My Legend Still Exists in the Cultivation World

Chapter 69: The Sudden Attack

Blue phoenix shrank into the quilt, only showing its head, secretly looking at Wei Zhentu.

This person and Jing-jing sat on two sides of the table. After a few words of greeting, he kept staring at Jing-jing intensely, making it feel very angry!

Jing Yue, “How can I help Wei-daoyou?”

Wei Zhentu slowly said, “I have practiced Formation Dao since I was a child and it has been more than fifty years now. Originally, I thought that within the Foundation Establishment stage, no one is my opponent. I didn’t expect…”

Jing Yue calmly took a sip of tea before saying in a chastising manner, “I didn’t expect that you still haven’t mastered the art.”

Wei Zhentu, “…”

He smiled bitterly and said, “Jing-laozu is right. I haven’t mastered the art, so I am here to ask you for advice.”

Jing Yue didn’t conceal it. “You’re too kind. In fact, I just caught the loophole in the rules and split a golden core formation.”

Wei Zhentu was startled. After a long while, he pursed his lips and chuckled, “So that’s it! It’s very… interesting.”

He picked up the teacup and stared at Jing Yue. “Thank you for your advice. Let me propose a toast to you with tea instead of wine.”

Jing Yue, “…” He couldn’t help feeling that this person was very weird.

Wei Zhentu leaned over calmly and got a little closer to Jing Yue. “I wonder if Jing-laozu is in the mood to have a leisurely stroll around the beautiful Emerald City at night. You can see that the moon is shining brightly outside. We can also exchange some pointers about formation.”

In the quilt, blue phoenix suddenly craned its neck… although it was still too short to tell. It smelled something strange in the air.

This man! Suspicious!

But Jing Yue said, “Sure.”

Blue phoenix: !!!

Wei Zhentu didn't seem to expect that Jing Yue would agree. He was stunned and his eyes became gentle. “I’ll listen to Laozu.”

The two went out of the room one after another, followed by an anxious blue chicken.

The night scenery of Emerald City was indeed ‘beautiful’. In the darkness, only the lights from the Mini Star Lamps flickered, and the shadows of a few giant trees could be seen in the gap, while the rest was basically shrouded in black.

Wei Zhentu seemed not to notice that. He stood beside Jing Yue and said softly, “Where does A-jing want to go?”

Not far away, blue phoenix froze, bitterly wanting to yell at that brazen man! Stay away from our Jing-jing! Are you worthy to call him A-jing?

However, Jing Yue didn't care about Wei Zhentu's sudden change of name and just glanced at him strangely. “The square, of course.”

Wei Zhentu smiled obligingly. “Okay.”

When they arrived at the square, before Wei Zhentu could speak, Jing Yue had already diligently pulled out the materials and fiddled with them on the ground.

Wei Zhentu was a little puzzled. “A-jing, what are you doing?”

Jing Yue, “Setting up the array, of course. Didn't you ask me to come out to learn how to split formations? I haven’t tried it either, so it’s just nice. But I can only teach you one. It takes a lot of spirit stones to set up a formation.”

Wei Zhentu, “… Actually, I really did ask you out to enjoy the moonlight.”

Jing Yue raised his head to look at the sky and glanced at Wei Zhentu in confusion. “Where is the moon? Have you been here for so many days without knowing it? The sun, moon, and stars of Emerald City are all blocked by the towering trees, so you can only go outside the city to enjoy the moon.”

Wei Zhentu, “…”

Jing Yue, “Do you still want to learn? If you don’t, I’ll be going back.”

Wei Zhentu was silent for a moment, gritted his teeth, and said, “I’ll learn!”

Blue phoenix, who lurked in the dark next to them, couldn't help being proud of Jing-jing's unfathomable depth. He completely evaded the routine!

Thus, Teacher Jing set up the formation seriously while Disciple Wei looked forlorn. What went wrong?

When Jing Yue was ready, he stood up and clapped his hands. “The fire array should be done.”

As soon as the voice fell, Wei Zhentu who had suffered a great blow stepped into the formation in a daze and activated it.

Jing Yue said anxiously, “Wait! I still don’t know if it’s… safe.”

The second half of the sentence was engulfed by the tongue of fire that suddenly leaped up from the formation.

That night, when Wei Zhentu finally came out of the formation, half of his hair had been burned, and his face was scorched. His eyes were hollow and his expression was blank as he said, “Good formation, formation good.”

The entire person seemed to have been ravaged by heaven.

A few days later, during which Jing Yue learned ten rare talismans from Green Bamboo Sanctuary, the entourage from Nine Heaven Academy was finally ready to go home.

Before leaving, Jing Yue handed ten fetal sculpting charms to Wu Chen-zhenren, and told him that he would give ten to Frostcloud Sect every month from now on.

