I Just Want to Freeload on Your Luck

Chapter 7

Mingxi who woke up the next day had no idea that her position in this Young Master Fu’s heart had fallen so low. She was practically no different from a scammer.

After she was done washing up, she combed her hair and took out her phone. She sent Fu Yangxi a period: “.”

As usual, the Young Master did not reply.

Looks like he really muted her.

This was exactly what Mingxi wanted. She felt relieved as she could send whatever she liked after this.

Thus, Mingxi conveniently sent him another two periods.

With this, her task of sending three WeChat messages was complete.

Mingxi looked at her flower pot. As expected, the luck obtained by these three messages were not as much as it was yesterday. The fifth bud only grew by a little. However as the saying goes, no matter how skinny a mosquito's leg was it was still meat, hence Mingxi was already very satisfied.

She looked at the left side of her face in the mirror again. There was only a very light mark left.

Fu Yangxi didn’t get any proper sleep that night, therefore he was in a bad mood when he woke up. Even the servants did not dare to approach him while he was drinking coffee in front of the French windows. Suddenly, his phone vibrated a few times. He opened them angrily and saw the messages sent by the transfer student.




Three periods.

Fu Yangxi was truly wondering if he only had 0.2G of data, or else why would he not understand what the transfer student was sending him? It was as if it was in Morse code.

He tried his best to ignore it, but he still couldn’t help but to open up Baidu. He searched up ‘What does three periods mean?’

Very quickly, he saw...

One of the answers were: Actually in romance novels, there is a secret. Three periods means I miss you, I love you and you don’t have to reply to me. This is my secret, and this is something you will never find out.


This was what the transfer student meant?

Fu Yangxi was very doubtful.

She sure was full of tricks.

However, no matter what she meant, he did not plan to play along with her anymore. Bye bye.

Thus, the moment Mingxi entered class while dragging the things she bought yesterday, she realized that her table and the books on it had all been moved to the last row.


The whole class, including her, would actually come up to a total of 42 students. Six rows and seven columns.

But now her table seemed to stick out at the last row beside the vending machine. They had forced out a seventh row. Now, the whole class’ seating arrangement looked absolutely hideous.

Mingxi didn’t think that Fu Yangxi would be this stingy! Yesterday, she thought that when Fu Yangxi said to exchange her two sweets for one afternoon was a joke. She didn’t think it would be to the extent of forcefully sending her away the next day— In the end, he was unexpectedly stingy!

Mingxi was so shocked that her feet were stuck to the ground. She didn’t feel good at all.

Ke Chengwen yawned while walking over. “Xi ge usually comes late and leaves early so he isn’t here yet. He figured you won’t voluntarily swap seats with the class monitor, so he got us to move your seat away first. Also, you’re on cleaning duty today...”

Before he could finish, Ke Chengwen noticed the same transparent plastic bag Mingxi had with her yesterday. But unlike yesterday, it was carrying various grape flavored desserts. When he saw that, his eyes brightened.

“You won’t be able to pursue Xi ge anyway, so why not give this to me? I’ll take over your cleaning duties for one semester!”

Mingxi already had her breakfast. She originally wanted to bring these for Fu Yangxi, but seeing as how her seat was already moved to where the trash can was, she suddenly didn’t feel like giving them to him anymore.

“Then I’ll give these to you. You’ll be in charge of cleaning the board.”

Ke Chengwen accepted the desserts with both hands. She had left a more favorable impression on him, hence he felt immediately closer to her.

“Transfer student! If you bring another set for me tomorrow, I’ll give you Xi ge’s address!”

Mingxi asked the system, “Will my buds grow if I find out Fu Yangxi’s address?”

System: “No, unless you visit him.”

She knew that it would be impossible for her to walk through the gates of the Fu family home, hence Mingxi could not be bothered to find out Fu Yangxi’s address. She waved her hand in dismissal, walked over to her seat at the last row and sat down before saying, “No thanks.”

