In the World of Crawling Dead The Record of War of a Certain High School

Chapter 7 - The Calculations of a Selfish Girl

“Do something!”

“What! Then, you think too!”

A girl and boy quarreled in the second year class three’s classroom.

The boy’s name was Kaito Kiba, and the girl’s name was Sakura Yamashita.

These two couldn’t really be described as a pair of lovers.

Kaito had a hero-like aspiration, and helped the pretty beautiful girl in the class, Sakura, who had thought “to follow this person is fine” and accepted it without questions.

As a result, the two of them barricaded themselves in the classroom.

However, zombies were hitting the door and were barging in with a force seemingly enough to break it.

It was then that Sakura had lost her temper, leading to Kaito losing his cool as well.

“It looks like the zombies are coming in! Aren’t you a man!?”

“I don’t give a damn about being a man! It has nothing to do with this! If you have the time to ooze complaints, do something instead!”

A really unsightly quarrel continued.

At that time, their voices finally died down, and the zombies came inside.


Kaito threw a chair.

Still, the zombies didn’t stop walking.


“D-don’t come closer… Aaaaaah!”

Kaito’s arm was caught and he was knocked down.

“Aaaaaaa! It hurts it hurts it hurts ithurtsithurtsithurts!!”

The zombies gathered in the blink of an eye, and Kaito’s scream couldn’t be heard any longer.

Glancing at the situation, Sakura started running.

(I’m not going to die! This… There is no way I’m going to die like this…)

Immediately after thinking that, Sakura fell down.

(W-what did I fall over…)

Kaito’s bag was at her feet.

The bag’s strap had gotten stuck in her legs.

“How much are you going to obstruct me!”

Agitated, she stood up.

Sakura had originally been living in a farm village.

However, due to her father’s job transfer, they got the chance to move to the city.

From then on, she was bullied every day.

She was laughed at and scorned for being a bumpkin.

That made Sakura become resolute.

She was going to be prettier than anyone and prove herself superior.

To become popular, she did everything.

Her appearance wasn’t too bad, so she went on a diet, and to make her face smaller, she massaged it. To suit her appearance, she learned the art of speaking.

And then she enrolled into a school where no one knew her.

From then on, her school life was rose-colored.

Everyone looked back when she walked in the hallways.

She attracted the guys’ attention, and the girls looked at her in envy.

That’s right.

This was the true her.

This was the perfect road for her to walk on.

This thought grew bigger.

Sakura hadn’t noticed that she had lost her “heart” for the sake of this glamor.

And from now on, she would most likely not notice it either.

The zombie drew near her, surrounding her.

There was nowhere to run.

(This is impossible! Impossible!)

A zombie hand scratched Sakura’s arm.


The zombie’s mouth drew closer before her eyes.


Sakura screamed and closed her eyes.

However, the imagined pain never came.

Instead, she heard a clunking sound, and the hands grasping her grew weak.


She raised her face.

A metal bat was sinking into the faces of the zombies.

“You alright?”

She heard a wild voice.

Sakura immediately put on the mask of “the object of everyone’s envy”.

“T-thank you very much!”

“Thank me later. You can say please then! But getting out of here is the first priority, right?”

It was a guy holding a metal bat.

She remembered him.

(I’m sure he’s… the former captain of the baseball club?)


The guy before her eyes raised his metal bat and swung it around.

The zombies were, one after another, mowed down.

“Follow me! Even if there are female zombies here, I can’t keep them all company!”


One part of the zombies’ encirclement was opened.

There was no choice but to break through there.

“We’re running!”

The guy held his hand out.

Sakura held his hand and thought,

(I’m certain… I’ll be able to survive if I’m with this person. If I manage to keep this person in my hand…!)

The corners of her mouth naturally tugged upwards.

However, the boy didn’t notice.

They left the classroom and went out to the hallway.

“I’m Kazuma Aso in year three class 2. You?”

“I-I am Sakura Yamashita in year one class 4.”

The both of them introduced themselves.

“What will we do from now on?”

Sakura tilted her head.

Be as cute as possible, but still not seem like she’s acting.

The calculation of making the boy swoon was carried out in a straightforward manner.

And the boy didn’t doubt the situation.

“The dojo of the karate club. My friend is probably there.”

Saying that, Kazuma started walking.


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