Looting Equipment From NPCs

Chapter 7 Luoyang Ancient Village (NPC)

After taking a day off, on the evening of the 7th day, the time is 9.00 pm, and the moon rose into the sky right on schedule.

A group of 12 people checked their weapons and held them in their hands, waiting. The eyes of the Level 6 team are firm. Except for Qin Tan, all 4 members of the Level 1 team looked panicked. Although Chen Shuyang is also a little scared, he kept encouraging himself inside. Lou Fan moved his arms around and tried his best to keep his movements ready as usual. As for Chen Shuyang's book, He Yong is also not clear about the usage. The people in Lazuli have various weapons, even if they are similar, the usage is not the same.

Taking a deep breath, He Yong opened the door and stepped out, and everyone behind him also went out. The remaining 8 newcomers watched as the group walked into the darkness and shut the door tightly behind them.

"Why does it feel like it’s getting chilly here as soon as they leave?" A girl touched her arm, crying.

The other girl tightened her arm, eyes looking everywhere, "Don't talk nonsense. Let's go in and close the door. Those, those things can't get in."

The remaining 8 people rushed into the house like frightened birds, afraid to be the slower one to get into the house.

The moon tonight does not seem to be as bright as the previous few days. Fortunately, the Level 6 team is well prepared and there are enough flashlights. Everyone gets one, which they will take turns to light up the way. The back mountain is not very far away. They already explored the path during the day, and it takes about 20 minutes to walk there. Even if it is dark and they walked slowly, they should see the destination in 30 minutes at most. Lou Fan raised the watch on his wrist and looked at the time. They have been walking for nearly an hour and still haven't seen anything. There are dark shadows occasionally attacking them on the road but they are easily resolved by the Level 6 team. They don’t look sorry like how Lou Fan and Qin Tan were yesterday. Even if they lost some time due to this, Lou Fan still felt faintly wrong.

Lou Fan pulled Qin Tan who was walking next to him, and asked in a low voice, "Did we hit a ‘ghost wall’?"

[鬼打墙 - A phenomenon where one keep walking back and forth in the same place]

Qin Tan nodded and is about to speak when He Yong gestured to make everyone stop, "Something is wrong, we should have hit a ghost wall."

Unexpectedly, it’s not just him(LF). Lou Fan could see that He Yong is very anxious. Then He Yong took out something from his backpack. He held it carefully and walked to the middle, seriously placing the item on the ground. It is a golden bead, emitting golden light on the ground. As if a rock fell into a lake, a layer of ripples rippled in the air. Next, the scenery in front of them seemed to have been stripped of a layer and become different from before.

Lou Fan looked back and found that they are standing at a distance of about 300 meters from the resting site, and they could even clearly see the bonfire inside.

"Frick, we really hit a ghost wall!"

"It’s like we are just walking on the same spot."

"Okay, stop scolding, let’s go!" He Yong stopped the rest of them from complaining. He carefully put away the bead and set off again with people.

12.00 am at midnight is not a very good time because the variables are too great. He Yong originally thought that starting 3 hours in advance should be enough but they ended up hitting a ghost wall. Li Xin walked at the end, Lou Fan quickly followed and walked beside her. Lou Fan had beautiful eyebrows. When he smiled, his eyebrows are curved, making him look quite friendly. When he is not smiling, his peach blossom eyes look cold, giving him a temperament that strangers shouldn't come close.

"Sister Li Xin, what was that item that Team Leader He just holding?" Lou Fan had a gentle smile on his face. "It looks amazing, but his weapon is not that, right?"

Lou Fan has a good attitude and looks good. Li Xin has a good impression of him and is willing to tell him more.

"That's the 'equipment' found by Leader. In addition to the weapons everyone brought in with them, each mission world will have some special items that you could get. Generally speaking, it is related to the task NPC. Completing the task given by the NPC, or triggering a piece of key information can let you get these items. These special items can be brought back to Lazuli to enter the next mission world. As for the usage of the items, some will give hints in a relevant mission world while some you have to experiment and find out yourself according to the rules of the mission world. Maybe these items will save your life in the next world, or you can return to Lazuli to exchange or trade with others."

Li Xin paused and said, "After returning to Lazuli, the information regarding your next mission will be released 3 days in advance, leaving you with enough time to prepare."

Lou Fan is surprised to know that things could be done like this. He turned to look at Qin Tan and asked, "Qin Tan, do you know these?"

Qin Tan shook his head, he hadn't had time to inquire about it. The people he met in his newcomer world are not good and gave him little experience. He survived on his own. After returning to Lazuli, the seniors wanted to recruit him, but he refused. Moreover, he didn't bring anything back from the newcomer world. He just saw the seniors collecting something so he also collected some. Only then did he exchange some essential items in Lazuli. Since he has nothing left in his hand, he has no way to inquire for intel.

Li Xin smiled, "Meeting us is also good luck for you. There are all sorts of people in Lazuli, and some do all kinds of bad things. Fortunately, Lazuli's protection mechanism means we cannot harm each other, but you must be careful in the mission world."

Lou Fan nodded and gratefully thanked Li Xin for her advice. He exclaimed, "If so, then I must collect as much equipment as possible in this mission world."