Ke Chengwen was stunned. What’s going on? Just like this, she gave up on her pursuit?

Mingxi flipped open her book. She memorized today’s content while contemplating if she should shamelessly move back.

It was very obvious that everyday, only the first deep breath could trigger the growth of a bud. Every sniff she took of Fu Yangxi after that was useless— This meant that it wasn’t actually necessary for her to sit together with Fu Yangxi, right? As long as she could find a way to get a good sniff of him everyday, it should be fine.

Later if she ever felt dizzy again, she would just have to run to Fu Yangxi’s side. They were in the same class anyway.

...Furthermore, being Fu Yangxi’s seatmate seemed to create more difficulties for her. This guy with a redneck personality seemed to be quite short tempered. She didn’t know if he would cause trouble for her in the future.

...It seemed like Jiang Xiuqiu who had a 2% return rate was still absent due to his flu. She wondered if it would be easier to find a way to sit next to him instead.

While Mingxi was thinking, Fu Yangxi entered the classroom from the back door with a long face, a pair of headphones hanging on his neck and his hands stuffed in his pockets.

As he didn’t sleep well, his whole person looked lethargic. His short red hair wasn’t as spiky as usual as he didn’t have time to blow dry it. Instead, it was extremely tame and it fit so well with him that it brought out the paleness of his skin and the sharpness of his features.

Usually, the first thing he does when he enters the class would be to lie down on the table and sleep. However today, the first thing he subconsciously did was to look at the seat beside him—

It was empty.

Fu Yangxi recalled that he had already got his followers to move the transfer student’s seat away.

He immediately shifted his gaze in a nonchalant manner to the seat at the corner of the last row.

This time, the transfer student made no noise about it and immediately sat at the last row. She was reading her book quietly and didn’t even look up at him. The shadow at the back of her uniform was littered with flecks of the morning sun.

It was rare for Fu Yangxi to look at a girl. Prior to this, men and women were all genderless creatures to him. This was truly the first time he realized that a girl’s figure was way thinner than a boy’s.

Can it be because she’s so poor that she can’t eat any good food?

Then it seems like she is worth forgiving for approaching him for money.

Either way, it didn’t matter. It had nothing to do with him.

Fu Yangxi retracted his gaze, and with a gloomy expression on his face, he walked toward his seat.

When he walked over, he noticed that Ke Chengwen had his head dipped low. He was hiding under the table as he ate something sneakily.

“You didn’t finish eating your breakfast?” Fu Yangxi walked over to him. Ke Chengwen shuddered and lowered his head even further. For some reason, Fu Yangxi had a bad feeling about this. He squeezed the back of his neck and, as if picking up a dried shrimp, forced him to lift up his head.

Then, Fu Yangxi saw the desserts which Ke Chengwen were hastily shoving into his mouth. He also saw the plastic bag that was similar to the one the transfer student gave him yesterday and that he had yet to throw away.

He was speechless.

Fu Yangxi’s gaze darkened. He felt betrayed. Didn't the gold digger say that she was going to pursue him? Even if she was only after his money, she shouldn’t have changed her target like this! How could she be so— so— so casual?! She was still sending some sort of secret code to him in the morning, yet the moment she came to class she gifted someone else with sweets?!

She’s so licentious!

“Did you give her money?”

When Ke Chengwen saw Xi ge’s dark circles, he quickly wrapped his head in his arms protectively like a tortoise. “No.”

“Did you talk to her?”

Ke Chengwen answered honestly, “I did.”

“What did you guys talk about?”

Ke Chengwen said, “I asked her if she wanted your address. She said no.”


Fu Yangxi was about to explode in anger. He felt as if he was being cheated on. He turned, pulled out his chair violently and sat down in a huff. There was a huge flame of anger in his mind yet he had nowhere to let it out. He calmed himself and pulled on his collar. Then, he put on his noise-cancelling headphones and took out some bottles from his desk drawer.

