Somehow, The Villainess Who Regressed in Time Lost Her Magic Power, so She Turned into a Secluded Maiden

Chapter 7 - Prince's POV

After reaching Marquis’ residence from the academy, Marquis Marcel personally greeted Louis, Cyril, and Ernest. His wife had collapsed because Rachel’s sickness was more grave than what everyone had expected.

“That means, Rachel almost doesn’t have any magic power?”

“Yes, I afraid so. Doctor Donald, who was sent from the royal palace, was the one who examined her. I don’t think there’s a mistake.”

“I see. Her magic power is dying out, huh…”

“I’m very sorry that the situation turned into something like this.”

“No, it’s fine. Marquis, you must be worried about your daughter too. I can help you with your job until you settled down.”

“No, you don’t have to do that, Your Highness.”

What Louis heard from Marquis Marcel was more serious than he initially thought.

Ernest, who had a soft spot on his cousin one year younger than him, had his face full of worry.

The usually expressionless Cyril also looked pretty shaken.

With her high pride, there’s no way Rachel could accept this situation.

Sooner or later, Louis had to review this engagement according to her condition.

It might sounds cruel, but what came to Louis’ mind was the loss of the country due to Rachel losing her magic power rather than his worry towards the girl.

As a crown prince, he had to prioritize the country first, considering what this country presently needed.

Now that Rachel had lost her magic power and the strength of her body, it would be very impossible for her to become the queen.

But when that happens, Louis has to pick a new candidate. Just thinking about that worn him out.

Oh well. She’s still my fiancée now, so why not go see her face? Will she scream hysterically, or grief ostentatiously?

──Who is this person?

Rachel, who could barely sit up by leaning against a large cushion on the bed, effortlessly expressed her sincerity just with her gaze.

Her eyes were slightly wet, but they didn’t lose their light. Her slanted eyes were cute, reminding Louis of a kitten.

She smiled weakly yet elegantly. Even her lustrous black hair that flowed gently exudes appeal.

This might be how it felt to have the desire to protect aroused.

In fact, Ernest and Cyril ‘s cheeks were flushed. They looked restless.

Alright, let’s chase them out. I can’t let them keep staring at her.

What changed from Rachel wasn’t just her appearance or her atmosphere.

There weren’t many things that could affect Louis’ emotions. But her figure when she said in relief, “I’m happy with this,” considerably shocked him.

She lost her magic power; something that never happened in this country before. Yet who could say those words from the bottom of their heart if they experienced such bitterness?


Louis stared at Rachel. Before, he had no interest at her, whose personality like the representative of a noble lady.

And Rachel wanted to cancel their engagement.

Louis wanted to know the state of the mind. She was so attached to him before, and yet she could easily let him go now.

She changed.

Then, what will happen now?

This might be the first time Louis was so interested in a woman.

Louis’ public image was a prince who could handle anything without a problem. But actually, he was someone who wouldn’t feel satisfied until he examined what piqued his interest till the end.

With how she had lost her magic power, they could cancel their engagement at any time. There’s no need to do it now.

What a shame. You shouldn’t expect me to let go of such an interesting thing.

Louis and Cyril were in the carriage, on their way back to the royal palace. Louis remembered Rachel’s face, making him smile.

“How unusual.”


“It’s rare for you to make such a child-like excited face, Your Highness.”

“Oh? Do I look excited?”

“Yeah. Just like when you found Viscount Belmont’s hidden herb garden when you’re thirteen years old.”

Louis laughed out loud at that, and Cyril’s eyes widened in surprise. Then he frowned. He looked at Louis in silence, trying to see what the prince was planning.

“Yeah, that herb garden is interesting. It has all kinds of poisonous plants that should’ve been banned. He even planted a tiny legendary dragon stone tree.”

“The Belmonts has been suffering after that incident, though.”

“There’s no helping it. It will be dangerous if he sells those plants around the world. Plus, I didn’t take his life.”

“Isn’t that because you want to keep his medical knowledge and cultivation ability? You even make him train the kids in the research facility.”

“He’s working hard for the country.”

“You made him, right?”

My, he sure makes me sound like a bad person.

But since it had been a long since Louis’ heart throbbed, he decided to ignore Cyril’s complaint.

Now then, what kind of expression will she make when I visit her next time?

Needless to say, Louis was looking forward to it.

He also wondered if it was possible for magic power to disappear.

...Interesting. I’ll have to investigate this at the royal palace.

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