After Rebirth, the Scum All Cry for Forgiveness

Chapter 7 - The full-level boss abuses and kills rookies.

Zhong Youyou enjoyed the process of solving questions very much. Each question looked like a jumbled-up mess, but after eliminating a bunch of the interfering information, the final answer could be smoothly solved by following the clues. This process truly gave her quite a sense of accomplishment!

The senior year test paper in front of her was a piece of cake for her. Her taking this kind of exam, to put it harshly, was no different from a full-level boss returning to the novice village to kill rookies!

There were ten multiple-choice questions and she knew most of the answers at a glance. The last few were a little bit more difficult. But after only a few seconds of calculation, she could accurately select the correct answer.

This test was just a routine quiz that’s given every Friday and the questions were not difficult. Zhong Youyou didn't think it was challenging. After finishing the multiple-choice questions in absolute boredom, she turned over the paper.


Xu Xiaoyue, who was not seated far away, stared at those questions, and sweated profusely.

Even if this was a bad class, there will be people who study well. After all, I would rather be the head of a chicken than the tail of a phoenix. Xu Xiaoyue was Class 19’s chicken head. Although her grades were not as good as those in the advanced class, it was not a problem to be in the top three of Class 19.

rather be the head of a chicken than the tail of a phoenix - I would rather start my own business than work as a senior worker in a big company. It means that I would rather be a person who can talk in the small circle of 1653 than be an unknown person in the big circle! For example, you are very popular in a certain unit, and others respect you very much, but you are a small unit and the conditions are relatively poor! (Source: a response on Baidu)

At this moment, it has been more than 20 minutes since the test has started and she had only figured out the answers to three multiple-choice questions. She couldn't help feeling a little anxious, and looked up at the clock on the wall from time to time. This time, I don’t know which sadistic teacher made the test papers. It was rarely this hard. There were so many calculations. If she continues at this speed, she will definitely not be able to finish.

She was so anxious that her palms were sweating, and she glanced at the other students who did well in class. Fortunately, those few people also wrinkled their eyebrows and looked very worried, and were all stuck on the multiple choice questions on the first page. She finally breathed a sigh of relief. It seemed that it was difficult for everyone.


Most of the students were still doing the papers like regular students, and there were also some students in the back row that gave up who only wrote their names and sat in a daze, waiting for someone to finish and borrow their paper to copy.

Shi Yimeng is one of these second generation descendants who didn't study at all and just waited to go back and inherit his family business. No matter how he studied, none of it would enter his head and he couldn’t do any of these topics. If it weren't for a teacher watching from the podium during the exam, he and his younger brothers would pull their chairs apart and continue playing LOL.

>LOL - I assume it's League of Legends.

He felt a little bored and his gaze couldn’t help but fall on Zhong Youyou who sat by the wall.

Why did Zhong Youyou change so much?

Zhong Youyou was really inconspicuous in the class before. Except for being picked on in English class, because of that lousy and rustic English that would make the class roar with laughter, the boys in the back row really never paid much attention to Zhong Youyou. Boys always like to discuss which girl is more beautiful between classes. There was almost no discussion about it but they tacitly agreed that Xu Xiaoyue was the class flower of Class 19.

But now that Zhong Youyou has removed her messy hair and makeup, and tidied up a bit, she surprisingly looked good? That Xu Xiaoyue wouldn’t be able to compare even if she stood in front of her.

Unlike the others, Shi Yimeng knew a little bit more about Zhong Youyou.

When high school just started, the boys helped the girls move things. Other girls either had limited edition school bags or shoes that cost more than a thousand yuan. It was only Zhong Youyou, who looked like someone who just came from the poor village that received aid, wearing a red shirt and shoes that were washed white. Shi Yimeng had some impression of her, thinking that she was either a poor student or an upstart.

Later, Zhong Youyou's dress gradually became more expensive, but she developed in the direction of a Shamate. This further confirmed for Shi Yimeng that her family should be a newly rich family, which was the reason why she was so tasteless.

But today Zhong Youyou was like a completely different person and had transformed into a treasured Young Miss.

Shi Yimeng felt that she was really mysterious.

And —— she actually turned out to be extremely beautiful. The hair was cut so short that it was at the base of her ears, yet she looked very pretty. Her clean and fair earlobes were dyed yellow by the sun, almost reflecting the bright light. She practically emanated a strong, aggressive aura.

He stared at her in a daze, not realizing that he was enchanted by her. The younger brother next to him gave him a weird look, followed his gaze, and suddenly snorted in laughter: "Brother Shi, are you having ideas?"

Ideas? Thoughts on Zhong Youyou - that big breasted no brain upstart whose studies were worse than his?

Shi Yimeng flew into a rage from the humiliation and turned around and knocked on that little brother's head with two fingers: "Do your exam!" But even if he didn't admit it, the big tough guy’s heart started beating very fast.