Li Xin laughed out loud, "You thought it is as easy as picking Chinese cabbage? Let's not talk about finding the NPC that triggers the mission, you don’t even know whether your main mission can be completed within the specified time or not. You know, this world is considered a simple world. We can define it as a Level D world, but it took me 5 days to find the key point and this is the lowest level world. The first concern is a matter of time, and the second is a matter of luck. Can you find the NPC that triggers the task? As of now, we have not found any other NPCs except the old man."

Li Xin sighed and said helplessly, "Equipment is very important, everyone knows this, but whether you have time and luck to search for it is not up to you. Equipment is important, but life is more important."

Lou Fan didn’t reply right away, he is thinking about something.

Qin Tan took over the conversation and asked, "What do you mean by the world classification?"

Li Xin paused and took a look at Qin Tan before saying, "Lazuli did not give a level division to the worlds. It’s what the seniors came up with among themselves. There is an announcement regarding this in the trade union in Lazuli. You can check it out at that time."

Lou Fan finally came back to his senses and asked with a frown, "Sister Xin, only the NPC that triggers the task can give us the equipment?" He is very concerned about this question.

Li Xin corrected Lou Fan, "It's not ‘can give’, but ‘maybe give’. As for whether there is only one way to get equipment, I don’t really know. If you want to find out more about it, someone in Lazuli sells intelligence." Since it's selling intelligence, naturally one needs to pay enough remuneration.

Lou Fan sighed and felt that he is extremely poor right now. If so, shouldn't he dig more potatoes and sweet potatoes and bring them back? But he doesn't know if anyone wants them in Lazuli. The issue of equipment is listed in one of his most concerned matters. Li Xin also said that the success rate of completing missions is greater and more secure with equipment. Plus, it can even save lives at critical moments, so he has to pay attention to it. Once again made up his mind, Lou Fan must inquire more about the equipment when he returned to Lazuli.

He Yong's voice suddenly came from the front, and Lou Fan discovered that, at some point, many dark shadows have appeared around them. After breaking the ghost wall, it seemed that a certain balance is broken and these dark shadows surrounded them unscrupulously. Lou Fan knew what kind of monsters are in the dark shadows, so he reminded everyone to deal with it carefully.

No need for Lou Fan’s reminder, the Level 6 team also knew that these shadows are no small fries. They clenched their weapons and stay alert to prevent the shadows from getting close. Not far away is the cemetery area. To reach the tomb of Yu Erniang, it is necessary to pass through this cemetery area. However, the mass of pitch-black shadows makes everyone feel uneasy.

There’s too much of them!

He Yong frowned and felt confused inside. It stands to reason that this is just a simple Level D world, so it shouldn't be so difficult. Everyone said that every 5th level upwards is a hurdle. When he first arrived here in this world, he was still rejoicing by the level. It turned out that it is really not as simple as he thought. Perhaps it is because their group has leveled up to level 6? But thinking about this now is superfluous. If they can't retreat, they can only move forward.

"Everyone should be careful. Close attack on the outside and long attack inside, quickly form a circle." He Yong immediately arranged the positions.

Lou Fan is surrounded inside and he is standing behind Qin Tan. Beside him is a Level 6 team member, and his weapon is a dart. Facing the cemetery ghost, the Level 6 team is under a bit of pressure, so most of the long-range attackers helped them to shave the amount. Lou Fan draws his bow and shoots the arrows without stopping. One arrow after another accurately hits the black shadow, and the shadow disappears without a trace in an instant. Actually, Lou Fan has selfish intentions too. Most of his arrows are helping in Qin Tan's direction. When there is no emergency on Qin Tan's side, then only he helps the other side. Fortunately, the shadows are not unlimited. After killing a bunch of them, the pressure on the attackers suddenly dropped.

"It's really frickin dangerous. Fortunately, the shadows won't get resurrected. Otherwise, our attacks will be really useless." The Level 6 team bald man cursed out. Then he turned his head and grinned at Lou Fan, "Hey, your arrows are very good. It's too frickin accurate."

Lou Fan didn't like the man’s vulgar compliments, but it’s still a compliment so he nodded as a response.

Everyone wiped their sweat with lingering fears. The attackers on the periphery of the circle are more or less injured. Those black shadows are not herbivores after all. After everyone took turns applying the medicine, they continued to move towards the back mountain. Qin Tan didn’t suffer any injuries at all and he secretly winked at Lou Fan.

The team slowly advanced towards the back mountain. When they reached the tomb that they had checked during the day, the watch on their wrists indicated that the time is 12.00 am midnight, not a second less. The originally deserted and messy hillside has changed. A ghostly house appeared halfway up the hillside. Yu Erniang smilingly stood at the door, with two plain white lanterns hanging on both sides of the door. The faint firelight is like a group of ghost fire in the darkness. She is wearing a bright red dress. She is not as skinny as Lou Fan saw in the burnt house, but rather beautiful. However, two abnormal blushes on her face and bright red lips make her look a little scary.

Standing in front of the door, Yu Erniang watched the group of people, grinning with a chilly smile. Her exposed hands are bare bones like charcoal, and the voice is cold and lifeless like a puppet, "The guests are here."

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