming put the compass in his hand on the table, looked up and asked Cheng Peng, “I remember, the old man who raised the girl was a half-immortal, right?”

When Chen Yu first appeared in the small courtyard, He Qi, one of the assistants reported to Lou Ming about Chen Yu’s life experience, however, He Qi told him that the old man was a Paranormal Fraud, not a half immortal.


“Then… she having this compass is also reasonable, right?” Lou Ming continued to ask.

“Yes, but…” Cheng Peng said his suspicion, “The compass is a metaphysical thing after all, Chen Yu had only been back for three days, but she had been coming over here with the compass two times already. Tonight, she secretly buried the compass under the courtyard wall, she must have a purpose for doing this."

“What purpose?” Lou Ming asked.

“I don’t understand about metaphysical thing, but there’s a formation arranged by Master Mao in the courtyard, which may be related to this.” Cheng Peng doubted.

“You’re saying… that this Chen family’s little girl wants to destroy the formation?” Lou Min looked with a little surprise.

Cheng Peng nodded.

“What would happen if the formation is broken?” Lou Ming began to make hypothesis about this, but he can’t visualize anything.

Thinking of the result, Lou Ming’s expression started to become desolate, but there was also a trace of relief mixed inside.

“Third young master!” Cheng Peng felt a little distressed when he noticed the change in Lou Ming’s mood. He wanted to comfort him but couldn’t find any word to say, in the end, he can only make a promise, “With us here, we will never let anyone destroy the formation in this yard.”

Lou Ming realized that he lost himself for a bit, he quickly adjusted his mind and smiled slightly towards Cheng Peng, “No need to be so nervous, if the formation is broken, Master Mao will naturally come and repair it again, actually, this isn’t a big deal.”

“How could it not be a big deal? Now that Master Mao is abroad, he won’t be able to come here in just an hour and a half, and the evil spirits inside Young master’s body is really unstable.” Cheng Peng was agitated, “If you suddenly lose control…”

When Cheng Peng mentioned ‘out of control’, his hands clenched into fists, and the muscles on his face trembled.

“Lose control ah…” Lou Ming was unconcerned, “Then I’d have to trouble you.”

Cheng Peng who was originally still able to control himself, when he heard Lou Ming’s words, he suddenly turned around and walked away, “I’m going to bring Chen Yu here now.”

“Stop.” Lou Ming immediately shouted to Cheng Peng.

“Third young master.” Cheng Peng turned around, a look of stubbornness painted his face. He knew that he was agitated, but when he thought of the consequences if Third young master lose control, Cheng Peng suddenly felt that he couldn’t bear it.

“You guys…” Lou Ming was very clear that everyone in this yard was more concerned about his safety

than himself, “Just go check if you want to, but don’t do anything unnecessary without any evidence.”

“But…” Cheng Peng still felt that he had to control every unstable factors in advance, even if it was just a suspicion.

“Cheng Peng, are my words already useless now?” Lou Ming looked at Cheng Peng and said with a cold voice.

After spending three years with Third young master, Cheng Peng knew more than anyone else that it was not easy for Third young master. Because of his relationship with the evil spirits, Third young master almost had no friends, he can’t go to crowded places, and he even had to avoid his family. Simply put, the more he cared about someone, the more he had to stay away from them.

After receiving the task to protect Third young master, the first thing Cheng Peng did was to scan through every points that needed his attention. The last point that needed his attention was, in the event of Lou Ming getting out of control, he had to immediately eliminate him.

When he first saw this command, as a soldier who was accustomed to obeying whatever command given to him, his emotion didn’t stir too much. Cheng Peng was a special soldier who has killed many people, for the sake of national security, no matter whether it’s a man, woman, old or young, as long as it’s for the country, he would not hesitate to do anything.

What surprised him was that, when Lou Ming saw him for the first time, he very straightforwardly asked, “Have you read through the list?”

Cheng Peng nodded without any expression.

“Then I have to trouble you if I get out of control.” Lou Ming said with a touch of apology in his tone, as if to repeat again how he was really sorry to trouble him with this matter.

Cheng Peng was slightly surprised. However, although he appreciated it, he didn’t have many unnecessary emotions.

It wasn’t until six months later before he knew that the last point was added by Lou Ming himself. It turned out, when Lou Ming was eighteen years old, the evil spirit was out of control once. Qi Hao, the personal assistant at that time was unwilling to hurt Lou Ming, but he was also afraid that those evil spirits would harm ordinary people if he went out, and thus, he handcuffed himself and Lou Ming together, locked inside the room. Although Master Mao quickly came over to calm Lou Ming down, but at that time, Qi Hao who had locked himself with Lou Ming to prevent him from leaving, was already dying after having been beaten by the crazed Lou Ming.

When he was sent to the hospital, Qi Hao’s body quickly recovered due to his strong physic, but his spirit had completely collapsed due to the strong erosion from the evil spirit. When Qi Hao woke up, he became a violent and irrational killing machine, he had to be kept in a mental hospital forever.

Lou Ming’s evil spirit has existed with him since his birth, and it also got stronger along with his growth, reaching the peak when he was fifteen years old. Anyone without firm willpower or weak body can’t get near him at all, otherwise, the weak willed people can be affected by the evil spirit, becoming irritable, and even becoming mentally disturbed after a long time exposure, while the weak bodied ones will become seriously ill due to the erosion.

