Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 697: Lu Xi Feng’s side story (Part 1)

Of all the greatest scenery, I like you the most.  ——Lu Xi Feng

I never thought that I would meet the most important person in my life in this situation.  If you asked me when I fell in love with her.

I can tell you that it was when she cut her skin with that fruit knife, my heart skipped a beat.

That feeling, I had never felt it since I was born.

The room was filled with the smell of aphrodisiacs and I could control myself before, but it seemed like I couldn’t control myself today.

In the dark, I could see a vague outline of her face.  With the light of the moon, I could see her clear as water eyes.

I suddenly had a perverse thought, would she do anything to me?

I never thought that when I thought this, she would charge at me with heavy breathing, as if she wasn’t really willing to…..charge at me.

I was first stunned and there was a second when I wanted to push her away, but it was only for a second.

My heart stopped after that and I had already raised the white flag without any control.

I held her waist in a panic.  When I felt that her cool yet soft lips were coming closer, I actually couldn’t help thinking that I…..wanted to kiss her.

Every drop of blood in my body burned and I was anxious to know what the world of taboo was like.

But I never thought that she would stop.

She suddenly pulled away, like I was the one who had done everything.

She was the one who came into my room and jumped me, touching even my heartstrings, alright?

I teased her and she panicked a bit, but I found it very cute.

But I never thought that she would take out eleven dollars and thirty cents, saying that this was only an attempt.

I was shocked, what kind of girl could say something like this in front of me, Lu Xi Feng.

I had never chased a girl since I was born.  When I was young, I even had the confidence that there was no one in this world I couldn’t chase down.

Although I never did this, when I was really rejected.

My first reaction was that I definitely had to have her know who I was.

But I never thought that she wouldn’t give me a chance to speak and jumped out the window.

My heart skipped a beat and I charged forward as fast as possible, but I could only grab her red scarf.

Just how much did she dislike me to jump into the ocean to avoid taking responsibility…...

I was actually filled with an unprecedented worry.  Jumping into the sea like this, it would be very dangerous.

I stopped the boat, but I couldn’t find her.  This made me worry more and more until I had Lin Yue bring me the list of passengers.

He said that everyone on the ship was present, which meant that she was still alive.

Using an unbelievable method to swim out of the ocean…...

I had an idea, I would host a banquet and wait for her to come.

This was actually a gamble since I didn’t even know who she was, it really was difficult to recognize her based on the blurry image of that night.

But the moment she appeared in front of me, I knew since that wonderful feeling had never left.

As long as she appeared, I knew who she was.

I didn’t even need to use the scarf in my hand as the most powerful evidence, I already knew…..

Luo Family’s Luo Qing Chen, the rumoured idiot young miss was the one who gave me eleven dollars and thirty cents on the cruise, the one who was unwilling to take responsibility!

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