Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 692: Black bellied president’s deep kiss (Part 51)

Without knowing it, this kind of scene quickly passed by.

The year came to an end and Luo Qing Chen attached great importance to the year end banquet.

After all, there was the side mission that would be determined at once!

She already asked what the third price of this year’s Lu Group annual banquet would be!

The answer given to her by the manager was a multifunctional massage chair!

She specially went on the internet to research strategies.  How to let yourself win third prize at the year end banquet!

It had to be said, this damn system!  Only this kind of trash system could think of this.

Calculating the odds, there are over eight thousand employees in the Lu Group and there were only ten prizes.

The chances of winning was one in eight hundred, this was being forced to fail!

Thinking of this probability, Luo Qing Chen couldn’t help complaining to her system!

System, I want to ask you!  Can you finish this side mission for me?

[Why is the host complaining……]  The system was very wronged!

Alright!  Then I won’t complain, I just want to ask, will you take away experience if I fail the side mission?

[Yes!]  The system was very determined!

She didn’t know what else to say except god damn…..

[Host, the system is a bit tired!]

I hope you turn into a pile of broken parts, goodbye!

[......]  The system had a very bad host!

Ah, ah, ah, so angry!  Your face doesn’t look good when you’re angry!

Lu Xi Feng looked at Luo Qing Chen sitting in front of the computer looking frustrated and asked, “Darling wife, what are you troubling over?  You look like the sky is about to fall down!”

Luo Qing Chen’s eyes lit pup and sat down on the soft bed, “Director Lu, I want to ask you something!”

“Why so serious?”  He softly hugged her as he casually leaned against the bed, “You have to tell me everything!”

“Ke, ke.”  Luo Qing Chen cleared her throat and said, “Tell me, isn’t it reliant on luck to win the prizes at the annual banquet!”

“Ah?”  Lu Xi Feng was a bit surprised as he reached out a hand to touch her forehead, “Are you sick?”

He saw her cute appearance and there was a sparkle in his deep eyes.

“No, no!”  Luo Qing Chen folded her hands and said with a sigh, “God bless, god bless!  I am very satisfied, please let me win the third prize at the banquet tomorrow!”

She didn’t want the hundred thousand special prize, she didn’t want the second or third place prize!

In life, people need to have a bit of surprise!

She just wanted the normal third prize!

“Quickly go to sleep!”  Lu Xi Feng softly patted her head, “If there was a skill for winning things, everyone could win the lottery!”

“Humph!”  She gave a serious snort before diving under the blankets.

It seemed like there was no hope in finishing this side mission.

Lu Xi Feng put the blanket over her before seeing someone’s Baidu question. His lips couldn’t help curling into a faint smile.

It was so cute that it was hard to describe.

(How does one win a third place price without luck?)

There were kind hearted answers underneath!

(In your dreams!)

(Go wash up and sleep!  This person is probably someone who’s too busy daydreaming.)

(Say ‘god bless’ before sleeping!  Quickly adopt me!)


Lu Xi Feng chuckled before closing all the pages.

Seeing that she was already asleep, he slowly turned off the light in the bedroom and went to the balcony to send a text.

Lin Yue’s surprised response came immediately: ???

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