Pampering My Husband Every Day

Chapter 7.1 - Wu Tong and Qin Ge Meet Up (1)

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Every Friday, the Qin family would have dinner together. In passing, they would chat about what happened that week, but Mrs. Qin spent most of this time gossiping. For example, she met the wife of so-and-so at a fundraising dinner again and so-and-so’s daughter was very intelligent, capable, beautiful, generous, etc.

When Mrs. Qin started gossiping, the rest of the family lowered their heads and silently ate without expressing much interest in what she said. Mrs. Qin got bored and used her chopsticks to feed her grandson, Feifei, some Chinese cabbages.

“Mom, boys should eat more meat,” Qin Ge said.

“What do you know? Kids should have a well-balanced and nutritional diet. When you get married and move out, make sure you aren’t feeding Feifei solely non-vegetarian dishes,” Mrs. Qin warned.

Hearing this, Mr. Qin remembered to ask Qin Huai, “How is the cooperation with the Wu family coming along?”

“They’ve already signed it. Tomorrow, I’ll ask the finance department to issue the first payment.” After saying this, Qin Huai glanced at Mrs. Qin and said, “Mom, you can begin making preparations for the wedding.”

“Really? Then I’ll need to properly discuss this with Mrs. Wu since I’m not sure what kind of wedding Wu Tong wants.” Seeing how her son’s wedding was finally set in stone, she was suddenly overcome with excitement. She was itching to give Wu Tong’s second aunt a call right away.

Qin Ge looked over at his mom, who was overcome with excitement. Amused, he asked, “Why didn’t you ask me what kind of wedding I want?”

Mrs. Qin was very happy to hear that her son had expectations for the wedding. “You have something in mind? Let’s hear it.”

“Why do you have to overcomplicate things? We’ll just get our marriage certificate and leave it at that,” Qin Ge responded.

“No!” Mrs. Qin immediately expressed disapproval. “Marriage is such an important matter. How can you be so casual about it?”

“You want to organize the most luxurious wedding of the century, then invite a bunch of distinguished strangers from the business world to it and have me perform on stage like some monkey. Just thinking about it annoys me.” Qin Ge seemed to really dislike such settings. His expression darkened as he spoke.

Mrs. Qin had been keeping in mind everything that Dr. Li had explained to her. As soon as she saw her eldest son’s change in attitude, she didn’t dare to press any further. She glanced at her husband and second son for help.

Mr. Qin took the hint and said, “It’s fine if we don’t hold a grand wedding, as long as the two of them like it.”

“Yeah, that’s right. We still have to take Wu Tong into account.” Mrs. Qin regained a new sense of hope. “Most girls dream of having a grand wedding. Oh, by the way, it’s quite popular for newlyweds to go on a honeymoon .”

Qin Huai chimed in and exhorted, “Yeah, Da ge. Why don’t you discuss this with Miss Wu before making any final decisions.”

Qin Ge didn’t continue to dwell on the wedding ceremony any further. Instead, his mind was elsewhere, thinking about the honeymoon that his mother just brought up. It seemed like such a long time ago that he had been hunkering down with his comrades deep within the mountains. At that time, they had chatted about this very topic.

What did they say back then? They were talking about their future, their weddings, and their other halves. It seemed like everyone had wonderful hopes and dreams, yet, he was the only one who made it to this stage.

Mrs. Qin couldn’t tell what her eldest son was thinking again. There was a sad look on his face. She couldn’t help but gently call out his name. “Qin Ge?”

Qin Ge abruptly snapped out of it and saw how worried his mother was. He also saw the concerned expressions on his father and younger brother’s faces and felt powerless all over again. It was happening again. Every time he had mood swings, everyone in his family would treat him as if they were walking on thin ice. It was almost as if he was a fragile vase that would break with a single touch.

But the more they acted this way, the more he felt ill at ease and the more they would worry about him. This was simply a vicious cycle.

“I’ll go discuss this with Wu Tong tomorrow,” Qin Ge said.

“Huh?” Mrs. Qin seemed to have heard wrong.

“Is it improper for me to go talk to her?” Qin Ge asked.

“No, not at all. Go talk to her. Talk lots. I’ll listen to whatever you say.” Mrs. Qin was so elated that her words came out all jumbled up.

Qin Ge helplessly shook his head before lowering it to continue eating. He pretended not to notice the other three at the dinner table exchanging excited glances.

When Wu Tong left the hospital, she received a text from Qin Ge.

(Let’s meet up tomorrow at 10 AM. You can decide on where to meet up.)

Wu Tong casually turned her head and saw a shopping mall not far from the hospital.

(3rd Floor Coffee Shop at Rainbow Plaza.)

After receiving confirmation from Qin Ge, Wu Tong placed her phone back into her bag. She turned and started walking toward the subway station nearby.

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