Because Zheng Bai and Gu Xia kept their mouths tightly shut, Wu Chen-zhenren’s news even lagged behind Green Bamboo Sanctuary. It was only now that he realized the fetal sculpting talisman he could not get his hands on was actually produced by Jing-laozu. For a while, tears streamed down his face.

Eight days later.

The sky was covered in thick clouds, reflecting the sunlight, and occasionally, colorful hues could be seen.

The sky vessel of Nine Heaven Academy had reached the sea borders between central region and lower south region—Buried Star Ocean. At this time, in a cabin, Jing Yue was meditating in a cross-legged position.

His seven sword styles had not passed Qin Yanzhi's assessment and it was not convenient for him to practice the Canglan sword technique. Thus, he could only replay the last swordplay movement in his mind over and over again.

Blue phoenix was curled up quietly in a rare occurrence, nodding its head lightly from time to time, obviously very sleepy.

Suddenly, blue phoenix opened its drooping eyes, its chubby body couldn't help trembling, and it looked at Jing Yue in horror.

The latter stood up abruptly. Before he could stand properly, the sky vessel shook violently, almost causing him to stumble.

Blue phoenix said with teary eyes, “Jing-jing, there seems to be a danger.”

Jing Yue pulled it into his arms and comforted, “Don't be afraid, Ji-ji. Behave and be quiet.”

He indeed sensed a great crisis, so he quickly flashed out of the room and found that the white clouds outside the sky vessel had turned into black fog. A ghost warrior could also be vaguely seen each on the bow and stern of the vessel, swinging a giant hammer and smashing against the sky vessel!

Enemy attack!

To be able to control a ghost warrior, the other party must be a demonic cultivator!


The giant hammer knocked against the protective shield of the sky vessel and the translucent barrier immediately rippled.

At this time, Lin-zhenjun and Wu Dao-zhenren, who led the team, were stationed at the bow and stern separately, their hands changing positions frequently, infusing their spiritual energy into the barrier, and trying to strengthen the enchantment.

On the sky vessel, except for Lin-zhenjun, an Amethyst Abode, and Wu Dao-zhenren, a Golden Core, the rest were all academy students and couldn’t support them at all.

Jing Yue frowned. The situation was very bad. Although the enchantment of the sky vessel could be sustained for the time being, other demonic cultivators were lurking nearby. And one who could manipulate the golden core ghost warrior must be an Amethyst Abode and above!

He released his divine consciousness and swept the surroundings. Because of the large area, it exceeded Jing Yue’s physical limitations and his face instantly became pale, making his red lips more pronounced.

And the feedback he received was not promising. There was two divine consciousness in the black mist, one strong and one weak. One just entered the Amethyst Abode stage while the other was an upper-level Amethyst Abode!

To arrange such a lineup, it would seem that the enemy was determined to destroy the sky vessel in one fell swoop!

Jing Yue's divine consciousness couldn't last long and he had to withdraw it in a hurry to avoid being exhausted. After that, the sky vessel shook violently again and many disciples in the cabin also staggered out. They looked at the nightmarish scene in front of them with faces full of horror.

Lin-zhenjun, “Get back at once! What are you doing out? Are you trying to cause more trouble?”

A disciple said anxiously, “But zhenjun…”

Wu Dao-zhenren also persuaded loudly, “If you are here, Lin-zhenjun and I will be distracted. Return to your cabins quickly. There is an enchantment outside the cabin, at least it is safer. Right now, protecting yourself is the greatest help.”

The disciples were convinced and Jing Yue also returned to his cabin. He immediately activated a transmission talisman back to the sect and he also believed many other students would do the same. However, they were currently above the vast ocean and the chances of getting rescued in time were very slim. Even if everyone owned a powerful magic weapon, it would be difficult to escape from the Buried Star Ocean that spanned hundreds of thousands of miles.

And the enemy had obviously taken into account these factors!

But they couldn’t sit still—they must save themselves!

Jing Yue released his divine consciousness again and fine sweat oozed from his forehead. After a while, his heart lurched. “Oh no!”

He sensed someone approaching the sky vessel from a distance, and the other party was already at Heavenly Grotto stage! And one who came at this time was most likely a demonic cultivator!

Suddenly, a shock that was stronger than before rocked the sky vessel. Jing Yue had no time to withdraw his divine consciousness. His chest surged and he almost vomited blood! Outside the sky vessel, another two ghost warriors entered the battle, and the protective enchantment around the sky vessel had visibly shrunk smaller. Obviously, another few rounds of such impact would definitely break the barrier!

At this time, Lin-zhenjun could be heard gasping and saying, “Disciples, don’t worry, I’ve issued an emergency summons. I believe help from the righteous Dao will arrive soon. You must protect yourself well and get through this!”

