Seven Days Escape Game

Chapter 7 - Lunar Day(6)

Translator: Jayre

After dinner, it was still light outside and the four walked back to the dormitory together.

GuMeng scratched his back. After spending the entire afternoon in the dusty gray old auditorium, he could not wait to take a shower, and thus started to pick up his pace.

The man followed him step by step.

Meanwhile, BoYe and TangZhi fell behind, whispering.

BoYe looked at the man whose behaviour was not in accordance with normal logic and asked TangZhi, “You said that he is really a fool? Or is it just all pretense?”

TangZhi whispered, “He really should be a fool, the eyes won’t deceive people.”

BoYe nodded, and inwardly was already coming up with some ideas.

After having taken the plastic basin and toiletries from the dorm, GuMeng impatiently headed down first. “I’ll wait for you in the bathroom on the first floor!”

The man slowly packed his clothes and then left the dorm.

He passed by the safety exit, but was pulled into it by a hand.

In the stairwell, his back hit the wall with a muffled noise and he looked up, at a loss.

Before his eyes, BoYe was blocking the door like a school tyrant as he lifted his long leg and propped it on the opposite railing. “Classmate, you’re a little too naughty. Let’s talk.”

Although the man did not know when he had provoked him, he still nodded.

“What’s your real name?” BoYe asked.

“I don’t have a name.” The man confessed honestly. “I just felt that it was nice to hear when you called the person ‘baby’.”

Whether it was the voice or the tone, when the word ‘baby’ is called out, it seemed that the one who called and the one was called had a different relationship.

Seeing his sincere eyes and genuine expression, BoYe felt that the man was not simply pretending.

BoYe pondered for a moment, before it hit him. “There really is no name?”

The man nodded.

“I’ll give you a new one, how about it?” BoYe eyes flickered and he smiled. “Listen to my advice. A man should have a name that is worthy of his temperament and ‘Baby’ can only be used to address those you’re intimate with. If it’s your name, you’ll be laughed at.”

Hearing what he said, the man furrowed his brows and seriously contemplated the problem of his name. He then asked humbly, “What should I be called then?”

BoYe thought for a moment before asking tentatively, “What about Wang XiaoEr?”

“......Even though I don’t understand it, it is definitely not a suitable name for me.”

With a light cough, BoYe thought that he was indeed too casual and insincere, and said, “What about Wang ErXiao? Do you like it?”

The man stared at him, lips pressed together in silence.

“GouDan? Is that alright?” BoYe lifted his leg off the railing and adjusting his stance, he solemnly explained. “There is a saying in China that the cheaper the name, the longer one can live. Now that everyone is in this horror game, and one could meet their end anytime, this name ‘GouDan’ holds my most sincere blessing.” He patted the man on the shoulder. “I hope you will live a long life.”

“Then I will call you this name in the future. I, too, wish that you will live a long life and send my most sincere blessings.” The man replied.

BoYe: “......I refuse.”

It looked like the man was not as stupid as he thought.

At this moment, BoYe saw that there was a card sticking out of the man’s pants pocket. “What is this?”

He reached out and pulled the white card out from the other’s pocket.

On the rectangular white background, there were two neat black letters printed on it.

“En Jin”.

BoYe looked at the card and then looked at the man. “Your name?”

The man glanced at it and replied, “It was always in the pocket, I didn’t pay any attention to it.”

“Then it should be.” BoYe’s face was filled with sincerity. “It sounds good, I’ll call you that in the future.”

The man hesitated and asked with uncertainty, “Does it really sound good?”

BoYe casually shoved the card into his own pocket. “Really. Next time you introduce yourself, don’t just keep quiet. Like this it’s easy to rouse people’s suspicions, so remember, your name is EnJin and you are now a person with a name.”

Before exiting from the safety exit, BoYe reminded him, “By the way, EnJin, next time I say ‘Baby’, you are not allowed to say anything, alright?”

The man who had a new name finally loosened his expression and nodded. “Thank you for finding back my name.”

BoYe stuck a hand in one of his pant’s pockets and coolly turned around to walk out. “It was nothing.”

Walking along the corridor of the sixth floor, BoYe turned around to look but EnJin did not follow.

He took out the card from his pocket and flipped over the white card with the name ‘En Jin’ printed on it. There were a few lines written at the back——

【Machine washable (numbers represent temperature)】.

【Suitable for handwashing】.

【Do not use bleach】.

【Ironing temperature (160℃)】.

Placing the white card back into his pocket, BoYe’s guilt lasted for only a second.

Even though ‘En Jin’ was the brand of the school uniform and it was too insincere to use it directly, at any rate, the man now had a name.

T/N: The explanation for ‘GouDan’ is actually legit, but it can also be used to curse at people. It’s okay if friends use it for scolding but when said by strangers...

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