"Tokiwagi-san, are you always working part-time?"

"I guess so," I answered shortly and took one fries in front of me. Wakamiya's voice was monotone as usual, but I felt like her cheeks were slightly more relaxed. She was probably in a good mood.

However, contrary to such Wakamiya, my heart wasn't calm.

For some reason, Wakamiya and I sat next to each other... Everyone around us was staring at us, their gaze almost blood-thirsty. I could even hear them saying something similar to a curse.


I could only sigh. Why did this happen?

——It all started around an hour after I started my shift.

I was wiping the table and throwing out the trash bags. Up to that point, nothing had changed from the usual.

Yes, up to that point...

"Welco... me..."

One of the waiters energetically greeted the customer, only to lose his words once he saw the person who just came in. His mouth was opened wide, completely stunned.

The reason was simple. The Goddess had descended upon this place. What's more, today was Saturday. Meaning, she was wearing casual clothes right now.

Her navy dress and white cardigan were plain, but they suited her so much. She was so pretty, not looking like a high school student at all. Partly because of that, she attracted the eyes around her the moment she entered the restaurant.

Among them, there were even some men who looked bewitched, their eyes filled with hearts. Calling her an angel would be an understatement.

As expected from the Social Goddess. Her casual clothes looked exactly like what the popular girls would wear.

Well, everything was still good at that time.

She had come a lot lately, making her so famous that she became a talk between the staffs. But then, she was only "a customer".

No one knew that I had been talking to her and sending her home a lot recently.

It wouldn't be strange if anyone found out about our connection. Even so, since Wakamiya never talked to me in the restaurant, the other part-time workers didn't notice anything at all.

That's why I got careless. Like usual, I thought that Wakamiya wouldn't talk to me today...

But contrary to my predictionーー

"Good morning, Tokiwagi-san. You're working part-time too today?"

She talked to me.


Unable to comprehend what just happened, I couldn't say anything back to her.

"That's not good. Greeting people is the basic of the basic. You have to return it if someone greets you. So let's repeat it once again. Good morning, Tokiwagi-san."

"Oh, good morning..."

I reflexively returned her greetings. After confirming my reply, Wakamiya smiled in satisfaction.

"It seems like you are working from morning today. Umm, when will you finish your shift?"

"It's 6 o'clock at the schedule."

"That's perfect. I'm going home around that time too, so please take care of me as usual..."

"No, no. 6 o'clock is still early, right? You don't need it."

"My parents worry a lot. So——”

"Then it's fine. It's not a big deal too."

"Thank you. Then see you later," Wakamiya said. She then walked to the seat that recently had become her fixed position. After I saw her off, I was going to redo the cleaning, but...

"""Tokiwagi... We're having a meeting for a moment."""

After that, I was taken to the office by my seniors. It's like they were dragging me away. There, they thoroughly asked me about Wakamiya. It feels like an interrogation. For some reason, the manager also participated in midway...

What does she mean by 'as usual'? Is Wakamiya my girlfriend? What's the Goddess' name?

And things like that...

For the time being, I answered vaguely for the difficult questions, continued to answer all of their questions until the seniors calmed down.

They finally released me around an hour later.

At that time, one of my seniors told me that there was something like a non-aggression pact for Wakamiya. No one could talk to her. They should be satisfied just by looking at her.

Apparently, she had been sublimated to such an existence in my part-time job.

As expected from the Social Goddess. She was the real deal.

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