But most people knew Lin-zhenjun was just trying to comfort them. Jing Yue was even more aware that the Heavenly Grotto who was fast approaching only needed to cast a spell and the sky vessel would be destroyed. They had no chance of waiting for rescue!

He settled his mind and took out a magic talisman from the Qiankun bag. There seemed nothing special about the talisman but it contained the power of three sword attacks from Wei Tianli, the head of Frostcloud Sect. it was the talisman given to him by Elder Wang on his way to Nine Heaven Academy back then.

Although Wei Tianli was only an absolute-level Amethyst Abode, if he could attack the soul-mind of the Heavenly Grotto cultivator by surprise, the other party would be severely injured!

And now, he had to wait for an opportunity—the chance to launch a sure hit!

Amid the constant tremors of the sky vessel, Jing Yue calmly lay in ambush in the cabin. He closed his eyes, gathered his divine consciousness into one spot, and tracked only the Heavenly Grotto cultivator. This would save a lot of effort and prevent him from exhausting himself.

He waited. Like a water ghost hiding under the water, he could wait for a long time without a sound, until the prey walked into the trap.

At this moment, the Heavenly Grotto was less than ten miles away from the sky vessel, but the black fog became his best cover. As for Lin-zhenjun and Wu Dao-zhenren, they were constrained by the impending breaking barrier and didn’t notice him for the time being.

Jing Yue remained motionless. The time was not ripe. The risk of taking action now was too high. He only had one chance and he had no right to take risks.

Ba-thump, ba-thump…

Accompanied by the sound of many people's heart beating, the sky vessel suffered another heavy blow, and the barrier shrank again. Especially at the end guarded by Wu Dao-zhenren, only a thin layer wrapped around the vessel remained.

Wu Dao-zhenren’s spiritual power seemed to be exhausted and he could barely hold on by now. He was a talisman cultivator by trade, good at attacking but not at defending. Now that he dared not attack, his ability was mostly restricted!

Wu Dao-zhenren suddenly stopped, took out the gourd, had a sip of wine, wiped his mouth, and placed the jug on the ground carefully. Then, he took out a few yellow talismans and pushed them lightly. The papers lined up in mid-air, forming the Big Dipper. Wu Dao-zhenren bit his finger and urged all the spiritual energy in his body with his blood essence, drawing complex blood runes in the air.

Soon, the seven blood charms were completed, and a burst of red light suddenly lit up.

Wu Dao-zhenren slapped out with one palm and shouted, “First kill, destroy!”

In the talisman formation, a ray of red light slammed into the center of the eyebrows of a ghost warrior. With a loud bang, the ghost warrior exploded immediately, turning into powder in the air and gradually dissipating.

But at the same time, a spray of blood exploded from the arms of Wu Dao-zhenren, and both arms drooped weakly.

“Oh? The Seven Stars Six Kills formation?”

A hoarse voice sounded abruptly. In the cabin, Jing Yue shuddered. Despite some differences, he could still tell. This voice belonged to the Amethyst Abode cultivator who wore a mask and clashed with Wang-zhenren at the auction that day! What shocked him more was the seven stars six kills formation—an attacking talisman formation that exchanged life for a life.

The caster would activate the formation with his blood essence and one move could instantly kill an enemy of the same realm as him.

On the first kill, he would sacrifice both arms. The second kill, he would sacrifice both legs. The third kill, sacrifice the Dantian. The fourth kill, sacrifice the spiritual dais. The fifth kill, he would sacrifice his life and soul!

The so-called Seven Stars Six Kills would kill not only five enemies but also the caster!

Rumble, rumble!

Two more explosions were heard and another two ghost warriors dissipated one after another. Lin-zhenjun exclaimed anxiously, “Stop! Wu Dao!”

At this time, Wu Dao-zhenren already fell into a pool of blood, his dantian and limbs bleeding. Only a pair of eyes that mostly looked drunk all year long was exceptionally sober like never before.

Only one ghost warrior left!

Wu Dao-zhenren was about to urge the formation again when suddenly, he felt a pain in his divine consciousness, and he fainted.

In the cabin, Jing Yue spat a mouthful of blood. Wu Dao-zhenren didn’t know that there was a greater threat lurking outside. Even if he sacrificed himself, it would be in vain, so how could he watch as the other party destroyed his spiritual dais? Sacrifice his life?

The hoarse voice sounded again. “He fainted? I’m speechless. I'm still waiting to appreciate the fourth kill. It’s the first time we’re seeing the seven stars six kills formation.”

Lin-zhenjun only assumed that Wu Dao-zhenren fainted because his body was weak and breathed a sigh of relief. He angrily said, “Only a coward hides in the dark! If you have the ability, come out and fight!”