It was at this moment when his right leg seemed to have hit something.

Fu Yangxi looked down with a furious gaze. It was a box.

What is this? With an exasperated look, Fu Yangxi kicked the box from the bottom of his table to the side of the wall. Then he asked Ke Chengwen, “Is this yours?”

“No,” Ke Chengwen hurriedly replied, “I saw the transfer student drag this to class this morning.”

Seeing as how Fu Yangxi didn’t seem to be in a good mood, Ke Chengwen quickly made amends for his previous fault. He went over, bent down and opened the box. “Xi ge, could it be a gift for you?”

“I don’t want it. What can a poor person give? A box of potatoes?” Although Fu Yangxi said this with a cold tone, he still took a glimpse of it.

Then, he was stunned.

So many things.

A foldable ergonomic chair which would allow one to sleep on the table for as long as they like without having to later experience the ache in their muscles. A Pikachu bolster with a hole in its middle. It was specially designed for those who liked to sleep on the table. There was also a lavender fragrance and at the corner of the box were a few bottles of eye drops.

No wonder. This ergonomic chair would have cost about tens of thousands of yuan.

She bought all of these for him!

Fu Yangxi’s expression turned from one of sadness to joy.

Ke Chengwen and a few busybodies came over and exclaimed, “As expected, girls are really attentive. Although you’ve been sleeping in this class for three years, you have never even thought of buying these.”

“These are such ridiculous things.”

Fu Yangxi tried his best to stop the ends of his mouth from curling up, but the tips of his ears still went uncontrollably red.

Ke Chengwen opened up the ergonomic chair from the box and replaced Fu Yangxi’s old hard chair with it. He was about to sit down. “Xi ge, let me try it out for you.”

Fu Yangxi grabbed hold of the back of his shirt and picked him up instantly. “I’ll cut off your butt!”

Ke Chengwen felt his bottom go cold. He quickly moved aside.

Fu Yangxi sat down. Although he didn’t feel any difference from his hard chair, since it was chosen by the transfer student, it should not be bad. Then, he took out the ‘ridiculous’ Pikachu bolster and other things.

While he was taking them out, Fu Yangxi tried his best to maintain a look similar to that of a strict leader checking through the items. However, his heart was all soft, as if he just ate a marinated soft boiled egg.

Actually, no one had ever treated him this well before.

Fu Yangxi had completely forgiven the transfer student’s licentious behaviour of giving Ke Chengwen desserts today.

Furthermore, he felt that it wasn’t such a bad thing for her to be his desk mate.

As he thought of this, Fu Yangxi stole a glimpse at Mingxi.

However, Mingxi was not looking at him. After Mingxi was certain that he had opened up the gifts, all her focus went to her flower pot. As expected, as this was the first time she gave Fu Yangxi gifts, the little buds grew quickly. In just a few seconds, there was already a total of seven buds,

Mingxi asked the system happily, “How many tiny buds can grow in this pot?”

“999,” the system answered. The moment it saw that Mingxi was about to break down in tears, the system quickly said, “However, the moment you reach 500 buds, your fate as a villainess will have dissipated. If you continue to plant after that, your luck may even exceed Zhao Yuan’s.”

With this, Mingxi gained back some of her will to fight.

Fu Yangxi was waiting for the transfer student to look at him, or even beg him to allow her to sit beside him so that he could have her as his desk mate again.

In the end, even after a whole period of class, she didn’t look at him.

Fu Yangxi was speechless.

Fu Yangxi had been picturing what could have happened for that whole period. The transfer student happily wanted to give him gifts this morning, but in the end all she saw was her table and books moved to a corner. He could only imagine that it was like a bucket of cold water poured all over her feelings.

Oh no. Fu Yangxi thought.

Did he hurt her feelings?

Today, the whole of the International Class watched in shock as this was the first time in three years that the Fu Young Master did not fall asleep during the first period of class. Instead, he spent all that time looking at a girl.

The first miracle of A High had occurred.

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