Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 7

The reporter asked Ah Jin to describe more clearly how she was bullied.

She just kept crying, and her speech was broken.

"Just, just, hit me...oooh...light...in the toilet...oooh...clothes..."

The reporter stared and pricked up his ears.

He seemed to have found the breaking point by listening to her description.

Even though Ah Jin didn't speak clearly, the scene of the weak little white flower being bullied by the bad girl was already in his head.

There shouldn't be any problem with going back and writing three to five thousand words.

The next day, Ah Jin looked at the hottest entry on her phone and nodded her head in satisfaction.

"Shocker! How could this happen to a flower girl in a classroom? Is it a twist of humanity or moral bankruptcy?"

"The hidden secrets of the school, thoughtful details outside the school gates!"

The article was overwhelmingly descriptive that Yu Jin was bullied, slandered, verbally abused, and alienated at school.

She was slapped and even dragged to the toilet and stripped.

In the end, the tender girl was unable to cope with pressure and chose to commit suicide in front of her classmates as revenge.

Ah Jin looked at the descriptions in the article and truly admired the writer's skill.

She just said a few misleading words, and the reporter made up so many things in his head.

Ah Jin deliberately misled the reporter.

She just wanted the incident to worsen.

What was the point of only being on campus?

The bigger the trouble, the better?

That way, it would be worth her effort to come on this mission.

Mrs. Yu took a temporary leave of absence from school for Ah Jin.

She was not seriously injured, but after three days in the hospital, she was discharged.

Mrs. Yu took her home to rest and recuperate her body and mind.

But to Ah Jin's surprise, Xie Nan's parents brought Xie Nan to the door to apologize.

Xie Nan wasn't actually wrong in nature, or else she wouldn't have turned over a new leaf after Yu Jin's suicide in the original plot.

Only the over-indulgence of her parents and the rebellious phase with no outlet for her emotions caused her IQ to go down the line before she did such a thing.

Children were the most naive killers.

As kind as they could, they could be as cruel as they want to be.

Xie Nan suffered nightmares every night.

When she closed her eyes was the image of Yu Jin slitting her wrist.

In the dream, Yu Jin's blood sprayed on her face and body.

Her hands were also covered in blood.

A thousand voices were screaming at her that she was a murderer.

She was unable to sleep after being awakened.

A few days later, Xie Nan finally couldn't stand it any longer and took a leave of absence to go home and confess the truth to her parents.

Xie Nan's parents knew that their daughter was the mastermind of the recent very publicized school bullying incident.

The first time, her parents, who had never beaten her since she was a child, slapped her in the face.

It was also the first time Xie Nan knew that getting hit was painful and hurtful.

Then Yu Jin must have hurt even more than she did.

So Xie Nan's parents brought her to the door to apologize, and when Mrs. Yu learned of their intentions, she looked at Xie Nan with daggers in her eyes.

When she thought of the pain her daughter had suffered, Mrs. Yu felt her heart bleeding and wanted to skin Xie Nan alive.

The family was then thrown out, and no apology was accepted.

The next day, Xie Nan's family still came to apologize, hoping to make up for the injuries Yu Jin suffered.

After Ah Jin's persuasion, Mrs. Yu let them in.

Xie Nan's parents solemnly apologized to Ah Jin and said they would let Xie Nan transfer to another school as soon as possible so that Yu Jin would not be harmed twice.

Xie Nan also bowed to Yu Jin and apologized, "I'm not asking you to forgive me, but I really know I did wrong. I'm sorry. I'm really sorry."

Ah Jin looked at the sincere Xie Nan.

As to whether she'd forgive or not, it wasn't up to her to decide.

After all, she wasn't the original character.

It was the original character who was bullied.

It should be the original character's decision to accept it or not.

She didn't want to go overboard.

With the online uproar, more school bullying cases have come to light, and the widespread social concern brought pressure on the education department.

The education department required primary schools to develop a comprehensive work system to prevent campus bullying.

In cooperation with the police, they established stations near primary schools and increased patrols.

The series of measures finally calmed public opinion.

However, concerns about school bullying continued to increase.

When Ah Jin returned to school, she noticed that the atmosphere was different.

The past's loose discipline was gone, and in its place was a perfect and strict teaching system.

Xie Nan had already changed schools when Ah Jin returned to class.

The other students had different attitudes.

Some were afraid, some ignored, some admired, but most of them were still friendly.

It was much better than before.

After taking care of Xie Nan, it was time to deal with Li Xue's problem.

After Yu Jin's accident, Li Xue was one of the gloating ones.

There were times when Li Xue even wondered in her heart why she was saved. Wasn't it better to die?

Ah Jin's eyes swept over her, and Li Xue's eyes were filled with vicious hatred.

San Qi asked Ah Jin, "How do you want to fix her?"

Ah Jin laughed, "Doesn't she like fame, then ruin her reputation and treat her the way she wants to be treated. So hypocritical and vicious at a young age, what if she grows up to harm others? It's better not to go to university."

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