Boys and girls at this age are very superficial. Whoever looked beautiful would easily get a good impression from everyone else.


The math teacher went around with his hands clasped behind his back, and couldn't help but walk to Zhong Youyou, tilting his head to see how she was doing.

If anyone has a deep understanding of Zhong Youyou's grades, it must be the teacher who has been abused by her for three years! Her grades are really bad! Others may get a score of 30 or 40 points in the exam because they didn’t take the exam properly, so they didn’t score well. But she on the other hand definitely didn't understand anything in the exam!

Her foundation was really poor. When she first transferred here, she couldn't keep up with the school’s pace in any subject! In her first year, she tried hard to keep up, but then the teacher didn't know whether the jar was broken and it fell again or what. But she started entangling herself with gangsters and simply didn't listen to lectures in class, and never turned in homework! It was obvious that her results would naturally get worse and worse, so bad that there is no lower limit!

the jar was broken and it fell again - has shortcomings, errors, or setbacks, let it go without correction, or deliberately developed in a worse direction.

The subject teachers for Class 19 always had a constipated expression the moment she’s brought up. This was because the students didn't know Zhong Youyou's family background, but their teacher knew a little. The other two in the Zhong family, Zhong Shixuan and Zhong Xiyou are so outstanding. They competed and brought so much honor to the school, but why was Zhong Youyou, who was also surnamed Zhong, be so muddled? Just with her alone, she dragged down the class average for Class 19!

So when the math teacher came over and saw that Zhong Youyou had already turned to the back page, he thought with a headache that she was filling out multiple-choice questions randomly.

But it's already considered good. You have to know that Zhong Youyou has directly handed in a blank paper many times before.

But he never expected this!

The Mathematics teacher stood beside her and just took a glance, and was so amazed as if he had been struck by thunder! He took a deep breath and looked at the ten multiple-choice questions on the front side of the paper that Zhong Youyou answered — every single one was correct! The math teacher almost doubted whether he had seen the answers wrongly. His eyes widened and he took a step forward, extended his head, and stared fixedly at Zhong Youyou's test paper.

This time the test paper was from the competitive class and the question type was difficult. After making a round, he found that the few people with the best science scores in the class, including Xu Xiaoyue, had very few correct on the multiple-choice questions. The final result will probably not be any better.

This is the first paper he has seen so far with all the multiple-choice questions answered correctly!

Could she have copied? But when he looked at the classmates around Zhong Youyou, he saw that they were still doing the first few multiple-choice questions at the front! Where did she copy it from?!

Being stared at by the math teacher, the tip of Zhong Youyou’s pen on the draft paper where her calculations were on paused and she composedly turned the draft paper to a blank page, hiding her previous calculations that were accurate .

After she transmigrated, she found that her walking posture and handwriting were the same as the original owner, and there was no possibility of getting exposed. But when she was doing the questions earlier, she actually forgot that the original owner's scores were terrible. If she got a perfect score this time, wouldn't it be suspicious?

See? Only a few multiple-choice questions were done correctly and the math teacher already looked so shocked.

She didn't expect that the Study God would have to one day pretend to be an underachiever. Zhong Youyou seemed to sigh, then her pen turned and randomly filled in the blank questions.

There were a total of eight fill-in-the-blank questions. She knew the answer after giving it a few more glances, but it was best not to write the correct answer. She filled in seven wrong answers! She also clutched her hair, pretending that her head was in a mess.

The math teacher stood beside her for a long time and finally dispelled his doubts when he saw that she had filled in the blank questions with so many wrong answers.

Alas, Zhong Youyou was still the empty-headed Zhong Youyou before. The previous multiple-choice questions were all correct, but it must’ve been blind luck! But this luck is really good. Each multiple choice question has four options and there is only a 25% chance of choosing the correct one. She surprisingly got 10 right from just randomly guessing.


After the math teacher left, Zhong Youyou relaxed.

She got all the multiple choice questions right, and the others, even if the correct answer was calculated, they were deliberately written wrong. It's just that the last big question was well designed and she couldn't hold back, so she wrote the correct answer steps. After all, when a Study God encounters a good puzzle, there is always a bit of appreciation for their fellow talent.

The two-hour exam ended soon. This school has an exam for one subject every Friday afternoon, which is a quiz that everyone in the whole grade took. School is over after the exam.

Zhong Youyou stretched and stood up and began to pack her school bags. Usually, Zhong Xiyou and Meng Shixuan would be picked up by the driver together. The original owner and the siblings did not get along well, so she always walked to the bus stop opposite of the school and took the bus back.