Before the age of fifteen, Lou Ming never dared to stay in a place for more than two hours, and after the age of fifteen, he was trapped in this small courtyard that was surrounded by the array arranged by Master Mao to suppress the growth of those evil spirits, and then used a special method to weaken them. And thus, he has lived, jailed in this place for three years to control those evil spirits, until that one time they suddenly broke out.

Lou Ming went to the hospital to see Qi Hao when he woke up, and when he returned back, he personally added this point to the list of commands. It was only half an hour, and a determined special soldier was turned into a mental patient by him, Lou Ming didn’t dare to think how much casualties would he caused if he went out of the vicinity in his frenzied state. He felt like a humanoid weapon, he didn’t want to hurt others, but he also knew that the country wouldn’t give him up easily.

Lou Ming was the most sophisticated weapon expert in the country, because of the weapons that he designed, China’s status in the world couldn’t be shaken, as they can reduce many casualties on the battlefield. To some extent, Lou Ming was the patron saint of China.

Even if more people like Qi Hao were sacrificed, the country will still keep Lou Ming. Lou Ming knew this very well, but he obviously disagreed.After he came back, he talked for a long time with his father, Minister Lou,  but Minister Lou never agreed. Finally, Lou Ming simply said: If there is ever such a thing again, if you don’t kill me, then I’ll kill myself.

“Cheng Peng?” Lou Ming was a little unhappy to see Cheng Peng’s delay in replying to him.

“I must protect your safety.” Cheng Peng returned to his senses. He gritted his teeth, even if it made Third young master hate him, he won’t let anything threaten Third young master.

Lou Ming looked at Cheng Peng coldly, while Cheng Peng also looked back at Lou Ming with a face full of guilt and uneasiness, but he still insisted.

“So be it.” Lou Ming sighed, took the phone beside him, clicked on WeChat, found Master Mao’s number, and started a video call.

The video was quickly connected, an elderly man appeared at the end of the video.

“Lou Ming ah, is there something you need to find me?” Master Mao asked kindly.

“Master Mao, I’m not bothering you, am I?” Lou Ming said.

“It’s okay, it’s time for rest right now, what’s wrong?” Master Mao knew that Lou Ming wouldn’t call him for no reason.

Lou Ming picked up the compass on the table and showed it to Master Mao. He asked, “Master Mao, please look at this.”

Master Mao narrowed his eyes and looked at it for a moment, then said, “This is a compass, it looks a bit old, where did it come from?”

Lou Ming looked at Cheng Peng and saw that he was listening with his ears upright, so he continued, “Someone buried it outside the courtyard wall.”

“Outside the courtyard wall?” Master Mao frowned immediately.

“Why? Does this compass has any effect on the formation?” Lou Ming asked.

Cheng Peng became even more nervous, as long as Master Mao said that there was even a trace of influence, he would immediately rush to the Chen family and arrest her.

“That couldn’t be, I can immediately feel if there’s a problem with the formation.” after Master Mao said this, he asked, “Who buried this? Where was it buried in?”

“A little girl, buried in the southeast corner.” Lou Ming thought something and added, “This girl’s grandfather is a half-immortal.”

“Oh, it’s like this.” Master Mao thought for a bit then said, “This girl must be here to steal some spiritual aura.”

“Stealing aura?” Lou Ming raised his eyebrows in surprise.

“The yard you lives in is the most powerful place in the Imperial Capital, and aura is the thing most needed by Heavenly Teachers.” Master Mao explained, “You said that that girl’s grandfather is a half-immortal, I estimate that she found the aura rich in your courtyard, so she wanted her Spiritual Treasure to absorb some of it. But she must also have noticed the formation in the yard, so she just stole some aura leaked out from the formation inside.”

“That is to say… it doesn’t have any effect on me?” Lou Ming grabbed the point.

“As long as she doesn’t enter the courtyard, however she toss around outside won’t affect the formation.” Master Mao chuckled, “Besides, how could the formation I arranged be so easy to be broken by a little girl?”

At that time, someone seemed to be calling Master Mao. When Lou Ming saw it, he thought that he already got what he needed, so he said, “Master Mao, you’re busy, I won’t bother you again.”

Lou Ming hung up the video, looked up and said to Cheng Peng, “You heard it, can you rest assured now?”

“Even if this is the case, I won’t let her come again. I insist to informing Mayor Chen to look after his daughter.” Cheng Peng said.

“Cheng Peng.” Lou Ming put down the phone and said with sincere words, “Do you know? Mayor Chen is a very talented official. But as long as you tell this matter, even if it doesn’t affect me at all, Mayor Chen will soon be transferred from the capital, and my father won’t let him take even a step further.”

Cheng Peng froze.

“A good person can only help a limited number of people around him, and a good official can benefit one party or even the country.” After Lou Ming said this point out, he stopped talking anymore. He knew that Cheng Peng could understand.

“I listen to Third young master.” Cheng Peng said after a moment of thinking.

Lou Ming smiled faintly, and the heavy atmosphere instantly dissipated. He pushed the compass in his hand and said, “Put the compass back.”

“You’re planning…” Cheng Peng looked at him with some disbelief.

“Master Mao already said that it doesn’t have any effect.” Lou Ming said, “Besides, we also took this without asking, it can be considered stealing, it’s bad ah…”

Cheng Peng hesitated for a while, and finally accepted the compass, letting someone to bury it back again. He only secretly decided that in the future, Chen Yu must not be allowed to get close to Third young master.


Simply put, the more he cared about someone, the more he had to stay away from them. - omg, that's... *pats Lou Ming on his back and then quickly hide before he notices me* (´・ω・`) Lou Ming is such a lonely bunny~

Believe It or Not, I Already Caught You

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