Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 698: Lu Xi Feng’s side story (Part 2)

I saw that not only were there many people around Wang Zi Hang, even the tone he was speaking to her in was very aloof.

But she was very calm, it really was surprising.

Actually I don’t know why I suddenly went to her side and announced that she was my fiancee.

I didn’t think that much at that time, but I just wanted to protect her and keep that trash away from her.

Wang Zi Hang was very surprised, after all, my status in A City was much higher compared to his!

He kept calling her a fool, which was something that I really couldn’t understand.  She’s such a cute girl, was Wang Zi Hang’s brain broken?

Later, I became her rightful fiancee.

Of course, I never thought that she would secretly come to the Lu Group to become a designer and the group she was in wasn’t that good.

I had Lin Yue secretly watch every move of her group.

When I heard that HR rep was bullying her, that HR rep had disappeared the next day.

I was like this, I liked favouring people!  If you feel that I am domineering, then please sit in my position and talk to me!

Even though I didn’t know why she came to my company to be a designer, I used my own ways to protect her.

Up to the winter show, I paved the way for her.

Actually I was very expectant, being able to see her shocked and moved expression.

That was because I liked moving her.

Everything went as I expected.  The Dream Team won the championship with my thirty votes and I used fifty million to win her design.

When I saw the excited and shocked look on her face, I knew that everything was worth it!

Actually she was a little fool.  She thought that I touched her, but she was the one who touched me.

I could see the meaning in her design with a single look, this was a design that was related to me.

Even if she said it wasn’t, I knew.

I suddenly felt very warm, she was someone who didn’t tell you what she did.

Her designs naturally couldn’t go to other people’s hands, since I’m not willing to share anything that she made with others.

I persuaded her to steal her family registry and marry me.

I never thought that she would agree.  Although she only agreed under my pestering.

I was still very happy…...

After all, this fiancee would soon become my wife!

I inadvertently passed by the cafeteria to see people bullying her and of course I charged in without any hesitation!

There was someone bold enough to bully my wife in my company, they simply didn’t want to stay.

When I was very angry, so I didn’t hold back at all with my words.

Actually I didn’t even give the final paycheck to the one named Xu Nai!  If you want to sue me, come!

If I give in a single step, it’s my loss.  The lawsuit could last many years, but I was certain she couldn’t beat me.

Since everyone in the company learned that she was my wife, I could openly take her away, which filled my heart with joy!

As the end of the year came, she very cutely asked me how she could win the third prize!

I thought about it, there was probably only me who could do this for her in this world!

Through Lin Yue, I bought eight thousand more massage chairs.

Even if it took me some time, seeing how happy she was, it was worth it to me.

Time passed and people came and went.  As long as you look up, I’ll come towards you.

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