Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 691: Black bellied president’s deep kiss (Part 50)

Standing in the office on the thirtieth floor, Luo Qing Chen felt like she had a peek into Lu Xi Feng’s secret.

A bar, a basketball table, a tennis room, a swimming pool…..

There was everything, it was like a small villa with everything available.

The most special thing should be the sofa in the middle.  It was a very large sofa and sitting on it felt like sinking into a warm sofa.

Without knowing it, a chiseled face appeared in her eyes when she looked up, with a dangerous smile on his face as he came in bit by bit.

“You……”  Luo Qing Chen fell backwards and shrunk her neck.  She looked around and said, “I want to say something!”

He stopped moving towards her and sat down beside her as he said with a chuckle, “What is it?”

He thought that she would say something shy, but he never thought.

“The sun is bright up in the sky!”  Luo Qing Chen pointed at the sun outside and said, “You’re actually playing with a young girl…..”

He suddenly pulled her into his embrace and his beautiful voice sounded by her ear, “First, you are not some girl, you are my wife.  Second, I am not playing with you under the sun, there is no one here.  You can’t call for anyone!”

“......”  Luo Qing Chen’s eyes trembled and she felt like she was trapped.

Lu Xi Feng didn’t give her time to think as he directly kissed her.

This kiss was very sweet, not a kind of domineering kiss.  It was delicate and gentle, with a hint of lingering.

After a while, Luo Qing Chen suddenly shouted in an excited voice, “It’s snowing…..Wu……”

Lu Xi Feng slightly knit his brows and seeing her not serious appearance, he kissed her even stronger, as if he was proclaiming his dominance.

Luo Qing Chen’s heart trembled, she didn’t know what she said wrong, it really was snowing hard!

It was snowing!  Shouldn’t they share the joy of seeing the snow?

After a while, he slowly let her go and said, “You don’t focus on your kisses, is it because your husband isn’t skilled enough or is it because the snow is more attractive than me!”


Why did a man have to be jealous of the weather?

Although he said this, Lu Xi Feng took off his jacket and wrapped it around her, “It’ll be getting colder, so wear more tomorrow.”

“I’m already wearing quite a bit today!”  Luo Qing Chen waved her hand and said, “I’m wearing four pieces……”

It was already the middle of winter, so she wore quite a bit since she was afraid of the cold.

Lu Xi Feng squeezed her little nose and said, “Then wear five pieces!”

“......”  She pretended to refute, “I’ll be like a dumpling wearing five pieces.  You’re clearly only wearing two pieces, why do you want me to wear five!”

“Un.”  He seriously thought for a bit before saying, “Because with you beside me, I feel very warm.”

Ding, your little prince is online.

In the following days, Luo Qing Chen’s daily work was very troublesome.  Not only was she pressed against the wall, the desk, and the sofa by director Lu.

She had to listen to director Lu’s flirty words!  Really!

Right, she still had another job, which was to provide him with the next set of winter clothes for the Lu Group.

Director Lu’s thoughts were, if his wife liked it, they were good clothes!  If she didn’t like it, it was trash!

Un, it really was the domineering Lu Xi Feng!

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