He knew that the other party was playing with them, like a game of cat and mouse, enjoying the sight of them sinking in despair but still desperate to survive.


Perhaps the other party was tired of playing and finally intended to show up at this moment.

A female cultivator wearing a hooded cloak slowly walked out of the fog. Her cloak should be a precious artifact, blocking all the divine consciousness that spied on her appearance.

The female cultivator smiled charmingly. “Old monster He, stop fooling around. These bugs are making a lot of noise. Just crush them to death.”

As soon as the voice fell, a middle-aged man with a round belly and his chest bared appeared, laughing and saying, “With Yazu around, I wouldn’t dare to make a move.”

(TN: Yazu 鸦祖 = Crow ancestor)

Lin-zhenjun was shocked. Two Amethyst Abodes? Wait a minute, Yazu? Was he here too?

This person was a rogue demonic cultivator who achieved the Heavenly Grotto stage hundreds of years ago. With formidable demonic skills, the righteous Dao besieged him several times but failed. However, Yazu disappeared in west Shu region a hundred years ago. Unexpectedly, he reappeared here again today!


The remaining ghost warrior smashed with its hammer again, and Lin-zhenjun, who was already shaken, trembled on the spot, which caused the two demonic cultivators to mock him disdainfully.

Lin-zhenjun held back his anger and didn't reply, concentrating on reinforcing the enchantment.

But the enchantment was simply too fragile and stalwarts were watching closely nearby. He plucked up the courage and poured the remaining spiritual energy in his body into the Amethyst Core. Then, he forced the Amethyst Core out of his body and slammed it into the enchantment!

With the support of the Amethyst Core, the barrier suddenly blazed with golden light and grew bigger and stronger. However, Lin-zhenjun’s hair turned white instantly and he fell down like a mortal old man. His originally supple face became sunken, his breath gradually weakened, but his eyes were as steady as a rock.

“Zhenjun!” Many students who secretly paid attention to the outside world were indignant for a while. Once the Core was forced out, it was tantamount to abandoning cultivation!

One after another, they ran out of the cabins. Some people helped Lin-zhenjun and Wu Dao-zhenren, while more people used their modest strength to support the barrier that the two elders had protected with their blood and cultivation base.

Seeing this, old monster He coldly snorted, “Boring!”

After that, he took out two tokens, waved his hand, and two new ghost warriors appeared in the void.

The female cultivator pretended to be surprised. “Congratulations. I haven’t seen you for so many years and your skills have improved. You can manipulate six ghost warriors now.”

Old monster He smiled triumphantly and said, “Since the little bugs have deep affection between teachers and students, I’ll be the charitable person until the end and send them to their doom together! After all, this is the Buried Star Ocean, so it’s only fitting to bury him with a hundred talents of the righteous Dao. Hahaha!”

As the ghost warriors joined the ranks to attack the sky vessel, the pressure on everyone was even greater.

Furthermore, at this time, evil and huge coercion attacked the vessel, and many disciples became desperate. They knew that the owner of the coercion could only be Yazu.

Could it be that today was the end for them? So sudden?

Some people closed their eyes and couldn’t bear to witness the bloody scene that was coming; some people pointed to the heavens and cursed, full of resentment; and some were just bent on guarding the enchantment, seeming to have forgotten everything around them.

Lin-zhenjun clenched his fist weakly. When he imagined that due to his incompetence, the many talented Foundation Establishment cultivators of the World of Seven Continents would die here, one who was determined as him could not help the tears from prickling his eyes.

However, they didn’t receive the anticipated disaster.

From a certain cabin, a purple light soared into the sky, breaking through the barrier with a frosty sword Qi. It passed through the turbulent air currents, separating the drifting black fog on both sides, leaving only the lavender trail in the middle, straight towards the intended target!


The sky trembled violently as the miserable screams from the black fog tinged with furious bitterness, “Wei! Tian! Li!”

Author’s Notes:

Wei Zhentu: The night is so beautiful. Shall we go for a stroll?

Jing-jing: Sure.

Ji-ji: !!! (Erkang wings… a variant of Erkang hands)

Rouge: … Have I been trapped and sealed in an enchantment?

(TN: Erkang hands 尔康手 a popular meme making a No!!! motion – pls refer to ye faithful Google)
(TN: Rouge 胭脂 reference to Qin Yanzhi, homophone for Yanzhi)

(TN: So…. I used a different website for my source material the other day and Suddenly Realized that there are author’s notes and mini-theaters that aren’t available in the previous website I used (;¬_¬) This means I’ll be revisiting all the previous chapters published and make additions. The little extras are mainly for fun and gag, and don’t affect the main story. For my dear readers who are interested, do check out the previous chapters from time to time, BUT, this will be a slow work in progress, unfortunately.)

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