But today Zhong Youyou didn't want to go back early and wanted to go to the mall first. She was shocked when she opened the original owner’s wardrobe earlier this morning. She threw away all those small leather leopard-print pants. She had to buy some normal clothing that could be worn by a student, so as to avoid Father Zhong and Mother Zhong giving her the stink eye all day.

"Zhong Youyou, how did you do in the exam?" The boy sitting behind her saw her with her neck down, and her face was so fair and beautiful that he couldn't help but start a conversation.

Zhong Youyou glanced back at him: "Not bad."

Not far away, Xu Xiaoyue was getting annoyed. The test paper was too difficult this time. There were three big questions on the back of the paper and it was a total of 50 points that she didn’t do! It was obvious that even if everything in the front was done right, it would be impossible to get a good score! What's more, she didn't know anything about the problems when she was doing them and she didn't even know how to do many of them!

Hearing Zhong Youyou's words, Xu Xiaoyue became angry and said sarcastically, "What ‘not bad’? Have you done it all?"

Zhong Youyou said: "Didn’t finish." She left a few questions blank on purpose.

Xu Xiaoyue snorted coldly. She still has a chance to succeed compared to Zhong Youyou. Who didn’t know that Zhong Youyou's grades were bad. Every time an exam finishes and the papers are handed out in class, she is always the last to take the papers. Isn't it humiliating? Thinking of this, Xu Xiaoyue, feeling quite haughty, asked: "Why don’t you say the solution for the last multiple choice question."

The last multiple choice question was a bit difficult, but her tutor had explained it to her before, so she could do it. But that question was really difficult, she guessed that only a few people in the class could do it.

Zhong Youyou looked at Xu Xiaoyue in amusement and said, "I chose C."

That question was actually a very common variant of a second-order multiplication, but it had a trap. If you don’t pay attention, you can easily be induced to choose D.

Xu Xiaoyue smiled mockingly when she heard those words: "Zhong Youyou, you are wrong." She said with full certainty: "This answer must be D." She thought that Zhong Youyou knew how to answer given how quickly she wrote after receiving the paper, but it turned out that she was blindly filling them in!

Hearing what she said, the girls next to her suddenly burst into tears, "Huh? You chose D? D*mn, I chose A! That question is too difficult, I can only choose randomly, but my luck is simply terrible. To think I didn’t even touch it at all?!"

Xu Xiaoyue proudly said: "It's okay, it's hard this time."

The girl said, "But you chose the right one. You must have done well this time."

The anxiety in Xu Xiaoyue's heart slightly diminished and she raised the corner of her lips, smiled modestly, and threw a slightly arrogant look at Zhong Youyou.

Zhong Youyou: "..." Child, you are still too young.


Zhong Youyou was disinclined to argue with this group of high school students who were three years younger than her. She turned her gaze back in silence and walked out the classroom with her school bag on her back.

In the end, it was the boy that spoke with her just now, who couldn’t help but help speak for her: “Xu Xiaoyue, we all know that you have good grades, but can’t you speak less?”

Zhong Youyou was a little surprised, there was actually someone who would speak up for her?

But why did she seem to remember that in the original text, it was written that the original owner had a terrible relationship with her classmates? It couldn’t have been today’s change in appearance that made these people change their impressions of her, right?

Speaking of this, the original owner really broke a good hand. She stubbornly insisted on attracting the attention of the Zhong family and made herself look like something that looked neither human nor ghost. But the final result of her rebellion was her destruction and no one felt aggrieved for her.

If she was like Meng Shixuan, being so beautiful every day, her popularity in the class wouldn’t have been so bad, right?

Zhong Youyou sighed. Suddenly, the phone in her jacket pocket rang.

She took it out for a look and then immediately paused her footsteps —— it was Mother Zhong calling.

Zhong Youyou was confused. In the original text, Mother Zhong didn't want to speak even a few words to her daughter in front of her, let alone calling her! What happened for her to be calling now? Something probably happened to Meng Shixuan and she was calling to scold her again, right?

Before she could pick up, there was a series of rapid footsteps in front of her. Zhong Xiyou pushed aside a few classmates in the corridor and ran towards her.

The classrooms for the second years and the third years were separated and were a bit far apart from one another. Zhong Xiyou must have run very fast so that he could arrive as soon as the after-school bell rang. At this time, his handsome forehead was wet with sweat.

"Sister, you came to school?" Zhong Xiyou was a little surprised. He walked over and dragged the schoolbag off her shoulder, slung it behind him and smiled softly: "I will help you carry it."

Zhong Youyou "……"

Zhong Youyou now knows what this sense of violation was. No, how come these characters from the original text were all so weird? Zhong Xiyou had become very strange since this morning and even served her porridge! She didn't think much about it at the time.

But it's even weirder now! Shouldn't you be using such a gentle attitude towards Meng Shixuan? What are you doing bothering me now?

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